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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

bar of stars


Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
GAGE Roy WW1 Army 1039
GALLOP Thomas Civil   751
GAY George     415
GEE Raymond WW1   902
GENUNG Daniel     680
GIFFORD Norman R Civil   301
GINNEVER Albert WW1 Army 1361
GINNEVER Kenneth H. WW2    
GOBER Archibald     1072
GOODELL Arthur WW2 Army 71SE
GOULD Edwin WW2 Army 703
GRAVES Sylvanus Rev   738
GREEN Rufus Civil   175
GREY Robert WW2 Army 28SE
GRISWOLD Carleton WW2 Army 1367B
GRISWOLD Glen WW2 Army 1461
GRISWOLD John P WW2 Army 1367B
GRISWOLD Ralph WW2   1367B
HADLEY Charles WW1 Army 1500
HALFORD Richard Jr     1058
HALL Harriet Civil   86
HALL James E Civil CoC 109th Reg NY Vol 86
HALLOCK Arthur D WW2 Navy 44SE
HALSEY Franklin C Civil 16 NY Heavy Artillery 225
HALSEY John J Civil CoC 2nd NY Calvary 225
HALSEY Jared     7
HALSTEAD Charles WW1 Navy 917
HAMILL Edward WW2 Army 929
HAMILTON Guy Jr WW2 Marines 864
HARRIS Albert Vietnam Air Force (Korea) 1410
HARRIS William WW1 Army 1412
HASKINS Kenneth E Korea Army 450
HATT Arthur WW1 Army 953
HAWKES George W Civil   971
HAWKS Lafayette WW1 Army 1455
HAYWARD Charles Korea Air Force 1801
HECK Henry     1462
HENDRIX Donald WW2 Marines 1476
HIGGENS Fred     448
HIGGENS Walter WW1 Army 659
HILL Isaac I     278
HIM Cecil S WW2 Army 447
HINKLEY Henry L Civil   819
HOFFMIRE Owen WW1 Army 444
HOLCUMB Escha Civil   990
HOLEN Orion WW2 Army 1021
HOLFORD Richard W Korea Army 1058
HOLLINGSHEAD James Civil CoF 50th Engineers 251
HOLTON Charles WW1 Army 1036
HOPKINS D Stewart Civil 4th Delaware Infantry 424
HORTON Joel 1812   648
HORTON Rev Z     517
HOUGHT Annis P     796
HOVENCAMP Silas Civil CoI 23rd Reg NY Vol 507
HOWARD Charles W Civil CoK 5th Reg NY Vol 1089
HUBBELL John K Sp Amer Coast Guard Artillary 486
HUBBLE Ralph H WW2 Army 929
HUDDLE Harry J WW2 Army Air Corp 56SE
HUFF Richard     481
HUGHES Abram C WW2 Army 445
HUNTER Joseph H     948
HURD Edmund Sr     1473
HURLBUT Moses Civil CoG 109 Reg NY Vol 583
HUTCHINGS Henry Civil   253
HOVENCAMP Russell L WW2   1402

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