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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

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Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
TAILBY John Civil CoA 89th Reg NY Vol 1089
TAILBY William Civil CoA 89th Reg NY Vol 655
TALLMAN Lawrence WW2 Army 58SE
TAMBORINO Louis WW2   1174
TAYLOR Henry 1812   452
TAYLOR Richard     514
TEED George Civil CoI 137th Reg NY Vol 79
TERRY Charles WW2 Army 1438
TERRY Leland WW1 Army 961
TERRYBERRY Duncan Civil CoH 15th NY Engineers 342
THOMPSON Harry A WW2 Army 1350
TICHNER Ervin C Civil died in service 102
TILLOTSON Elbert     148
TILTON Ralph     1001
TOMPKINS Cornelius 1812   71
TOMPKINS Richard WW2 Army 59SE
TOWNSEND Alfred WW1 Army 695
TRAPP Justas     383
TRAVER Robert WW2 Army 1446
TRAVIS Harry F WW2 Army 1462
TREMAN Abner Rev   677
TREMAN Dewitt Civil CoG 109th Reg NY Vol 228
TREMAN Orlin     228
TUBBS Lyle E WW1 Army 447
TUNISON Abram V Civil CoE 148th Reg NY Vol 994
TUNISON Dewitt WW2 Navy 45
UPDIKE Alvah Civil   1241
UPDIKE Clinton WW1 Army 1389
UPDIKE Frederick WW2   1493
UPDIKE Lawrence WW2 Army 1393
VANBUREN Sydney W Civil CoF 50th Reg NY Vol 1089
VANDINE William H Civil 21st NY Calvary 928
VANN Alice K WW2 Army Air Corp 1373
VANN David WW2 Army 1373
VANN Theodore WW2 Army Air Corp 1373
VANNESS Llewellen WW2 Marines 1401
VANORDER John   Army 700
VANORDER Norman     722
VANWOERT Arthur WW2 Army 55SE
VOORHEIS Hamilton     1124

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