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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

bar of stars


Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
PANGBURN Newell     169
PARKER Chester     1174
PARKER Walter WW2 Army 17Se
PARLETT Lawrence WW2 Sea Bees 55SE
PATTERSON Clarence WW1 Army 552
PATTERSON Cyrus WW1 Army 532
PAYNE Bruce WW2 Army 845
PEARSALL Allyn Korea Army 711
PEASE Simeon 1812   22
PECK Isaac     442
PICKETTS William Civil CoC 38th Reg NJ Inf 1089
PIERCE Elias Civil   723
PIERSON Albert Civil   937
PIERSON Ralph WW2 Army Air Corp 1057
PINCKNEY Alto WW1 Army 1035
PLOUGH Isaac 1812   499
PLOUGH Edward Civil CoG 109th Reg NY Vol 499
POKORNEY Coleman WW2 Army 449
POKORNEY George WW2 Army 449
POTTER Lemuel Army   1110
POTTS John Civil CoB 64th NY Inf 994
PRAGER Arthur WW1 CoI US Inf 959
PRATT George Civil   165
PRICE Archie V     224
PRICE William E     232
PYLE WIlliam WW1 Army 861
PATRICK Edwin D WW2   1393C
RALLINGS Benjamin Civil   531
RANKIN Edston WW1 Army 1350
REED Alfred WW2 Army 808
REED Charles WW1 Army 119
REED George WW2   119
REISH Frederick WW2 Army 1364
REISH Karl WW2 Army 1364
REYNOLDS Carl WW2 Army 1304
REYNOLDS Chester Marines   1206
REYNOLDS Thomas WW2 Navy 944
RHODE Samuel     1798
RICH Charles WW2 Navy 915
RICHAR Earl WW2 Army Air Corp 1021
RICKETTS William Civil CoG 33rd Reg NJ Inf 1089
RIGHTMEYER George WW2   980
ROBINSON Bruce WW2 Army 1474
ROBINSON Charles Civil CoI 137th Reg NY Vol 205
ROBINSON Charles B Korea Army 27Se
ROBINSON Christopher     507
ROCKWELL A W Jr Civil Died hosp Frederick MD 153
ROSE Charles WW2 Navy 1496

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