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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

bar of stars


Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
MAATTA Eugene O WW2 Army 1002
MABEY Samuel Civil   1090
MACDOUGAL Malcom WW1   753
MACK William Civil CoG 109th Reg NY Vol 474
MACMURRY Charles Civil   1014
MADISON James H WW1 Army 962
MAGER Franz     1393
MAINE Rodney A Marines   1499
MALONEY Frank     1392
MALONEY Frank Army   1392
MANNING George D Civil   341
MANNING Oscar WW1 Army 952
MARKHAM Isaac     1074
MARSHALL Enos Rev   135
MASON Edward Civil   114
MASON Henry     373
MATHEWS Alfred K WW2   1158
MATHEWS Alfred K WW2 Army 1158
MAYBEE Lawrence L WW2 Navy 2SE
MAYO Richard J WW2 Army 1430
MCCLURE James Civil Army 222
MCCORMACK David Jr WW2 Army 1400
MCCRACKEN Andrew J Civil   340
MCCRACKEN Robert J WW1 Navy 1436
MCDONALD Hugh Civil   364
MCEVOY Alfred WW2 Army 1346
MCFALL Joseph WW2 Army 456
MCFALL Roger WW2 Army 456
MEEKER L Grant WW2 Army Air Corp 67SE
MEEKER Lawrence     818
MEEKR William H WW2 Navy 67SE
MILLER Clarence R Army   1361
MILLER Henry WW2 Army 1492
MILLER Henry WW2 Army 1492
MILLER Lucious Civil CoE 51st Reg NY Vol 1089
MILLER Richard WW2 Army 1306
MILLS Albert Korea Army 1461
MILLS Madison     799
MILNE James Civil   1071
MIX WIlliam E WW2 Army 1
MOREY Charles H WW2 Army 82SE
MOUNT Burdette T WW2 Navy 1368
MOUNT Jack WW2 Army 1798
MURPHY ALonzo W Civil CoC 126th NY Inf 344
MURTAUGH Lee F WW1 Army 1483
MOMARTS Robert E WW2 Navy 1371

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