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* indicates signed with X proved = probated daus: = daughters
d/o = daughter of s/o = son of w/o = wife of grandchildren wd/o = widow of wit: = witnesses
ex: = executor(s) ch/o = child(ren) of * = ERRATA
hus: = husband d.s.p. = died without issue (sic) = as written
t.s = tombstone ibid = same as above g = guardian
c = counsel unm = unmarried (c) = calculated

C:1  This family came from New Jersey (History of Dryden)

SNYDER, Peter of Dryden died about 23 July age about 80yrs.

             26 Dec 1752 New Jersey - 23 July 1832 DAR

dated: 1 May 1828 - proved: 27 August 1832

wife: Mary (nee SHAVER)

sons: George, Henry, Peter, John, Abraham, Jeremiah and William

daus: Catharine and Mary

gr. ch.: Anna WHIPPLE and Betsey w/o Brittian HEAD

wit: Henry B. WEAVER, Betsey and Thomas SNIDER

ex: sons Henry and Jeremiah SNYDER and George ROBERTSON


DENNIS, Humphry of Enfield died about 22 July 1832 age about 70yrs

dated: 22 July 1832 - proved: 12 November 1832

wife: Betsey E. DENNIS

sons: Oliver, Squire B., Robert and Morris

daus: Mary P., Polly HOULING, Hannah ROCKWELL, Rebina SUTTER and Mariah BAILEY

wit: Samuel ROLFE, Robert KENNEDY and Samuel S. LEROY

ex: wife Besey E. DENNIS


NORTHRUP, Julius of Ithaca died about 7 August 1832 age 35yrs

dated: 28 September 1832 - proved: 15 November 1832

wife: Sophia - died 14 July 1834 37yrs

sons: Oliver, Jedediah, Clement, Mortimer and Job

daus: Mary Sophia

wit: Mabel, Anson D. and John O. NORTHRUP

ex: Frederick DUEL of Dover, Dutchess County, Amos NORTHRUP of Rome, Oneida

County, and to be guardian of Job and Oliver, Frederick DUEL to be guardian

of daughter Mary and son Mortimer.


TOBIAS, Henry of Hector died about 2 August 1832 age about 60yrs  

dated: 8 July 1832 - proved: 19 November 1832

wife: Sarah

sons: Job R. and Lorenzo D.

daus: Polly, Abby C. and Ann Jennett

wit: R. R. and John WOODWARD and George DAILEY

ex: wife Sarah and sons Job. R. and Lorenzo D. TOBIAS


WORTMAN, Gabriel of Ulysses died 17 February 1832 age 35yrs

dated: 3 December 1831 - proved: 10 December 1832

wife: Lovina

mentions: heirs of John WORTMAN dec'd - Theodore, Jacob Rowe, John and Erastus WORTMAN

wit: David BOWER, James and Azariah LETTS

ex: Maria LETTS and David BOWER


HOTCHKISS, Theron of Newfield died 24 May 1832 (s/o David and Betsey HOTCHKISS) 

lot 2 Township of Watkins

dated: 16 April 1832 - proved: 10 January 1833 

postponed til 2 July 1833

mentions: Dr. Alvah HOTCHKISS and his sons, Wallace and Walter of Tioga

County, Otter Creek in State of Indiana 

wit: Moses C.(G.?) and Samuel A. KELLOGG and Isaac SMITH 

ex:  Moses G. KELLOGG

                       The people we remember so well

                      when we see them, will they say,

              Your great great grandfather's name t'was Clay.


RUDY, John of Ulysses died 14 January 1833 age about 57yrs

dated: 28 October 1831 - proved: 18 March 1833

wife: Lucy

sons: Henry and Minor

daus: Elmiora, Susan Mariah, Hannah, Charlotte, Anna and Lucy Ann

(ed note: she married George CUSHING)

son-in-law: David FARRINGTON

wit: Aaron ABBOTT, Charles CRESSMAN, and Samuel J. GANOUNG

ex: wife Lucy RUDY, Henry RUDY and Daniel FERRINGTON


MULKS, James of Ithaca died 26 February 1833 32yrs s/o Charles

dated: 16 February 1833	- proved: 22 March 1833

wife: Olive

children but not named

wit: David QUIGG and Silas HUTCHINSON both of Ithaca and Ruth ELLIS of Dryden

ex: wife Olive MULKS, John ELLIS and Andrew D.W. BRUYN


SELOVER, Peter of Ulysses died 26 February 1833 age 47yrs

dated: 17 February 183_ - proved: 25 March 1833

wife: Elisabeth

mentions: Jane JONES d/o of said wife Elisabeth, dau. Caroline BRAMAN, Isaac M. and Esther 

SELOVER, Orphany Wickes, Eliza, George, Laura Ann (dau) and Helen SELOVER. Eveline WEEKS (could WICKES and WEEKS be one in the same?)

Wit: Nicholas and Lewis HALSEY

ex: wife Elisabeth and Isaac SELOVER


BUZZARD, Sally Ann of Lansing died 28 February 1833 age 20 yrs

dated: 14 November 1832	- proved: 22 April 1833

mother: Anna EVINS

mentions: Catharine, William, George, and Louisa Jane EVINS (until age 18 yrs)

wit: A.C. BURCH of Venice, Cayuga Co., David KENT of Lansing & Charles DENNISON of Genoa, 

Cayuga Co.

ex: Joseph BISHOP


LEONARD, Abraham of Hector died 29 April age 64yrs

dated: 10 April 1833 - proved: 17 June 1833

wife: none mentioned

sons: Abraham and John

daus: Almy w/o Albert HAVENS and Olive

mentions: Daniel BROWN

wit: John SUTTON, Silas M. HAVENS and Aaron D. CODDINGTON

ex: son Abraham and John M. CODDINGTON


BRUNDAGE, Elisha of Ithaca died 16 May 1833 age 25 yrs

dated: 15 May 1833 - proved: 17 June 1833

wife: Lucinda 

mother: Elsa

no children mentioned 

wit: Samuel CRITTENDEN and Elizur W. SHEPHERD

ex: wife Lucinda and Abraham CLARK of Aurelius, Cayuga County

C:40 born ca 1742 NY DAR

MULKS, Benoni of Caroline died 14 October 1832 age 80+ yrs.

dated: 3 May 1826 - proved: 1833

wife: none mentioned (m. Nancy DENNISTON)

sons: John and Charles

daus: Elizabeth

gr. ch.: Benoni, David, Moses, Nancy, Jane and Magdalena MULKS

wit: Robert FREELAND, Isaac and Cornelius STILLWELL

ex: 2 sons John and Charles MULKS and Abraham CHAMBERS 

(added note: received the land from John MULKS and Isaac STILLWELL)

C:44 born ca 1748 CT DAR

BRONSON, Ephraim of Groton died 9 April 1833 age 84 yrs

dated: 19 February 1829 - proved: l July 1833

wife or children mentioned (m. Bertha Virgil)

mentions: Barber CARPENTER and his heirs

wit: John and William ROSE and Nathan BENSON

ex: Dexter BARNES 

(added note: Orinas B. ROSE bro/o John of Pa. & William ROSE of Ohio)


BROWN, Samuel R. of Lansing d. 4 July 1833 age 76 yrs - lot 99 Lansing  

dated: 7 December 1831 - proved: 26 August 1833

wife: Elizabeth

sons: Aaron, Henry and Samuel

daus: Eunice w/o John BROWN, Mary w/o Augustus FIELDS 

gr. ch.: Samuel s/o Henry BROWN

wit: Charles and Robert BUSH and Jesse MCKINNEY

ex: sons Samuel and Aaron BROWN


CHASE, Benjamin of Ulysses died August 1831 age about 68 yrs

dated: 29 December 1825 - proved: 10 October 1833

wife: not named

sons: Abraham CHASE

daus: Urana OLMSTEAD

gr. ch.: Sibyl HOLLAWAY

wit: William BESS of Greenwood, Steuben County, Samuel HOLMAN of Seneca

County and William J. LEE of Ulysses

ex: son Abraham CHASE


COMFORT, Joshua of Ithaca died 20 August 1833 age 63 yrs

dated: 6 May 1833 - proved: 30 September 1833

wife: Pheby

sons: David, Amos, Alexander, James, Nathaniel and Eli (minors in Pa)

daus: Catharine, Lavinia, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Alvah and Lemira?

wit: William CHAMBERLAIN, John SHAW and Jno AIKENS

ex: wife Pheby, David COMFORT and Thomas BISHOP both of Lansing


BEEM, John of Dryden died 27 September 1833 age 54 yrs

dated: 6 August 1833 - proved: 9 December 1833

wife: Keturah

sons: Isaac, John, Samuel and James

daus: Phebe, Sarah Ann, Rosetta, Katharine and Amanda( minors und.14 yrs)

wit: Pauley WHITMORE, Isaac G. CARMER and John BEEM, Jr.

ex: James BOWLBY and son John BEEM


GIBBS, James of Ulysses died 20 October 1833 age 77 yrs

dated: 8 August 1831 - codicil dated: 21 November 1831 - proved: 16 December 1833

wife: Jennet Anderson GIBBS

sons: John, George and Thomas

daus: Mary, Jane and Charlotte

wit: Daniel DUNNING and Amasa DANA

ex: sons John and Thomas GIBBS, David HALL and Horace COOPER


CARMEN, Caleb of Hector died 27 October 1833 age 61 yrs

dated: 13 February 1827 - codicil dated: 29 January 1828 - proved: 18 December 1833

wife: Anna (2nd wife)

sons: Charles L. and Jacob 

daus: Martha Owen, Lydia and Freelove (Jacob, Lydia, Freelove her children

by another marriage.)

wit: Jane JUGUAR, Albert M. CRANDALL and H.D. BARTO (Jane now living in Pa.)

wit: to codicil: Elnathan WIXOM of Hector

ex: and friends: William and Charles L. CARMON and Aaron K. OWEN 


DANIEL, William of Newfield died 18 November 1833 age 52 yrs

dated: 14 November 1833 - proved: 26 December 1833

wife: Elsey

no children mentioned

mentioned: son-in-law James KIRBY

wit: William H. BRUNDAGE, Plumley GILLET and Seymour A. SEELYE

ex: Elsey WILLIAMS 


HOGG, Marcy of Bozrah, Conn. (late Marcy Bishop) died 15 October 1833 age 83 yrs

dated: 25 August 1821 - proved: 14 January 1834

sons: Daniel Lathrop BISHOP

daus: Polly KINNEY, Deborah BOARDMAN, Lavicy DOWNIE, Mary WILLIAMS and 

Sally SHEPHARD (oldest dau: Phebe BISHOP)

Petioners: Daniel BISHOP, Noyes SISSON and Eliza TALLMAN of Bozrah, Conn.,

Cardar HAZARD (now dead), Phebe FOX of Borzah, Conn, Jacob W. KINNEY of

Norwich, Conn, his brother Charles KINNEY, dec'd and brother John KINNEY 

now out of Conn.

wit: Charles KINNEY, Carder HASELL and Jno KINNEY

ex: Daniel Lathrop BISHOP of NY. (owned land in Tompkins County, N.Y.)


MOSHER, John of Groton died 19 February 1834 age 37 yrs

dated: 13 February 1834 - proved: 15 March 1834

wife: Hannah 

sons: none mentioned

daus: Mary MOSHER

wit: Cicero PHELPS, Moses ROWLEY and Giles MOSHER (hus of Mary?)

ex: wife Hannah MOSHER


OWEN, Mowbray of Lansing died 4 January 1834 age 80 yrs

dated: 13 February 1832 - proved: 25 March 1834

wife: Mary

mentions: Nephew Stephen JAMES of Steuben County, New York, Anna w/o

Jeremiah MACKEY of Ulster County, New York

all proceeds to Methodist American Missionary Soc. after death of widow.

wit: Samuel *,Abigail and Smith HEAD Jr.

ex: Mary OWEN, Thomas BISHOP and Geo. EMMONS


FIELD, Jesse of Ledyard 

dated: 14th of 4th Month 1830 - proved: 14 May 1834

wife: Phebe

sons: Richard T.

daus: Deborah, Sarah F. HOWLAND and her 3 children Phebe Jane, Mary and

William P. HOWLAND, Rebecca F. UNDERHILL and her son Edward B. UNDERHILL, Jr.

wit: John H. and Allen WOOD 

ex: wife Phebe FIELD, Charles GIFFERT and Daniel THOMAS


LABAR, Charles of Ulysses died 20 August 1834 age 62 yrs

dated: 7 August 1834 - proved: 25 November 1834

wife: Susan

sons and daus mentioned but not named

mentions: Moses ALLEN to receive $100. to pay executors


ex: wife Susan LEBAR, Jacob SAUSMAN and John LEBAR see pg 48


DEWITT, Simeon of Albany (Revolutionary Soldier b. Warwarsing, N.Y. 25 Dec.1756

s/o Dr. Andrew (s/o John) and wife Elsie (Varner) DEWITT.  Linn was probably the maiden name 

of his wife.  His grandfather was from the Netherlands and grandmother was of France.) 

He died 3 December 1834 at the Clinton House age 79 yrs.

dated: 9 September 1834 - proved: 12 January 1835

wife: none named

sons:Richard VARICK, William LINN and George Washington DEWITT(dec'd son)

daus: Susan and Mary Linn DEWITT both under age

sister-in-law: Mary LINN 

mentions: sons of John, Cornelius DEWITT and mentions Scott's family 

bible also partner and friend: Isaac FERRIS

wit: Amasa DANA, Austin CHURCH and Samuel P. BISHOP

ex: Richard Varick DEWITT and Charles G. BRODHEAD of Utica


DEREMER, Abraham of Ulysses died 19 November 1834 age 68 yrs

dated: 14 September 1832 - proved: 14 January 1835

wife: Jane

sons: John, Isaac, Jacob, Abraham and Joseph

daus: Jane, Christy HOUSEL and Matilda CASE

gr. ch. un-named d/o Jane

wit: John THOMPSON, Joshua and John SMITH

ex: Joseph DEREMER and Baltus FREAR


COREY, Benjamin of Hector died 20 December 1834 age 60 yrs

dated: 14 December 1834 - proved: 26 March 1835

wife: none mentioned

sons: Vincent (oldest), Micah and John G. 

daus: Anna w/o John PERRY, Alice, Olive, Charlotte (dec'd) and Bridget 

(dec'd) last two both married

wit: Aranthus EVERTS and Jesse YOUNGS

ex: (devisee) Micah COREY


SMITH, Isaac L. of Dryden  died 8 March 1835 age 40 yrs       

dated 5 April 1834 - proved: 2 April 1835

wife: Elisabeth

sons: John M., William M., Horace and Warren

daus: Harriet and Mary Ann

wit: Ben JOHNSON and Sylvester MILLER

ex: Henry S. WALBRIDGE and wife Elisabeth SMITH


MEKEEL, Jesse of Hector died 13 March 1835 age 50yrs

dated: 4 January 1834 - proved: 7 April 1835

wife: Amy

sons: William and Aaron

daus: Mary and Anna both under 18

wit: Elijah W. SHERWOOD, Ann UNDERHILL and Sarah D. TRIPP  

ex: Joshua MEKEEL and Amy MEKEEL


LOVELL, Ashell of Enfield  

dated: 5 September 1833 - proved: 30 May 1835

mentions only by name dec'd dau. Elizabeth w/o Peter COVERT, 9 other 

living children but not named (except for sons who served as ex.)

wit: William, Lois and Irena HUNTER (living in the state of Ohio at 

probate date. They were all of Hector at date of will) 

attesting to handwriting: Frederick D. PELL and Daniel WOODCOCK

ex: sons Moses and Aaron LOVELL

Peter COVERT moved to Oakland County, Michigan see intestate


VANCAMPEN, John of Ulysses  died 12 May 1835 age 80yrs

dated: 11 June 1834 - proved: 28 June 1835   

wife: Abigail

sons: John

daus: Magdelen, Catharine, Elizabeth and Jane

wit: Henry D. BARTO and M(ilo) VANDUSEN

ex: John and Abigail VANCAMPEN


VANHOUTEN, Aaron of Ithaca died 15 September 1834 age 72 yrs

dated: 17 April 1832 - proved: 12 October 1835

codicil dated: 13 June 1832 

wife: Anna

sons: John, Thomas, James, Gilbert and Aaron

daus: Rachel w/o Isaac HAMMEL and Sarah w/o Daniel DAILEY

wit:  Daniel and Amos BEACH (also witnessed codicil)

ex:   Amos and Gilbert OGDEN


SMITH, Samuel of Lansing died 2 October 1835 age 70yrs

dated: 15 July 1835 - proved: 17 November 1835 

wife: Hannah 

sons: Isaac L., Samuel Jr., Hanford, Hiram, William R., Austin, Leonard 

and Reuben SMITH

daus: Sally MARVIN, Betsey STARR, Hannah ALLEN, Phebe STARR, Denise GILLET

wit: A(ndrew) MILLIKEN, Philimon BARGER and Joshua TOMPKINS all of Genoa

ex: sons: Hanford and Leonard SMITH


HOPKINS, Sally of Groton died 1 July 1835 age 50yrs

dated: 18 July 1835 - proved: 30 December 1835

mentions: sister Haldah, niece: MaryEtta d/o brother Daniel, Charlotte  

Ann, Mary, Abigail and Sarah Jane ds/o sister Bolina FULTON (under 18) 

wit: Levi WALKER of Summerhill, Cayuga Co. and Maria COLMAN of Groton

ex: Job BACKUS of Groton

lot 58 Groton deeded by David to Hannah, John & George HOPKINS 12 May 1829


HATHAWAY, Peleg of Groton died 1 October 1835 age 82 yrs

dated: 18 November 1823 - proved: 21 January 1836

wife: Mercy

sons: Abathor (eldest), and Peleg, Jr. (born Mass. in 1850 census)

daus: Lucy VANARDSDALE (eldest dau), Rhoda CARPENTER, Rebecca PARCE 

(Pierce? sic), Sally WILLIAMS and Anna (single woman)

wit: Ebenezer WILLIAMS, Treman B. BROWN and Justin F. WILLIAMS

ex: son Peleg HATHAWAY Jr.


MURRAY, James of Newfield died November 1835 age 70yrs 

dated: 16 December 1834 - proved: 5 February 1836

wife: Jemima

sons: Daniel, David, Aaron and Gilbert

daus: none mentioned

wit: Moses CROWELL and John STARR

ex: George DUDLEY


WISE, Dudley W. of Dryden died 20 March 1836 age 26yrs

dated: no date mentioned - proved: 11 April 1836

wife: Sally

sons: Dudley W. (under age)

daus: Jane (under age) 

mentions: father Jared WISE

wit: Benton BALDWIN, Wilson HUNT and R.T. SHAW of Dryden

ex: Ephraim SHARP and John BARBER


CANTINE, Charles of Caroline died 18 February 1832 age 60 yrs

dated: 16 September 1831 - proved: 15 April 1836

wife: Maria

sons: Charles 

daus: Harriet (eldest), Caroline (youngest), 3rd dau. Christina (may 

be another name for Caroline?) 2nd dau. Jane

mentions: Peter LOUNSBERRY, son-in-law and Andrew G. CRAWFORD (minor 

living with him)

wit: Levi SLATER and Henry TEARS (Fears?)


land in possession of James BESSEMER


HARING, Abraham of Lansing died 21 May 1836 age 46 yrs

dated: 17 May 1836 - proved: 17 June 1836

wife: Betsey

sons: John

daus: Carmelia Ann MINTURN

wit: Marvin and Daniel BUCK

ex: John HARING and Luther HEDDON

C:159  born 17 August 1755 New York  DAR

STILLWELL, James of Hector died 14 April 1836 age 80yrs

dated: 19 March 1835 - proved: 18 June 1836

wife: Catharine (nee LOUNSBERRY)

sons: James, Edward, Stephen, Richard, John, Cornelius and Jacob

daus: Jane, Matilda, Polly and Esther

wit: John R. SMITH and David JONES

ex: James and John STILLWELL


GROVER, Cornelius of Enfield died 13 June 1836 age 48 yrs

dated: 29 June 1836 - proved: 30 July 1836

wife: Elizabeth

children mentioned but not named

wit: August ELLIS and P(aine) A. WILLIAMS of Enfield

ex: wife Elizabeth GROVER


KNETTLES, John of Lansing died 3 April 1836 age 65yrs 5mo 10 da

dated: 22 February 1834 - entered for probate: 4 June 1836 - proved: 22 August 1836 - contested will

wife: Elizabeth  (she died 16 February 1844 age 66yrs 7das) 

sons: none mentioned

daus: Mary Ann w/o Andrew Judge CHRISTY

mentions sister's children but un-named, brother's children but not 

named, a Mr. TEMPLETON hus/o dec'd dau. un-named

gr. ch. Catharine T. (under age)

wit: Charles C. EAGEN and James TEMPLETON both of Lansing (Mr. TEMPLETON?)

ex: Joshua HEDDON and Jehiel LUDLOW (interesting will)


MOORE, Abigail of Lansing died 11 December 1835 75 yrs

dated: 5 August 1835 - proved: 22 August 1836

hus: none mentioned

mentions: dau: Kitty w/o Samuel BAKER

gr. ch.: Rhoda RICE, Kitty HICOX, Jerusha Ann HUFF, Louisa HUFF, 

Clarissa REEVES, Lydia STAFFORD, Betsey Lewis and Abigail HEMUN/HAUSEM

gr.sons: James Reeves HUFF and Isaac HUFF James William HICOX

wit: Charles, Minerva and Christopher LAVALLEY all of Lansing

ex: David CROCKER and Jemima STRONG


STARR, Miner T. of Newfield (and Lansing) died 13 June 1836 age 30 yrs.

dated: 25 April 1835 - proved: 26 August 1836

mentions: cousin Elizabeth LUDLOW, ch/o brother Daniel STARR, Francis, 

Jehiel L. and Joseph (minors) and Polly d/o brother Daniel (friend?)

wit: Jehiel LUDLOW and Philo STARR both of Lansing

ex: Jehiel LUDLOW of Lansing

land deeded by William TEPLEY of Newfield containing 123 acres  


REEVES, Benjamin C. of Lansing died 1 June 1836 50 yrs         

dated: 6 May 1836 - proved: 26 August 1836

wife: Anna 

sons: Benjamin C., Ichabod L., Stephen D., Moses L. and Nathan W.

daus: Mary, Ursula, Ann and Matilda (all children minors)

wit: Seymour BENJAMIN and Joseph BOWER

ex: Jehiel LUDLOW (wife to be guardian of children)


PIPHER, Christian of Groton died 28 February 1836 age 65yrs

dated: 23 February 1836 - proved: 31 January 1837

wife: Elizabeth

sons: Jesse (eldest), Joseph (2nd son), John (youngest son)

daus: Margaret PIPHER (eldest dau) Christina w/o John WILCOX, Maria 

w/o Lewis I. WILCOX (3rd dau), and Eliza PIPHER Emeline WILCOX

wit: William L. and Silvanus LARNED of Groton

ex: Margaret and Joseph PIPHER


COUNSELL, William of Newfield died 17 January 1837 age 60yrs

dated: 9 January 1837 - proved: 8 February 1837

wife: Susan 

mentions: brother Charles O. COUNSELL 

nephews: Solomon and George 

wit: Moses CROWELL, Nelson HOTCHKISS and William BUSH

ex: friends Charles O. and George COUNSELL


WELCH, William of Ithaca died about December 1836 age 33 yrs 

dated: 13 November 1836 - proved: 25 February 1837

mentions: mother Mary 

brothers: Thomas, John and George 

niece: Rebecca CRISPELL

wit: Joseph W. ELTON, Charick ROSS and Julius A. KING

ex: John WELSH


KELLY, John of Lansing died 4 January 1837 age 70yrs       *

dated: 16 July 1836 - proved: 4 March 1837

wife: Bethia   

sons: John Henry, Ebenezer and Robert

daus: Rebecca, Nancy, Sally, Catharine, Mary and Rachel(l)

wit: Jesse CUTLER and Jefferson BROOKS 

ex: Hiram MOE and Henry HOWSER


BUSKIRK, Aaron of Newfield died 15 January 1837 age 40 yrs

dated: 27 December 1826 - proved: 8 March 1837

wife: Catharine

six little children, only child Moses,named under age 

wit: George BAILEY, Eli BENTZ and Peter BUSKIRK

ex: wife Catharine


SLOAN, Esther of Dryden died 22 January 1837 age 77yrs

dated: 10 November 1837 - proved 15 March 1837

hus: none mentioned

sons: James and John SLOAN

daus: Nancy PITTS Luthana SLOAN

wit: James H. HUMPHREY and Sarah H. SLOAN both of Dryden

ex: Seymour O. CLARK and Pailey WHITMORE


DENNIS, Robert of Groton  died 7 March 1837 age 35yrs

dated: 6 March 1837 - proved: 15 May 1837

wife: none mentioned

mentioned: brother Moses

sisters: Rebecca CUTTER and Hannah ROCKWELL

wit: Edwin G. BISH and William S. GAYLORD both of Groton

ex: Neium CUTTER (husband of Rebecca ?)


HERRICK, Milton of Caroline - died 12 April 1837 age 33 yrs 

dated: 10 April 1837 - proved: 8 June 1837

wife: Delia Almira

sons: Amos A.

daus: Mary Ann, Sarah and Jane R.

wit: James and Jane A. RIDGEWAY and Noah VANSICKLE (his mark)

ex: Amos ADAMS - property owned by Col. Benjamin HERRICK (dec'd)


MILLER, Henry of Lansing died 29 June 1837 53yrs buried N. Lansing Cem.

dated: 28 June 1837 - proved: 17 July 1837

wife: Catharine ( d/o John and Catharina [-] LEARN of Pa.)

sons: John, Frederich H., Peter, George and Henry

daus: Mary, Betsey, Sally, Lavina and Lucinda

mentions: Harry MILLER living with me, Rachel DECAMP and daughter Mary to 

marry Edward H(unt) SCHENCK (ed. note they lived in Easton, Pa. after 1850?)

wit: Morris DECAMP and John STAPLES

ex: Hiram MOE and Frederick D. MILLER 

(ed.note: Rachel d/o John and Catharina [-] LEARN w/o Morris DECAMP.          


VANDERHOOF, Elijah of Dryden died 28 May 1837 age 75 yrs

dated: 14 March 1837 - proved: 22 June 1837

wife: Mary

sons: Michael, Albert, Samuel and Isaac C.

daus: Catharine GROVER, Betsey HOPKINS and Joan NEWELL Hendrickson, s/o William (dec'd) and Martha d/o of William (dec'd)

wit: Henry B. WEAVER, Lewis PRIMROSE and Stephen FULKERSON

ex: wife Mary                        

Elijah had property in Ohio from Benjamin WOOD, land in Lorain, Ohio owned by Ezra CORNELL


DEMOND, John of Danby died 22 May 1837 age 72 yrs

dated: 18 March 1837 - proved: 31 July 1837

wife: Jane

sons: Isaac and John

daus: Sally w/o Benjamin SKILLS and Mary w/o Daniel H. JOPP

wit: William DAVIS and John ELYEA

ex: John DEMUND and John KING


BALDWIN, Benton of Dryden died 10 July 1837 age 30 yrs

dated: 4 July 1837 - proved: 21 August 1837

wife: Tryphena

sons: none named

daus: Julia, Ellen and Helen 

mentions: Father AMOS of Chenago County, town of Pitcher, and George 

HAYES of Pitcher. 

wit: Henry B. WEAVER, Merrit R. GUILE and Lewis PRIMROSE

ex: Nathan DUNHAM and Ephraim SHARP

(Benton had property in Chenago County) 


LEE, Joseph F. of Ulysses died 22 June 1837 age 37 yrs

dated: 16 March 1837 - proved: 4 September 1837

mentions: Charles and Esther COOPER

brothers: Moses (and seven children un-named of brother William LEE)

sisters: Clarissa CURTIS, Abigail OGDEN and Sally LEE

wit: James SMITH, Egbert BURR and John THOMPSON

ex: Luther LEWIS and Elisha WILCOX


PORTER, John of Ulysses died 4 July 1837 age 70 yrs

dated: 7 June 1836 - proved: 11 September 1837

wife: none mentioned

sons: Thomas, Samuel, John, Joel, Alanson, James and Miner

daus: Rhoda and Sarah Susanna and Hester d/o dec'd dau. Mary, gr. son Edward PORTER

wit: Benjamin ALLEN and H.D. BARTO

ex: Lewis PORTER


SNOW, Roswell of Caroline died 21 July 1837 age 39 yrs

dated: 12 July 1835 - proved: 20 September 1837

wife: Jemima V.

sons: William Simon and Garret (two sons or three?)

daus: Sarah Maria

wit: Cornelius STILLWELL, Lovell PRESTON and James W. JUDD

ex: wife Jemima V. SNOW


BANKER, Jacob of Hector died 16 April 1837 age 77 yrs

dated: 8 February 1837 - proved: 2 October 1837

wife: none mentioned

sons: Job AUSTIN, Issac, Hiram GALDING and Jonathan (all BANKERs)

daus: Sally MARSH (2nd dau), Rachell RIDER (Eldest) and Eliza Ann SMITH 

gr.son: Lockwood s/o Job BANKER

wit: John SUTTON, James POTTS, George SMITH and John MACKEY

ex: Job A. and Isaac BANKER


BAUER, Alexander of (Ulysses?) - died 28 May 1837 age 69 yrs

dated: 19 February 1835 - proved: 24 October 1837

wife: Ann

sons: Alexander, Charles, Thomas, David, William and Andrew 

daus: Marian, Ann, Jane and Margaret

gr.son. Alexander BAUER who lives with me.

wit: Jonathan OWEN, Lewis G. OWEN and Abram UPDIKE

ex: Thomas, David, and Alexander BAUER of Ulysses


REYNOLDS, James of Hector died August 1837 age 66 yrs

dated: l8 July 1837 - proved: 25 October 1837

wife: none mentioned

sons:Jonathan N.(eldest), George W., James, Nelson, Peter H., and William H.

daus: Adeline TUNISON, Pamela STORY, Maria Louisa SKID and Hester


gr. ch.: Alexander H. s/o dec'd dau. Hannah HANLEY, James, Charlotte, Jane

and Adeline children named SAYLOR and also the ch/o dec'd dau. Hannah

wit: John WOODWARD and John SKID

ex: Richard SMITH and Peter HAGER, trusted friends and son Johnson M. 

REYNOLDS (Jonathan N.?)


MERRILL, Charles H. of Lansing died 31 December 1837 age 58yrs lot 51

(immigrant from New Jersey)

dated: 5 May 1837 - proved: 24 January 1838

wife: but not named

sons: Lewis Alfred, Henry K. and Charles

daus: Louisa Frances, Charlotte and Ann Sophia w/o John J. SPEED, Jr.

mentions: nephew Charles H.(eaton?) McLean of South Bend, Indiana

wit: Jehiel LUDLOW and John MOE

ex: Lewis Alfred, Henry K. and Charles MERRILL


SPEER, Tunis of Danby died December 1837 age 60 yrs+

dated: 26 June 1834 - proved: 25 January 1838

wife: Rachel

sons: Henry, John, Samuel, Abraham and Richard

daus: Peggy, w/o Abraham COYKENDALL dec'd, Eleanor w/o Harmon SCHUYLER, Anna

w/o Frederick WELLER, Sally w/o Jacob BROWN & Malinda w/o Shaller SHIPMAN

wit: Julius A. and Eustatia KING

ex: John KING and son Abraham SPEER


SMITH, Ira of Ulysses died 20 January 1837 age 72 yrs

dated: 6 March 1834 - proved: 7 February 1838

wife: Sarah

sons: Isaac

daus: Lewa (Louisa?) single

wit: John and James D. THOMPSON and Catharine H. GOODWIN all of Ulysses 

ex:  son Isaac SMITH and Joseph STOUT


QUICK, Philip of Caroline(& village of Ithaca)d.24 February 1838 30 yrs

dated: 11 September 1837 - proved: 19 March 1838

wife: Anna Eliza

sons: Henry QUICK 2nd

daus: Rachel Jane and Sarah Marie

wit: Samuel H. DEAN and William EARSLEY Jr. both of Caroline

ex: Henry, Frederick W. and Peter QUICK 


PALMER, Gershom of Ulysses died 9 February 1838 age 60 yrs *

dated: 9 February 1838 - proved: 9 April 1838

wife: Ruth and her children un-named

wit: Samuel E. Clarke and Erastus S. PALMER

ex: wife Ruth PALMER -- bought 40 acres from Stephen BOUCHARD


JESSUP, Caleb of Danby died 25 March 1838 age 67yrs

dated: 3 June 1834 - proved: 3 May 1838

wife: Lucy

sons: Henry

daus: Nancy, Elmira, Harriet w/o Uriah HILL and Elizabeth w/o of Stephen BOUCHARD

wit: Minor MCGOWEN and Augustus SHERRILL of Ithaca

ex: Henry JESSUP, Uriah HILL and Stephen BOUCHARD


VALENTINE, Levi of Ulysses died 22 March 1838 age 60 yrs *

dated: 21 March 1838 - proved: 10 May 1838

wife: Mary

sons: Treman, Calvin, Henry and Warren

daus: Anna, Fenny, Mary, Lucinda and Eliza 

wit: Samuel E. CLARKE, Jared C. KING both of Ulysses, Isiah SMITH

ex: wife Mary, son Calvin and Isiah SMITH of Covert

C:302 TEETER, Henry of Lansing  died 23 April 1838 age 62yrs (s/o Henry and Elis )

buried Asbury M.E Ch. Cem. as Henry TEETER II (t.s)

dated: 4 December 1837 - codicil dated: 5 March 1838 - proved: 11 June 1838

wife: Wyche (d/o Michael and Margaret (-) SLY) 

sons: 	Vincent m. Catharine SHOOP; 

	Smith m. Abigail HUNT; John (Jonathan?) 27 Feb 1800 - bpt. at home of George ROTH; 

	Daniel m. Elisabeth d/o Joseph and Sarah (-) PYSHOR; 

	George Washington  29 Dec 1817 - m. 15 Jan 1849 Matilda E. d/o Charles HAGIN 

      	Henry - 9 Jan 1880 84yrs m. Sarah SAYLES

      	Joseph m. Catharine BRITE/BRIGHT d/o Philip?

      	Sly - 25 Jan 1875 65yrs m. Electa WHITE  

daus: 	Sarah m. Spencer APGAR

      	Hannah m. Benjamin BROWN 

      	Catharine m. William CORSON 

wit: Benjamin B. Ferris and Ephraim LABAR of Lansing 

wit to codicil: Stephen FISH

ex: Vincent TEETER and Jacob E. BOGARDUS

land bounded by Jacob TEETER South to Abraham BLOOM thence W. along line of

Daniel TEETER deeded to him by John and Peggy HESS Oct 4, 1804 and another

piece from Elias and Rachel TEETER April 23, 1808       


CURTIS, Amza of Newfield died 28 April 1838 age 72 yrs

dated: 16 January 1838 - proved: 4 August 1838

wife: none mentioned

sons: Edwin

daus: Mary Ann, Lucinda, Angeline w/o Benjamin H. CLARK

wit: M. R. BRUNDAGE, Leonard SMITH and Benjamin STARR

ex: dau. Mary Ann CURTIS and friend Moses CROWELL 

Isaac S. SMITH to serve in case of death of another ex 


STARKS, Daniel of Newfield died 14 July 1838 age 51 yrs

dated: 14 July 1838 - proved: 27 August 1838

wife: Caty

children all un-named

wit: son Ezra John STARKS, Stephen T. BROWN and H. B. CRAWFORD 

ex: wife Caty


BRUYN, Andrew D.W. of Ithaca died 27 July 1838 age 48yrs

dated: 29 June 1838 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York

codicil: 30 June 1838 - proved: 3 September 1838

wife: Abigail 

only mentions dau. Mrs. MANN and Amasa DANA, Esq. partner

codicil wit: George W. PHILLIPS and Maria KELLOGG

wit: George W. PHILLIPS of Ithaca and Maria KELLOGG of New York (City?)

ex: wife Abigail and Augustus SHERRILL to assist her (of Ithaca)


SMITH, Ephraim of Danby died in forepart of 1838  60yrs +

dated: 5 May 1836 - proved: 26 November 1838

wife: none named

sons: Ephraim

daus: Alma and Sophia

wit: Walker BENNETT and Levi C. BEERS both of Danby

ex: son-in-law Morris DAWSON  


MOOR(E), Meritt of Newfield died 24 August 1838 age 73 yrs

dated: 7 February 1835 - proved: 27 November 1838 

wife: Phebe

sons: Adra H. 

daus: Elizabeth and Lydia

gr. ch: ch/o son Adra H. Moore: Sally Jane, Ann and Phebe 

ch/o dau. Lydia: Phebe, Elizabeth, Meritt, Susanna, and Pircla no last name given.

mentions sons-in-law: Jacob G. BUCKOUT and David TITUS living with me

wit: William SARE(SEARS?) and Elisha ALLEN

ex: Jacob G. BUCKOUT and David TITUS


PERKINS, Rebecca G. of Ithaca died 10 June 1838 61yrs 

dated: 19 September 1831 - proved: 15 December 1838

gr.dau: Mary B. and Sarah A. PERKINS

wit: Augustus SHERILL of Ithaca and George A. PERKINS of Athens, Bradford Co.,Pa.

Legatee: Mary B. PERKINS 


MEAD, William of Ulysses died 9 July 1838 age 68yrs

dated: 19 June 1836 - proved: 20 December 1838

wife: Sarah

sons: William, Oliver H. and Isaiah

daus: Sally, Mary, Joanna and Julia

wit: Daniel BARTO, William WORTMAN of Ulysses & John COLLINS of Hector 

ex: wife Sarah MEAD


VANORDER, James of Ithaca died 31 October 1838 age 70yrs   *

dated: 24 April  1838 - proved: 5 January 1839

wife: Cynthia (also called Catharine)

sons: Moses, John A., Samuel and Frederick 

also names Abraham's wife (called dau-in-law) Deborah (widow?)

daus: Mary Ann w/o George RYERSON and Nancy w/o Solomon DEVENPORT

mentions: Charles O. HART (no relationship stated)

wit: Caleb B. DRAKE of Ithaca and Stephen JARVIS of Ulysses

ex: Lewis STEBBINS and John A. VANORDER


BODLE, William of Hector died 23 January 1838 age 92 yrs

dated: 27 September 1834 - proved: 7 January 1839

wife: Mary

sons: William, Jonathan, Charles and James 

daus: Mary TUTHILL William B. s/o dau. Mary TUTHILL, Loiz BENNET, Mary GOLDSMITH 

and Alexander BODLE

wit:  John SAYLOR, Calvin TREMAN and Zalmon BARKER, Jr. of Hector

ex: Jonathan, William and James BODLE (had stock in Orange County Bank)


MCCARY, Alexander of Hector died 18 November 1838 age 75yrs

dated: 19 July 1836 - codicil: 20 February 1837 - proved: 17 January 1839

wife: Eunice

sons: Joseph and John

daus: Peggy, Abb(y), Hannah, Eunice, Sally, Betsey and Polly

wit to codicil: Florence MCCARY, Horace SMITH and Peter STRADER

wit: John W. VANDOREN, Benjamin MANNING and Robert MCCARY

ex: Jonathan HAGER and Caleb SMITH


STOWELL, Calvin of Groton died 8 November 1838 age 63 yrs

dated: 8 November 1838 - proved: 16 February 1839

wife: Lucy

sons: John C. and Daniel B.

daus: Matilda w/o Calvin GRAY

wit: Samuel W. BOTHWELL, Robert ARMSTRONG and Warren BRAYTON

ex: John C. STOWELL 

C:338 DAR Rec says died in Tennessee born 1762 New Jersey

TICHENOR, Zenus of Lansing died 27 November 1838 age 76yrs

dated: 24 July 1838 - proved: 26 February 1839

wife: Electra (PIERSON) - died 22 March 1843 age 78yrs 

sons: Caleb W., Daniel, John P., Joseph and Zenas

daus: Rebecca MINIER, Susan BOYL and Maria SMITH 3 children of son Calvin (dec'd) un-named, 8 children of

dau. Catharine KNETTLES (dec'd)     -  9 November 1834 age 43yrs 

2nd w/o Joseph KNETTLES             -  8 October 1834 age 65yrs 11 mo 

all tombstones in Asbury M. E. Church Cemetery)

wit: William P. LUSE and Jehiel LUDLOW of Ithaca

ex: Joseph S. and Zenas TICHENOR


HAMON, Alvin of Ithaca, late of City of Detroit (Michigan?) died 2 January 

1838 age 29 yrs.

dated: 21 December 1837 - proved: 21 February 1839

mentions: nephews Horace H. and Theodore A. HAMON

brothers: Calvin W. and David HAMON

sister: Harriet MOSHER

wit: Samuel CRITTENDON, Jr. and George W. HAMON

ex: brother David HAMON

had land in Wisconsin Terrority, St. Clair, Michigan and at the mouth of

St.Joseph River in Michigan.

C:343-362 (attended church in Lower Saucon Twp. Northampton Co.Pa. &

Evan. United Cong. of Milton and Scipio.

FENNER, Casper of Lansing - 12 January 1839 age 77yrs 

dated: 3l March 1838 - proved: 25 February 1839

wife: Susanna - 10 March 1845 77yrs  Lake Ridge Cem.

sons: George 11 Apr 1788 -  4 Jul 1860 72yrs m. Catharine MERSH                 

(John)Adam  13 Dec 1798 - 15 Sep 1875 77yrs m. Susanna --- 20 Feb 1861 57yrs

Daniel m. Margaret d/o Philip and Mary (LEBAR) PECK

John 1789 - 18 May/Aug 1875 85yrs  m. Catharine - 20 Oct 1856 59yrs 

daus: Lucy (Sally?) m. Henry SHOEMAKER 

Elizabeth m. 7 Dec 1818 to Peter KINTZ  

Sally m. _____ MCDANIELS

gr. son: Peter s/o John MOREY 

wit: Calvin and Nathan BARR both of Lansing (brothers)

ex: sons-in-law John MOREY and Joseph FENNER (will was contested)

Susanna (dec'd)   3 Aug 1793 - before 1850 

m. John MOREY  (c)6 Jan 1786 - 17 Feb 1877 91yrs 1mo 11da Lake Ridge

Salome 16 Jun 1797 m. (Joseph FENNER?)- 25 Apr 1840 30yrs not mentioned nfr.

Maria Magdalene  19 Jan 1790 -  not mentioned

Will says Lucy w/o Henry SHOEMAKER but church records shows 

Susanna as his wife?  Unless this was a different Henry SHOEMAKER.

Was Casper FENNER s/o Caspar, who was the pro. s/o Felix FENNER 

1 Nov 1725 Germany - 18 Aug 1793 Pa. who married Mary Eva -- and was a 

Pvt in Pa. line DAR.  We know there was one son Johann Henrich FENNER

bapt. at the Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Ch. Trappe, Upper Providence,

Montgomery Co. Pa. 

Or was the ancestor of the above families John and Elizabeth(Long)

FENNER of the Revolutionary War 1760 Pa. d. perhaps 1795 Pa. 

Neither one had a will in Northampton County, Pa. Were they from 

Montgomery County, Pa.? 


            Evangelical United Congregations of Milton and Scipio

                FENNER, Adam and Susanna 

           Joseph FENNER        5 Mar 1826

           sponsors: Felix and Elizabeth FENNER

           Elizabeth FENNER     9 Jan 1838


                FENNER, Daniel and Margaret PECK                 

           Cornelius FENNER    24 Mar 1837

           sponsors: Felix and Elizabeth FENNER


                FENNER, Felix and Elizabeth 

           Cornelius FENNER     4 Jul 1831

           sponsors: Felix and Elizabeth FENNER

           Catharine FENNER     9 Dec 1826

           sponsors: Felix and Elizabeth FENNER 


                FENNER, George and Elizabeth 

           Caroline FENNER     19 Apr 1819


                FENNER, George and Catharine Mersh   

           Caspar FENNER        2 Apr 1825

           sponsors: Caspar and Susanna FENNER 

Caspar m. 1 Jan 1851 Elizabeth d/o Jared and Elizabeth [Clark]

FOOT. Elizabeth FOOT was Jared FOOT Rev. War soldier from R.I.


                FENNER, John and Catharine  

           Susanna FENNER      20 Jul 1823

           sponsors: Caspar and Susanna FENNER

           Lavina FENNER       18 Jul 1825

           Veronica FENNER     27 Jan 1827

           Amelia FENNER       30 Dec 1831

           Daniel FENNER       15 Jul 1834

           sponsors: Daniel and Margaret FENNER

                 FENNER, John and Magdalena 

           Calista FENNER       3 Oct 1836


                FENNER, Salome   

           Thomas natural s/o Salome 31 May 1818

           sponsors: her parents Caspar and Susanna FENNER 

(May has 30 days?) (note: was she the wife of ---- Fenner?)

Intestates Tompkins County, New York DAR printed 1966

FENNER, Reuben of Lansing died 31 October probate 16 December 1859

Widow: Elizabeth 

daus: Elonora and Melvidora FENNER both minors

MYERS, Andrew of Lansing died 2 April 1864 probate 27 April 1864

Widow: Mandana

sons: Lorenzo, John Henry, Benjamin MYERS all of Lansing, James and Luther

MYERS of Watkins Glen. 

daus: Arvilla FENNER of N.Y.C. and Eliza w/o Robert MILLS of Watkins Glen, N.Y.


               Marriages and Deaths Notices of Tompkins Co.NY

                     Mary Jackson Smith Macedon,NY 1993

30    F.A. FENNER of Cortland, N.Y.                     Harford,N.Y.

      Mary E. CHURCH of Harford, N.Y.                   14 Sep 1881

55    Will FENNER of Lansing,N.Y.                       E.Lansing

      Ella d/o T.J. MAPES of E. Lansing,N.Y.            10 Aug 1881

158   A. M. FENNER of Ludlowville, N.Y.                 

      Anna M. HAVEN of Ludlowville, N.Y                 31 Dec 1873

255   Jacob FENNER died in Covert, N.Y. in his 72th yr  13 Mar 1883

                               Lake Ridge Cem.

Cornelia d/o J. and C.                    - 26 Dec 1856  no age

Henry s/o John and Catherine              - 22 Mar 1845  15yrs

Lovina d/o John & Catherine               - 26 Dec 1843  18yrs

Luie L. FENNER                            - 13 Jun 1859   1yr

Martha d/o John and Catherine             -  8 Oct 1855  15yrs

Mary w/o Nelson FREESE                    - 13 Apr 1845  21yrs

among FENNER


LUCE, Mary of Ithaca died 19 January 1839 age 73yrs        *

dated: 13 September 1838 - proved: 8 April 1839

hus: none mentioned

sons: James and Israel

daus: Catharine w/o William COATS, Mary Ann w/o Benjamin TABOR and 

Eleanor w/o of Israel COATS

mentions: money left to Methodist Soc. of Missionaries of Episcopal Ch.

wit: Chauncey G. HEATH and Asa B. CLARK 

ex: James LUCE and Samuel CRITTENDON, Jr.


CALVIN, John H. of Ithaca died 14 March 1839 age 28yrs

dated: 25 February 1839 - dated: 7 April 1839 or 23 May 1839?

mentions: brother Harvey D. CALVIN of Syracuse, Onondaga Co. N..

wit: George WHITMORE and Henry J. GRANT

ex: Chauncy L. GRANT and Henry HIBBART


BRIGGS, Ebenezer of Danby died 10 March 1839 age 57yrs

dated: 4 March 1839 - proved: 23 May 1839

wife: Elsey 

no children mentioned. 

mentions: William s/o Oliver MILLER dec'd and brothers and sisters'

children un-named 

wit: Leonard FISHER of Spencer, Tioga County, New York, Reuben MEAKER,

William MONTGOMERY of Danby and Sarah H. FISHER 

ex: Elsey BRIGGS 


HERRICK, Nathan of Ithaca died 26 May 1839 age 48yrs

dated: 25 February 1839 - proved: 20 June 1839

wife: Charlotte

sons: John Jacob and Nathan Griffith HERRICK (under 21)

daus: none named

wit: Henry INGERSOLL and Henry LEONARD

ex: Augustus SHERRILL and Timothy S. WILLIAMS

C:371 runs for 28 pages

NIVER, George of Caroline died 16 April 1839 age 76yrs 5mo 22 da

dated: 19 March 1839 - proved: 24 June 1839

wife: Julia

sons: John and Alexander T.

daus: Catharine VANAMBURGH

mentions: Julia WHITMORE now UPHAM (felt he owed it to them) 

wit: Samuel H. DEAN, John Sullivan and Elisha NIVER 

ex: Samuel H. DEAN and Spencer HUNGERFORD of Caroline 

George NIVER came to Caroline l5/16 years before.  Buried Central

Chapel in Caroline.  Will contested.

                                END of BOOK C

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