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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

bar of stars


Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
DARLING Peter   Navy 981
DARLING Raymond WW1 Army 1459
DAVIS Guy     1224
DAVIS William     475
DAWSON Charles WW2 Army   702
DAWSON Ernest     1232
DAWSON Kenneth R WW2 Army 1251
DAY Elmon Civil 36 Reg III Vol 241
DEAN Richard WW2 Army 953
DEAN Robert     1093
DEAN Oscar K Civil CoC 109th Reg NY Vol 649
DEMPSEY Charles E WW1 Army 585
DEMPSEY Woodrow WW2 Army 1480
DEMUND Quam     140
DENNISON Frank     1410
DEUEL Harry WW1 Army 948
DIMICK James WW1   80
DIMICK Jesse Civil   520
DITMARS Charles P WW1 Army 1415
DIZELL Karl WW1 Army 1456
DOCKSTADER John 1812   85
DOCKSTADER William Civil CoE 75th Reg NY Vol 1089
DOIG Russell WW1 Army 1483
DOTY Isaac Civil   376
DOWNING George Civil   96
DREW David     129
DRUMMOND William Civil   1090
DUDLEY Jason W Civil CoK 3rd Reg NY Vol 334
DUNN George E     244
DURLING D Barto     234
DURLING Frank     461
DURLING Ira Civil   78
DURLING Kenneth WW2 Army 1479
DURLING Oliver Civil CoM 21st Reg NY Cal 85
DURLING Ray WW1   85
EAGAN Arthur WW2 Army 1476
EARLE Sylvanus Civil   1051
EASTBURN Lester WW2   914
EATON Willard WW2 Army 1347
EDICK David     53
EHLE George Civil CoK 50th NY Eng 446
ELLIS Lloyd J WW1   1358
EMERY Everrett Korea Air Force 83SE
EMERY Jacob 1812   157
EMMONS Herman C Civil   968
ERNI Edward WW2   1498
ERNI Henry G WW2 Navy (Korea) 1498
ESSOM Carl WW1   549
FARRINGTON John     513
FEATHERS Charles H WW2 Army 1021
FELLER Frank H WW1 Army 939
FERGASON Irving Civil CoE 21st Reg NY Vol 160
FIELDS Floyd Vietnam Marines 117
FISCHER Carl WW2   812
FISH Charles Civil   359
FISH Florence     570
FLETCHER Charles     470
FOX Albert WW1 Army 231
FRAZIER Geroge WW1 Army 48
FRAZIER William Civil   274
FREELAND Norman WW2 Army Air Corp 1412
FROST Clyde WW2 Army 1121
FULLER Wilson Civil CoF 75th Reg NY Vol 79
FULTON Charles A WW2 Navy 80SE

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