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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

bar of stars


Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
JAMESON Daniel     54
JENNY Leroy C, Jr WW2 Army 1356
JEWETT Everal     461
JOHNSON Edward T WW2 Army 944
JOHNSON William H Jr WW2 Navy (Korea) 55SE
JONES Irving Civil CoF 6th Iowa Cav 152
JONES Marvin Vietnam Army [however, see below, may be an error] 808
JONES Marvin   Marines 805
KALK Gerald WW2 Army 82SE
KERST John     575
KIERMAN Alfred WW2 Army 921
KIFF Charles Civil   1013
KIMPLE Richard WW1   914
KIMPLE William H Civil CoE 21st Reg NYV Cav 315
KING Harsey 1812   94
KING Harvey 1812   856
KING John R WW2 Army Air Corp 641
KING Richard WW2 Army 641
KING Samuel Civil CoA 16th Reg NY Art 6
KIRK Boyne WW2 Army 1391
KIRTLAND John Civil   Vault
KOLENDOWITZ Charles J WW2 Army Air Corp 83Se
KORPINEN Reino WW2 Army Air Corp 1372
KOSTRUB Frank WW2 Army 84SE
LACKNER Fred WW2 Army Air Corp 1409
LANE Andrew L WW2 Army Air Corp 1490
LASHIER Henry C Civil CoG 109th NY Infantry 147
LAZIER J. B.     147
LEE Stephen W Civil CoE 178th Reg NY Vol 160
LENTZ Dolph WW1 Navy 1492
LEWIS J. Delos Civil   100
LIKE Samuel     317
LOAN William WW1 Navy 1427
LOCKWOOD Harry WW1 Army Culley
LOUGHRAM Thomas Vietnam Army (Korea) 1139
LOVELACE Orin WW2 Army 1466
LOZIER William Civil CoE 101st Reg NY Vol 089
LUDLUM Jacob 1812   218
LUNGER J. Fred WW1 Army 1092
LUNGER Roger C WW2 Army 1092
LUTES Elgie H WW2 Navy 944
LYKE James S     313
LYNN James H WW2 Navy 944

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