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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

bar of stars


Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
CAMERON Harry WW1   256
CAMP Herman 1812   839
CAMPBELL Edward     109
CAMPBELL James W WW2 Army 623
CAMPBELL Thomas 1812 Army 109
CANNON Robert Civil CoA 89th Reg NY Vol 259
CANNON Thomas Civil CoC 50th NY Infantry 375
CAREY Howard WW1 Army 1071
CARMEN Charles WW2 Army 529
CARPENTER Fred Vietnam Air Force 1467
CARPENTER Leonard Civil CoG 146th Reg NY Vol 212
CHAFEE Harvey L      
CHAFEE John Korea Army 1433
CHANDLER Mon Civil   565
CHASE Allison WW2 Army 1374
CHASE O Dean WW2 Army 496
CHURCH Lewis Civil CoA 9th Reg Heavy Art 222
CLARK Daniel Grover Civil   205
CLARK Ira Civil CoB 7th Reg Inf  
CLARK Leslie WW2   1462
CLAUSEN Theodore WW1 Army 1357B
CLAWSON Isaac WW1 Army 1159
CLAWSON Lee WW2   878
CLAWSON Willard I WW1   Army
CLOCK Herman Civil CoM 58th Reg NY Vol 159
CODDINGTON Anselp     312
COLBURN William WW2 Army 944
COLE Charles L Civil CoG 109th Reg NY Vol 412
COLE David     237
COLE Frank A Civil CoG 120th Reg Ny Vol 544
COLEMAN Robert WW2 Army, Air Force 1360
COLLINS George     234
COMFORT Merritt Civil CoG 109Reg NY Vol 574
CONGDON Harriet WW1   673
CONKLIN Addison Civil CoS 94th Reg NY Vol 1089
COOK James     360
COOK William A WW2 Army 1800
COOPER Jeremiah 1812   185
COREY Carleton Jr WW2, Korea Army 1371
COX Albert     1495
CRANE Charles     295
CREQUE Abram M Civil CoA 89 Reg NY Vol 357
CREQUE Frank     478
CRISSEY Frederick WW2 Army 1446
CUFFMAN John 1812   213
CULBERTSON William Civil   650
CURRY George V Civil   385
CHAFFEE Francis W WW2 Army 1033
CRUMB Theodore     28SE

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