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Index to Dower book/ DAR Intestates

Index to Dower Book 3
Surrogates Office, Ithaca, New York

Intestates Tompkins County, New York DAR

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Index to Dower Book 3

3:1 Sally LAUTERMAN wd/o George** L. LAUTERMAN (dec'd) 11 May 1857
3:14 Hila Ann GEORGIA wd/o Elijah** GEORGIA (dec'd) 13 Feb 1860
3:25 Lura** WILLIAMS wd/o Parvis A. WILLIAMS (dec'd) 18 May 1863
3:35 Ann BLOOM wd/o Ephraim BLOOM (dec'd) 26 Mar 1866*
3:50 Margret BUNNELL wd/o George** BUNNELL (dec'd) 3 Aug 1875
3:52 Harriet NELSON wd/o William** NELSON (dec'd) 3 Aug 1875
3:59 Sarah HIGGINS wd/o Daniel HIGGINS of Caroline(dec'd) 3 Jan 1877
3:67 Mary T. STEPHENS wd/o John** B. JUNE (dec'd) 30 Jul 1877
3:80 Nelly LEONARD wd/o Abram LEONARD (dec'd) 8 Oct 1877
3:85 Harriet BURLEW wd/o Frederick BURLEW (dec'd) 29 Dec 1879
3:93 Sarah MCCORN wd/o Moses MCCORN (dec'd) of Vanetten, Chemung Co., NY 9 Apr 1881
3:102 Elizabeth A. SPEED wd/o Richard P. SPEED (dec'd) 24 Sep 1881
NOTE** see below in Intestates of Tompkins Co

Intestates Tompkins County, New York DAR

printed 1866

LAUTERMAN, George L. of Lansing, 

died 23 July 1849 - probate 11 May 1857.

Widow: Sally                         

sons: George and Frank

daus: Malvina J., Henrietta, and Sarah all minors 

GEORGIA, Elijah B. of Newfield 

died 5 December 1859 - probate 7 December 1859.

Widow: Hila Ann.

sons: William of Hector, Miles H. of Minn., Nathan G. of Newfield, Cyrenus S. of Enfield, 

Elijah D. of Mi., and Nathaniel dec'd left: Cyrenus, Elijah,

John, Sarah, Malinda and Mary, minors, plus William Francis and Philancy all named GEORGIA.  

daus: Charlotte JILLETT of Pa., Laura CAMPBELL widow of Newfield, Sarah w/o

Tompkins SMITH of Mi., Susan PATCHEN dec'd left: Sarah and Albert PATCHEN. 

WILLIAMS, Lura wd/o Parvis A., of Enfield 

applied for dower rights 25 June 1863. 

Heirs at law of Parvis A.,Oliver S., Parvis Austin all named WILLIAMS, Sarah 

E. COWEN, Almira Lavinda WILLIAMS, Minvera HEATH, Frances Amelia DAY both of

out of State of New York.  Harry COWEN served with papers (husband of Sarah

E.) Property was an inheritance of dec'd.    

BUNNELL, George of Lansing died 11 February 1865 

Widow: Margaret                     

son: Charles W. of Manchester, New York  

daus: Eliza w/o Theodore JEFFERSON, Joana and Louise BUNNELL all of Lansing.

NELSON, William of Ithaca died 28 March 1874       

Widow: Harriet

sons: John W. dec'd left Ina, Hatie and John NELSON under 14yrs.  John W, died after death 

of father and by 6 September 1875. 

daus: Frances w/o Horace ELYEA of Danby and Charlotte A. w/o Charles FOWLES of Ithaca

JUNE, John B. of Caroline 

died 5 September 1873 - probate 11 September 1873

Widow: Mary J. June (by 1877 she was Mary J. STEPHENS)

sons: Truman B. 13yrs and  George 4yrs

dau: Julia A. 15yrs. 

DAVIS, Lwelleyn of Lansing 

died 6 March 1861 - probate 25 May 1861 

Widow: Lydia B. (Shaw)              

dau: Sarah A. a minor 

sons: Samuel S., Isaac, Frank E., and Erwin. all minors except Samuel S.

BISHOP, Isaac of Dryden no death date (note: died 15 June 1851 65yrs) 

b. 1792 probate 29 June 1851

Widow: Anna BISHOP born Dawe 20 Jan 1799   

heirs: Amos O.and Mary A. HART of Dryden, Hiram W. of Ithaca, Vincent of Albion, Mi. and 

Ambrose S. of Nebraska, all named BISHOP

Elvira and Renselaer MCCUTCHEON of Albion, Mi., 

Delinda BISHOP guardian of Hortense H., Fidolfa H., Demetrius O., and Selena BISHOP.  Marcus 

LYON guardian of May H. BISHOP of Dryden. 

KNETTLES, Henry of Lansing died 15 April 1875 probate 19 April 1875

sons: Francis M. of Lansing (adm), Joseph of Lake Valley, Calif., Daniel of St. Louis Mo., 

George M. D. of Big Rapids, Mi., Jacob E. of Groton, and Homer

daus: Malinda WILLIAMS, Emma GOODWIN, Ellen D. w/o John W. BLOOM, and Rachel WYKOFF all of 

Lansing.  J. BRUYN Bogardus Co. adm.

Seneca County, New York

OSMAN, Catharine of Seneca Falls          *

dated: 10 June 1862 - proved: 17 September 1862

hus: (John ?)                                                      

sons: John S. (3rd mentioned)our feather bed and bedding and my wish that a certain promissory 

note made by him to me of recent date for $175 be given up to him without payment. (newspaper 

notice says he was residing in E. Greenwich, Washington Co. New York and also names Alpheus 

ROBERTS of Seneca Falls)  

daus: Louisa TROUTMAN $200 over and above sum of $100 which I owe her on a debt incurred by 

my late husband for the benefit of my son John S. OSMUN.

Matilda ADAMS $200 including the sum of $25. as reimbursement to her for money pd by her in 

the debt incurred by late husband as aforesaid (of Toronto, Canada West

Henrietta OSMAN and Catharine OSMAN my house and lot where I now reside during their 

natural lives, then be the sole property of the surviving one of the said two daughters 

during the remainer of her natural life and at her decease to be equally divided between my 

remaining children or their heirs.

wit: Hiram A. PALMER and V.R. MATHEWS both of Seneca Falls

ex: Joseph PLATE of Seneca Falls sole executor 

also named in Newspaper ad. Charles L. HOSKINS of Seneca Falls, as special guardian for John 

and LeRoy ROBERTS minors, heirs at law residing in Seneca Falls. 28 day of July 1862 Albany 

Atlas and Argus State Paper published for 6 weeks commencing lst of August 1862

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