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Letter from Maria (Schenck) Ozmun
and some miscellaneous information

Daughter of Isaac and Jemima (VanWagoner) Schenck

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This letter was given to me by a member of the Flint Genealogical Society many years ago. Now there is a descendant of this family living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although history says that the father was Isaac, from the Church Records at Owego, it is believed that the father was really Abraham SCHENCK and that Jemima was the daughter of Abraham VANWAGONER. The only SCHENCK family living Tompkins County, New York in 1825 was a William SCHANCK but doesn't have a daugther the age of Maria. letter copied verbatim

                                                   27 Dec 1854

Dear Bro and Sister,

It is a long time since we have written to each other, and still longer since we have met, during which period, times busy wheels have borne us in, and amidst its ever varying changes, with me those changes are of great magnitude when I last wrote you I was at Owasco boarding with John MILLER's teaching at the school house where you and I learned our letters I need not say memory almost constantly turned back to the scenes of my childhood or that I deeply felt my lonelyness being the only one of my family in that place. I taught the two summers and the last I enjoyed myself very well indeed. But I began to feel lonely and wanted to settle in life, and about this time I had a oppurtunity to do so,

I received the first visit from Abram OZMUN at John MILLERs, he was from Lansing Tompkins County and now my husband (.) He is 38 years of age and has three children. Aaron and Mary twins 14 years and Abram 5 years(.) We have been married near 2 years, will be the 3rd of next March, we have a little daughter one year old yes-terday she bears your own name my dear sister she just begins to walk, and speaks a few words she has a dark complexion and black eyes like her father(.) The children are very much attached to her and she to them, we are fathers which you know suits me well, my husband is one of the kindest of men, and our children are affectionate and obedient to us. Mother is with me now, she came here Nov 21st(.) I do hope you will try to visit your friends in this state before long, we would be right glad to see you and those dear ones of yours(.) Abraham has some connect in your western region and we may take a journey west I hardly dare flatter myself of it, I find it so difficult to leave home, but I shall hope to hear from you at last and you must come if possible, I close to write a little for Mother yours in haste, Maria OZMUN.

My dear children I am happy to say my health is very good this winter, much better than it was last spring but than times and --- I hope sincerely this may find you and yours enjoying the same blessings. I have experienced much uneasiness and anxiety about you of late, occasioned by I suppose by a dream, in which I saw you and two of the children in great distress, I hope all is well with you, but I can not (help) feeling anx-ious to hear from you, I think of you every day and fear that you or Harvy or the children are sick, I am glad you both had your health to go to your farm. I wrote to you last September but have not received an answer yet, the reason I did not visit you last fall was the cholera ravaged so, I did not think it safe to start alone(.) I went to Charles-town last fall friends are all well, I was with Frances two weeks, they are well and doing well, Jerome thinks of buying a farm. They have a fine little boy 2 years old next March, I want you to write immediately on receiving this for I want to hear from you, and tell me if it is true that the rail road is completed through to Corunna, I must close it is ten oclock Maria is sure sitting here alone & the baby is asleep in the cradle. From your affectionate Mother J. SCHENCK.

(along the side of the letter is a note: the friends in Livingston are well as usual.)

This letter was sent to Harvey and Elizabeth (SCHENCK) Young who lived on a farm that sat on the southeast corner of M 21 and State Road in Corunna, Shiawassee County, Michigan. This same farm was owned in 1950-1980 by Glen and Sadie (___) PEACOCK and now it is owned by the K Mart Corporation.

Many years ago an indenture signed by the heirs of William OZMUN, Wm. A. J. OZMUN, Henry TERPINNING, and John W. GIBBS would be here signing an indenture to Elizabeth YOUNG. Why history says 1783 William was William A. is a mystery since he signed nothing using the initial A. Not even his tombstone at Asbury M.E. Ch. Cemetery has the initial A. We do know from census that he was indeed born in Orange County.

Jemima (VAN WAGONER) SCHENCK died in Caledonia Township, Shiawassee County, Michigan 18 Feb 1878 age 91yrs 6mo 11da born in New Jersey. She is buried in the Pine Tree Cemetery along with her daughter Elizabeth (SCHENCK) YOUNG 5 Dec 1823 - 18 Aug 1891 and her husband Harvey B. YOUNG 16 Nov 1821 - 22 Dec 1903 and a couple of their children. Because of the indenture, history must be right.

Abram according to history was the half brother of 1783 William and both sons of Abraham OZMUN. And though William was old enough to be his father, Abram is not mentioned in his will as an heir. But William held the indenture against Elizabeth. Why else unless he was doing his brother a favor.

Abraham OZMUN born 4 Nov 1764 Smith's Clove, Orange County, New York died in Lansing, Tompkins County, New York 1 Nov 1848. (Rev. War pension application - refused)

All we have to go by to reconstruct his family are the tombstones and land records since we nothing else which might tell us something of their family. Abraham married lst: Sarah JORDAN. (tombstone says "Sarah or Sally" sic) Her dates are 29 Sep 1762 - 12 Aug 1812. He married 2nd: Rachel (TRAVIS) MORGAN 15 Dec 1775 - 10 Mar 1850 71yrs 2mo 25da (calculated). They are all buried in Asbury M.E. Church Cemetery

     Issue of Sarah JORDAN:

	i:   William OZMUN      	18 July 1783 - 15 Jan 1862

		m. Catharine d/o Henry and Maria (KUGLEVIN) NEWMAN

     	ii:   Isaac OZMUN     	2 Mar 1785 - 26 May 1866

		m. Maria d/o Henry and Maria (KUGLEVIN) NEWMAN

    	iii:   John OZMUN 	1787 - Sep 1812

		m. Charity d/o John SMITH born in New Jersey.

John drown while putting in the bridge across Cayuga Lake during the War of 1812 (Council of Appointments) and Charity married 2nd: John COLLINS whose first wife Christina d/o Peter TEETER had died. According to census in 1880 John OZMUN was born in Pa. In the Pa. Archives we do find a John Osmond that went to the "finger lakes" area! (will of John COLLINS in Russell Warner Collection Michigan State Library and at Olin Library, Cornell University.) All are buried at Asbury M. E. Ch. Cem. John, the s/o John and Charity OZMUN 1812 - 1893 m. Lucyette FREEMAN

     	iv:   Abraham OZMUN  	15 Mar 1789 - 9 July 1856

		m. Aurelia BISHOP had 4 children.  They moved to Boston Twp. Summit

County, Ohio.  Buried Boston Township Cemetery       

      	v:   Sarah OZMUN      	23 Oct 1800 - 7 Nov 1870

		m. 1st: David LUCE had 3 ch.

		m. 2nd: Richard SCHOONOVER 3 ch.  

Smith Clove - It was called Smith's Clove because of all the Smith families that lived there. Claudius SMITH was hanged as a tory early in the War of the Revolution. French's Gazetteer of New York 1860 pg 508. {SMITH Wills at bottom of this page}

  	Issue of Rachel (TRAVIS) MORGAN:

    	vii:   Abram OZMUN              10 Aug 1814 - 29 Nov 1887

		m. 1st: 3 Oct 1834 Electa Jane pro. d/o Aaron & Mary (DEVOE) HEDDON

		m.2nd: 3 Mar 1853 Maria SCHENCK  

   	viii:   Mercy OZMUN              10 Sep 1817 - 10 Oct 1836    

		m. Richard SCHOONOVER 

The 1825 census bears out that Abraham and Rachel still had two children at home.

      Issue of Electa Jane HEDDON: 

      i:   Aaron Marcus OZMUN 29 Dec 1838 - 29 Jun 1889 m. Mary Cecilia DANIELS 

"Sudden death of Aaron OZMUN at Riverside, Calif. which has been his home for several 

years.  Born in New York State about 60yrs ago; came to Olmstead County, (Minn) when a young 

man with parents & settled on farm west of Rochester; 1860 moved to Rochester; father & he went 

into hardware business that lasted until 1882.  Married Cecila DANIELS in N.Y. in 1869 

moved 1882 to St.Paul; 1890 moved to Calif.; wife died in 1895 & he is buried beside her in 

Calif.  Son Roy survives (Post & Rec 30 June 1889 pg 7 col 3) 

     	ii:  Mary Martha OZMUN twin to Aaron  d. 3 Aug 1866 Colorado Springs, Colo., unm.

    	iii:  Abraham Montgomery OZMUN 31 Dec 1847 - 12 Aug 1883 m. 15 Feb 1873 Matie 

d/o late Alex FOOTE of South Bend, Indiana. (Post and Rec. pg 7 col 4 Olmstead, Minn.) 

said "son Roy W. OZMUN who died 12 May 1905 left his widow an estate of one million 


      	Electa Jane HEDDON died in North Lansing 10 May 1850 35yrs 2mo 2da and is buried 

in North Lansing Cemetery.

      	Maria SCHENCK OZMUN was born pro. in Owasco, Cayuga County, New York 30 

July 1820 and died 22 May 1890.

      	Abram ran a store with Charles HEDDON in North Lansing in the 1840's 1850's 

and had a merchantile store from 1862 until his death in 1887.  State Legislature in 1859. 

      Issue of Maria SCHENCK:

     	iv:  Ella Elizabeth OZMUN  26 Dec 1853 - died Point Loma, Calif. nfr.

      	v:   Edward Henry OZMUN  6 Aug 1857 - 9 Dec 1910 Constantinople, now Istanbul, 

while serving with the U.S. Consulate. A graduate of Ann Arbor, practiced law in St. Paul until 

1898.  In service for the U.S. Consulate service at Stuttgart, Germany 1898 - 1905. He married 

21 November 1894 in Syracuse, New York Clara Belle GOODMAN. State Senator 1897; member 

Sigma Phi U. of M.; Lawyer; assistant consellor Northern Pacific and RR Co.,; compiler of laws 

relating to railroad; Office St. Paul, Minn., corner of 4th and Wabash Ave., and member of Sons 

of the Revolution thru his VanWagoner ancestor (Sigma Phi Catalogue U. of M., 1878 at Flint 

Public Library, Flint, Michigan.)

    	vi:  Charles  Thomas OZMUN   15 Jul 1862 - 2 Oct 1934 

		m. 24 Aug 1887 Effie Eugenia MURPHY.  Started Chicago Cardboard Company

and his descendant still sits on the board. (was a very handsome man)

           	a:  Kenneth Leland OZMUN 14 Jan 1889 m. Bernice RINNELL nfr.

           	b:  Donald Charles OZMUN 19 Aug 1893 m. Gladys J. BLAINE nfr 

John Collins

Tompkins County, New York Olin Memorial Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York courtesy of Russell Warner CGRS 12 April 1977 COLLINS, John died 1 Jan 1858 84th yr. buried Asbury M.E. m.1st: Christeen/Christina d/o Peter and Margaret (RICE)TEETER (d. 24 Aug 1813. m. 2nd: Charity d/o John and Elizabeth (HEAD) SMITH and wd/o John OZMUN (died 10 Feb 1880 89th yr)

Children of John Collins and first wife, Christeen/Christina TEETER

      	i:   Margaret COLLINS  b. 10 Oct 1801,  m. William LABAR

     	ii:  Mary COLLINS  7 Apr 1806 Lansing - 22 Oct 1889 Dryden Twp. 

	m. William FREESE (Russell Warner's ancestors)

    	iii:  Elizabeth COLLINS 15 Nov 1807 - m. John FREESE

     	iv:  John Teeter COLLINS 21 Nov 1809 - 26 Aug 1893 m. Cynthia GIBBS

	by 2nd wife:

      	v:   Elizabeth COLLINS  10 Nov 1815 nfr.

     	vi:  Matilda COLLINS   19 Dec 1816 -

	m. Benjamin BRIGHT d.s.p. (died without issue)

    	vii:  Christina COLLINS  7 Nov 1818 - 31 Mar 1860 unm. 42st yr

   	viii:  Smith COLLINS 16 Nov 1820 - 9 Aug 1899 unm. (see his heirs)

     	ix:   Louisa COLLINS 10 Jan 1824 - 1915 unm.

      	x:   William Benjamin COLLINS 9 June 1828 - 1 Feb 1858 unm. 30th yr

Heirs of Smith COLLINS: named in distribution of property included, among others: To the descendants of John W. OZMUN, dec'd to wit: To Edward and Marian OZMUN $213.90 @, a surviving sister not named in his letter received $427.80. Elizabeth w/o Elisha WILCOX d 4 Jan 1855 89th yr. (prob. Elizabeth (HEAD) SMITH)

SMITH, Alvah of Enfield died 1871 

nephews: Schoonover and Horace SMITH of Ulysses, VanAuken SMITH of

Buffalo, N.Y., Washington SMITH of near Buffalo, Benjamin, Robert, Albert and William Richard 

all of Southboro, Pa., Alvah RICHARD of Greenwood, Steuben County, N.Y., Lewis H. SMITH of 

Newfield, and Daniel D. T. SMITH of Tioga County, Pa. 

nieces:  Mary Ann HULBURT of Ithaca, Polly VANNORMAN near Buffalo, Harriet ARNOLD, Celista L. 

VANHORN, Benjamin and Emeline WOODWARD, Louisa KING all of Ulysses, Priscilla LYONS and Lovina 

GEORGIA of Clinton County, Michigan

SMITH, Ellsworth of Ithaca 

died August 1872 probate 10 October 1872.  

Father: Jeremy SMITH

SMITH, Evander of Enfield, died 8 May 1864. 

widow: Mary L. age 21 yrs. infant child  not named.  

Widow asks J. DeMott SMITH to be Co.-adm.

SMITH, Fanny of Ulysses died in 1861 probate 2 February 1872

brothers: Charles L. HOSKINS, Ebenezer HOSKINS both of Seneca Falls 

sisters: Fidelia MCLALLEN of Trumansburg, Eleanor TILLOTSON of King's Fall, N.Y.

Adms: Charles L. HOSKINS and A. Tillotson.

SMITH, George R. of Ithaca died 22 May 1859

widow: Mariette  

 brother: Samuel SMITH res. unk

 sisters: Mary J. GILLERN and Emily SMITH both of Auburn, and Loretta SMITH of N. Hector 

 brother and sisters on mother's side 

SMITH, Jacob of Lansing died 8 October 1863

Widow: Mary adm.

son: Edward O. of Locke

daus: Ellen A. w/o Effingham Brown, Amy J. SMITH of Lansing

gr.son: Charles ROBINSON of Lansing 

SMITH, John B. of Ulysses died 5 February 1859 

Sister: Mary A.

Brothers: William L. of Ulysses and Nicoll H. of N.Y.C.


SMITH, John N. of Hector died 28 September 1854

Widow: Maryett adm.        

dau: Mary w/o Nicholas BICKLE of Hector.

Co.Adm. Abram M. EVERT

SMITH, Marvin of Ulysses died --- probate 1 June 1858

Widow: Catharine W. adm.

sons: Samuel N. res. unk., Seth B. and William Henry dec'd: Harriet HALL, 

Phebe, Edward and Mary SMITH all in Tompkins County. 

daus: Lucinda E. MULLEN, Sarah D. WEBSTER, Caroline E. BENHAM, Luara A. SAGE, 


Co. adm: Levi H. OWEN

SMITH, Mary K of Ulysses died 15 February 1871

father: Squire HINE.

SMITH, Nathan of Newfield died 10 September 1871

Widow: Huldah of Canton, Bradford County, Pa.

daus: Catharine w/o Herman B. PALMER of Newfield and Cornelia w/o Joshua J. DENMARK of Canton, 

Pa. deceased had a pension.

SMITH, Samuel W. of Ithaca 

died 2 November 1869 probate 21 December 1869

Widow: Ann M.

Adm.: son John Reed SMITH 18 yrs. old.

SMITH, William S. of Caroline died 14 March 1858 probate May 188

Widow: Sally

sons: William  W. dec'd left: Charles an infant, Cornelia and Myron SMITH of Pittsfield, Mass, 

David G. SMITH near Rochester N.Y., Myron of Sacramento, Calif.,    

daus: Mina 18 mos. Cornelia w/o Ezekiel REED dec'd, left: Victor a minor,

Adelaide w/o Austin JENKS. Mary Ann w/o Ezra S. CLARK of Owego, N.Y.  

dau: Marietta w/o Ed HUMPHREY, a minor,  

Adm: Ezra S. CLARK 

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