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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

bar of stars


Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
SAMANEN Toivo WW1 Army 1144
SAVEY Russell WW2 Army 168
SAWYER Hiram Civil   280
SAWYER Ovinza Civil   519
SCHADE Marcella Korea Army 14SE
SEARS Abslum Civil CoM 21st Reg NY Cav 369
SEARS Hobart WW1 Army 1069
SEARS Thomas 1812   163
SELOVER Lynn Vietnam Army 1020
SHANNON William     237
SHERWOOD Stephen Civil CoE 21st Reg Vol Cav 682
SHOEMAKER Robert     1417
SIRRINE George Civil COI 137th Reg NY Vol 281
SIRRINE George E WW2   281
SKINNER CLifford Vietnam Army 42SE
SKINNER Stanley Korea Marines 69SE
SLAGHT Charles D WW2 Army 854
SLAUSON Henry H Civil 137th NY Infantry 55
SLOCUM Clement WW2 Army Air Corp 1528
SMITH Charles WW2 Army 451
SMITH Charles Roy WW1 Army 451
SMITH Clifford WW2 Army 15SE
SMITH Elsie     1402
SMITH M Truman Civil   1031
SMITH Palmer WW1 Army 1401
SMITH Rev Ira     48
SNOW Arthur WW2 Navy 1487
SODERHOLM Leo WW2 Marines 1076
SOUTHWORTH Edward P WW1 Army 935
SPICER Claude S Army   988
SPICER Emerson Civil CoF 5th NY Heavy Artillery 988
SPICER Francis     807
SPRINGER Stanley Korea Marines 69SE
STANLEY Charles Civil   535
STEPHANS Oscar Civil   505
STEWART Geroge E WW2 Navy 256
STILES Harold WW2   1463
STILLWELL Harold WW2 Navy (Korea) 1480
STILLWELL Schuyler Civil CoE 89th Reg NY Vol 438
STOUGHTON Ernest WW1 Army 210
STOVER James Civil   830
SUNDBERG Frederick WW2 Army 487
SWARTWOOD Howard P WW2 Army Air Corp 1Se
SWARTWOOD Malcolm WW2 Army 1448
SWICK Donald D WW2 Army 708
SZABO Edward J Korea Marines 1480
SMITH Harold A     336
SMITH Clinton     46SE

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