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This compiliation [sic] was taken from the old American Legion records, burial records and grave stones. This may not be complete but it is as complete as far as the records we have available to us.

bar of stars


Surname First War Branch, Company Lot
WARD William T   Army 130
WARNE George     538
WARNER Robert Korea Army 1443
WARREN Lyman WW1   1495
WEATHERBY John WW2 Army 1397
WEATHERBY Stephen WW2 Army Air Corp 1379
WEAVER Donald WW2 Army 917
WEAVER James WW1 Navy 1357
WEED Eliphalet 1812   212
WEED Eliphalet Civil CoA 89th Reg NY Vol 212
WEEKS Charles Civil   231
WEEKS Paul WW2 Army 1499
WEIGAND Jerry     132
WEIH Charles WW2   1SE
WEIL Andre WW2 Army 1487
WELLIN Horace Navy   1353A
WELLIN Horace E WW2 Army 1353A
WESTBROOK James Army   1039
WESTERVELT Ralph WW2 Army Air Corp 1350
WESTERVELT Sidney     1417
WHEELER Lee WW1 Army 1144
WHIPPLE George Civil CoI 148th Reg NY Vol 189
WILCOX Kenneth Vietnam Marines 261
WILCOX Thomas G Civil CoB 50th Reg NY Vol 308
WILLIAM John Civil CoG 109th Reg NY Vol 1054
WILLIAMS David C 1812   171
WILLIAMSON David Vietnam Navy 13SE
WILSON James C Civil CoI 137th Reg NY Vol 263
WINGERD John Civil   674
WOLVERTON James WW2 Sea Bees 1433
WOLVERTON Robert WW2 Navy 1369
WOODWARD Richard     860
WORDEN Leslie WW2 Army 1366A
WRIGHT Almon     916
WRIGHT Burton WW2 (Korea) Army 1483
WRIGHT Marshall WW2 Army Air Corp 1451

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