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* indicates signed with X proved = probated daus: = daughters
d/o = daughter of s/o = son of w/o = wife of grandchildren wd/o = widow of wit: = witnesses
ex: = executor(s) ch/o = child(ren) of * = ERRATA
hus: = husband d.s.p. = died without issue (sic) = as written
t.s = tombstone ibid = same as above g = guardian
c = counsel unm = unmarried (c) = calculated


A:260 Cayuga County, New York

BOWER, Nicholas of Genoa   

dated: 29 September 1819 - proved: ? February 1819

wife: Rosanna

sons:  John, Jacob, Joseph, Benjamin & Michael, 

daus:  Catharine w/o ? Essex (their children Mary, Jacob, Samuel, Nancy, John,

& Sarah.) Margaret w/o Samuel DAVIS, Elizabeth w/o ? WAGGONER and Mary w/o 

? STEFFY (who had a daughter un-named) 

Children of Catharine named in codicil. 

wit: John SARLLS, Joshua NORTH and Charles ZABRISKI

ex:  Samuel DAVIS, Michael and David BOWER

2     John BAUER ca 1765 - 23 Oct 1844 79yrs 

	bur German Cem. near Lansingsville (t.s) 

3     Jacob BAUER ca 1768 - 29 Mar 1854  86yrs

				- 27 Apr 1856  80yrs 2mo 

4     Joseph BAUER	- 17 Sep 1861   

5     Benjamin BAUER	nfr.

6     Michael BAUER m. Betsey, d/o Jacob & Dorothy 

	(STORMS) SHOEMAKER (had 7 children)

7     Catharine BAUER m. ____ ESSEX 

8     Margaret BAUER 10 Apr 1772 - 21 Aug 1850 

	m. Samuel s/o Lwewellyn & Martha (BROWN) DAVIS  See A:179        

9     Elizabeth BAUER m. _____ WAGGONER

10    Mary BAUER m. _____ STEFFY had one daughter un-named.         

		Pennsylvania records

	BAUER, John 6 Apr 1753 Pa. - 27 Feb 1791 DAR Catharina d/o Johan Simon & 

	Louisa (DIETZ) HELLER 4 Mar bpt. 13 May 1759

      i:   Elizabeth BAUER     16 Jun 1780

     ii:   Catharine BAUER     24 Dec 1781

    iii:   John BAUER          30 Jan 1784

     iv:   Susanna BAUER        5 May 1786

      v:   Maria BAUER         20 Aug 1788

     vi:   Daniel BAUER         8 Aug 1791


	BAUER, Dietrich (DEITER) & Catharine d/o George PFIEFFER   

      Dietrich BOWER                     - 15 Apr 1826 77yrs

      Catharina Elisabeth PFIEFFER       -  9 Jul 1818 73yrs 6mo 16da

      i:   John Jacob BAUER    11 Jan 1777

     ii:   Abraham BAUER       28 Nov 1778

    iii:   Elisabeth BAUER      l Oct 1780

     iv:   Abraham BAUER       11 Feb 1783

      v:   Fredrick BAUER       5 Jul 1785

     vi:   Georg BAUER         16 Mar 1788


            BAUER, Diel & Maria Eva  (Is this really Tillman? see below)

           Diel possibly s/o Dielman & Elizabeth (SMITH) BAUER 

              Dielman BAUER, Sr. 1718/9 Germany - ca 1796 Pa.  DAR

       i:   Johann Adam BAUER   29 Sep bpt. 4 Oct 1772 -  m. Rosina YOUNG

           sponsors: John & Catharina SCHAFER (Hamilton Union)

     ii:   Johann Georg BAUER   5 Feb bpt. 19 Feb 1775   m. Elizabeth HAUSER 

           sponsors: Joh. Georg and Maria Elisabeth SCHAFER 

    iii:   Anna Cathrina BAUER 20 Aug bpt. 7 Sep 1777    m. Melchior CONRAD

           sponsors: Joh. Geo. and Maria Elisabeth SCHAFER 

     iv:   Elisabetha BAUER     9 Mar 1780               m. Andrew KELLER

      v:   Susanna BAUER       15 Dec 1782                  died young?

     vi:   Susanna BAUER       11 Aug 1786               m. Palmer BAKER


                       Marriages by Frederich Hermann

	Daniel BAUER to Catharine MICHAEL                        19 Aug 1810

	Frederick BAUER to Susanna HOHENCHILD                     4 Jun 1809

	John BAUER to Fronica HAHN                                4 Apr 1805


            Evangelical United Congregations of Milton and Scipio

                 Lansing Township, Tompkins County, New York

      Tillman BAUER 1744 Germany - 29 Aug 1810 N.Y. 66yrs DAR

      Maria Eva                  - 22 Dec 1815 both buried German Cem.


           BAUER, Honteeter & Susanna TEETER   

      Honteeter, son of Tillman & Maria Eva (-) BAUER/BOWER 

      Susanna, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth (BEIDELMAN) TEETER 

      Honteeter BOWER                 ca 1769 - 21 Dec 1843  74yrs 

      Susanna (TEETER) BOWER          ca 1774 - 27 Sep 1812  38yrs 

		buried East Lansing Cemetery

	*     i:   Henry BAUER            15 Feb 1796 -

	*    ii:   John BAUER              4 Nov 1797 -

	*   iii:   Joseph BAUER            9 Dec 1799 -

           sponsors: Joseph Mayer and wife Eva

	*    iv:   Jesse BAUER m. Catharine --

                 twins             5 Nov 1801 -

	      v:   Josias BAUER (Josiah?)  not mentioned in Dower

           sponsors: Tillman BAUER and wife Maria Eva

     	      vi:   David BAUER             4 Sep 1803 - not mentioned in Dower

           sponsors: John BAUER and wife Rosina

	 *   vii:   Abraham BAUER           5 Nov 1805 -

           sponsors: Tillman and Maria E. BAUER

	 *  viii:   Elizabeth BAUER        22 Feb 1808 -          

           sponsors: Tillman and Maria E. BAUER

	m. Esbon LYON of Genoa, N.Y. 1845

	*    ix:   Isaac BAUER            31 Oct 1810 -

           sponsors: John and Rosina BAUER

	*     x:   Eva BAUER                 -  2 Aug 1865 52yrs 

	   m. John R. MILLER  buried N. Lansing.

                twins             12 Sep 1812 -

	*    xi:   Tillman BAUER                             

           sponsors: Maria Eva BAUER, the grandmother

    children of 2nd wife Elizabeth BROAK (ed.note: prob. wd/o Wm. BROAK)

	*   xii:   Maria BAUER            27 Sep 1825 sic (she is listed first!)            

	*  xiii:   Susanna BAUER          27 Mar 1815 -    

           sponsors: Adam BAUER and wife (Sarah CONRAD?)

	m. John N. HAMILTON

     xiv:   Sarah BAUER             5 May 1819 -  not mentioned in Dower

Dower 2:62 - 71 Elizabeth wd/o Honteeter 11 March 1845.  Ruth, Luther, Caroline, Harriet and David BOWER. minors under 21


           BAUER, George & Elizabeth HAUSER   

      George, son of Tillman & Maria Eva (-) BAUER/BOWER

      Elizabeth, daughter of prob. Henry & Margaretha (HELLER) HAUSER

      George BOWER           5 Feb 1775 Pa. - 14 Apr 1843 68yrs 2mo 9da 

      Elizabeth w/o                         - 13 Jan 1857 78yrs 7mo 21da 

                 bur. East Lansing Cemetery 

      i:   Catharine BOWER                    - 1 Jan 1836 35yrs7mo29da

     ii:   Jacob BAUER       bpt. 27 May 1804 -  not named in intestate

           sponsors: Tillman and Eva Maria BAUER  

    iii:   James BAUER            29 Feb 1804 - 23 Sep 1838 34yrs2mo24da

     iv:   Elizabeth BAUER        29 Sep 1806 -  not named in intestate

      v:   Henry (H.) BAUER       27 Jun 1809 - 6 Apr 1832  22yrs9mo9da

#    vi:   Washington BAUER       27 Feb 1812 -   not named in intestate

           sponsors: George GERHARD and wife  (Joanna DUBBER)  

#*  vii:   Anna BAUER              4 Feb 1814 -  

           sponsors: George BOSSARD and wife

m. Jabez FULLER of Hinsdale, Cattargus County, New York

#* viii:   Mariatte BAUER          2 May 1816 -  

           sponsors: John ADAM and wife               

m. Daniel Lucius s/o Daniel and Anna (STRONG) BACON

#*   ix:   Sally BAUER            29 Jul 1818 -          

m. Nathan WAKELY of Genoa, Cayuga Co. New York

#*    x:   Tillman                            - by 1 Jan 1851

     owned land part of lot 65 in Milton granted by Jeremiah VANRESSELAER

20 April 1797 pt of lot 66 deeded by Adam BOWER 29 May 1807 from Tilman 

BOWER to George BOWER Dower 2:16 - 25 3 July 1843 but also intestate 

petition 1 Jan 1851  * named in intestate      # named in Dower all bur. 

E. Lansing Cem. Edson A. CONKLIN, of Geneva, Olive Jane BOWER of Geneva, Ann Maria 

(nee CONKLIN) Dimmick w/o of Warren of Geneva, Marcus M. BOWER of Milan, 

Cayuga County, Sarah (nee CONKLIN) w/o Jesse MILLER of Maine, Broome 

County, Emily (nee CONKLIN) w/o James GREEN of Geneva, John and Ann 

CONKLIN of Lansing, George KELLY of Ohio, George and Marcus BOWER 

(all minors under 21 in 1843.) Marcus M. BOWER sold his rights to Daniel L. 

BACON.  (possibly ch/o dec'd daughter Elizabeth.  Did she marry Gilbert 



                  Child of Elias BAUER

      i:   Amanda BAUER            1 Jul 1811 -


                  Children of David/Daniel BAUER  

	(did he marry Catharine Michael 19 Aug 1810? York County, Pa.)

      i:   ______ BAUER           18 Jul 1814 -

     ii:   John BAUER              1 Dec 1816 -


           BAUER, Henry and (Juli) Anna BLOOM        

      Henry, son of Honteeter and Susanna (TEETER) BAUER

      Anna, daughter of Abraham and Mary (LABAR) BLOOM

	m. 21 April 1821 in Ithaca Julianna BLOOM (TC Ch.Rec.Jean Worden pg 148)

       i:   Susanna BAUER          17 Jan 1822 -

     ii:   Edward BAUER            7 Jul 1823 -

    iii:   Enson BAUER             8 Dec 1824 - (Anson) 

     iv:   Margareth BAUER        27 Jun 1827 -

      v:   Abraham BAUER          16 May 1829 -

     vi:   Milton BAUER           22 Jan 1831 -

      All sponsored by Honteeter and Elizabeth (-) BAUER


           BAUER, Jacob and Anna Fried       

      Jacob, son of Johan Nicholas BAUER - Anna, daughter of Peter FRIED

	m.* Sophia Anna d/o Peter FRIED 14 Dec 1790 Falckner Swamp Ref.Ch.

	Montgomery County,Pa.

      Jacob BOWER              - 29 Mar 1854 86yrs Estabrook Cem.Newfield

      Sophia Anna (FRIED) BOWER- 27 Apr 1856 80yrs 2mo  ibid

      i:   Joseph BAUER           28 Oct 1802 -

           bapt. at home of Jacob BAUER, 4 miles below Lavanna, Cayuga 

	County, New York


           BAUER, Jesse and Catharine (-)      

      Jesse, son of Honteeter and Susanna (TEETER) BAUER

      Catharine, daughter of 

      Jesse BOWER                  - 24 Jan 1870  68yrs b. ca 1802  

      Catharine w/o Jesse BOWER    - 22 Jan 1885  78yrs b. ca 1807 

	buried German Cem.

      i:   Maria Christina BAUER   9 Mar 1826 -

     ii:   Matilda BAUER           9 Oct 1830 -

           sponsors for both girls: Peter and Maria MILLER  

    iii:   Honteeter BAUER        19 Feb 1832 -

           sponsors: Honteeter and Elizabeth (wd/o Wm. BROAK) BAUER

     iv:   Catharine BAUER         7 Apr 1841 -

      v:   Susanna BOWER                      - 30 May 1863 28yrs       

	m. S.O. RHODES she is buried German Cemetery


           BAUER, John and Maria Kline         

      i:   John BAUER(Jr.)        27 Oct 1800 -      

     ii:   Frank BAUER             8 Dec 1802 -

           both bapt. at home of Jacob BAUER, 4 miles below Lavanna, Cayuga Co.


           BAUER, John Adam and Sarah CONRAD         

      John Adam, son of Tillman and Maria Eva       

      Sarah, daughter of Peter and Veronica (HELLER) CONRAD  

      John Adam BOWER              -  3 Apr 1847 76yrs 6mo 1da 

      Sarah (CONRAD)BOWER          - 30 Jun 1861 78yrs named in intestate. 

buried N. Lansing Cemetery

*     i:   Jacob BAUER            22 Dec 1799 - of Cuba, N.Y. 1855

*    ii:   Veronica BAUER         12 Sep 1801 - called Fanny

m. Effingham TOWNLEY 

*   iii:   Susanna BAUER          17 Jun 1803 - by 1855

m. Darius POTTER of Ill. left children un-named

     iv:   John George BAUER       5 Jan 1805 -    not named in intestate

           sponsors: Tillman BAUER and wife

*     v:   Andrew BAUER           15 Aug 1807 - 1869  bur. N. Lansing   

m. Catharine -                                - 25 Nov 1851 39s 2mo 8da 

 *    vi:   Peter BAUER            25 Nov 1809 - 26 Feb 1877 67yrs       

           sponsors: Peter and Marg.(CONRAD) SNYDER             

m. 1st:  Mary Ann, w/o Peter                  - 10 Jul 1835 26yrs11mo26da

m. 2nd:  Lucinda  w/o Peter                   - 27 Mar 1854 46yrs9mo7da

*   vii:   Joseph BAUER           10 Nov 1811 - 19 Oct 1883 72yrs

m. Prudence ---                               - 18 Sep 1891 78yr        

*  viii:   Elizabeth BAUER                date not readable

m. William GIBBS of Brandon, Michigan 1855

     ix:   Adam BAUER               4 Dec 1813 (this child seem to

belong to this family.  His father only listed as John without a wife,

but not named in intestate

*     x:   Simon BAUER             24 Mar 1816 - of Cuba, N.Y. 1855

           sponsors: George BAUER and wife (Elizabeth HAUSER?) 

m.  Sally d/o William DEARMAN (t.s.)

*    xi:   Charles BAUER          16 Aug 1817 -

           sponsors: Carl HAUSER and wife

     xi:   Lydia Ann BAUER        26 Sep 1823 - 30 Sep 1855   

           sponsors: Peter and Lydia SCHAFER

*   xii:   Daniel BAUER           18 Nov 1825 - 28 Sep 1850 

m. Caroline LOBDELL                      1826 - 1918           

all buried North Lansing Cemetery

* indicates named in Lydia's intestate. She died unmarried.


           BAUER, John s/o Tillman and Maria Eva          

m. 20 Feb 1787 Rosina (d/o Henry JUNG/YOUNG) BAUER by Fredrick


      John BOWER                - 23 Oct 1844 79yrs German Cem. 

      Rosina Young BOWER        - 10 Feb 1861 intestate of Lansing

*     i:   Maria Cathrina BAUER   30 Aug 1787 - by 1861

m. ____ SAYLOR left: Samuel SAYLOR of Enfield, John, and William of Ill.,

and 4 daus. names unk.  

*    ii:   Anna Maria BAUER        7 Dec 1788 - by 1861

*   iii:   Johan Dieter BAUER     23 Jan bpt. 27 Mar 1791 called Honteeter

           sponsors: Diel BAUER and Maria JUNG

     iv:   Daniel BAUER           12 Apr bpt. 30 Jun 1793             

           sponsors: John and Maria Catharina (BUSCH) WILLIAMS 

*     v:   Susanna BAUER           5 Apr bpt. 17 May 1795 

           sponsors: Adam BAUER and Susanna JUNG both single

m. David SAUSMAN of left: Andrew, William and John res. unk.,   

*    vi:   Sarah BAUER             3 Mar bpt.  1 Apr 1797 -

           sponsors: Peter and Margaretha (CONRAD) SCHNIEDER

m.  Thomas COLBURN 

*   vii:   Johannes BAUER         20 Jan bpt 25 Mar 1799                

           sponsors: Johann and Sara ERDMANN 

died 21 Jan 1887 88yrs buried German Cemetery.

*  viii:   Joanna BAUER            4 Dec 1802 -  born Tompkins Co.   

           baptized home of Tillman BAUER sponsors: Maria Eva BAUER

*    ix:   Amos BAUER                         -  1 Oct 1855 49yrs 

m. Eliza w/o Amos _____                           -  5 Jun 1901 93yrs    

left 2daus unnamed.

*     x:   Elizabeth called Betsey BAUER      - by 1861 

w/o William HAMILTON left: Hester w/o K/B BOWER of Allegany Co.N.Y, 

Talman and Joseph HAMILTON of Wisc. Did Tilman get changed to Talman? 

            BAUER, Joseph and Maria PECK           

      Joseph, son of Honteeter and Susanna (TEETER) BAUER

      Maria, daughter of Philip and Mary (LABAR) PECK

      Joseph W.                               - 17 Sep 1861 intestate

      Maria, called Mary

*     i:   Lucinda BAUER          11 Mar 1814  (1824?)

m. Joseph KRATZER of Genoa, NY. 

*    ii:   Velinda BAUER          23 Mar 1825 - called Philinda

w/o Lewis DECAMP of Dryden

*   iii:   George Washington BAUER 7 Feb 1827 - bapt. minor 1861.

*    iv:   Maria BAUER            14 Mar 1827 -

w/o Rufus J. DRAKE of Lansing 

*     v:   Elizabeth BAUER         2 Jul 1830 -

m. Ferdinand SPERRY (dec'd 1861 left:Era and Alvah Sperry minors of 


*    vi:   Veronica BAUER         12 Jan 1833 - called Fanny

w/o Wesley BLOOM of Lansing

            all sponsored by Honteeter and Elizabeth (BROAK) BAUER

*   vii:   Calvin D. BAUER                                 minor 1861.

* named in intestate


           BAUER, Jacob and Gertraudt (-)       

      i:   Anna Maria BAUER     6 Mar 1793

     ii:   Johannes BAUER      22 Aug 1794

    iii:   Susanna BAUER       29 Oct 1798


           BAUER, Simon and Susanna (-)      

      i:   Peter BAUER         27 Apr bpt 27 May 1798 

           sponsors:  Andreas and Elis. KELLER 


Intestates of Tompkins County, New York DAR printed 1966

DAVIS, Isaac of Lansing died 30 November 1856 probate 5 February 1857.

widow: Sally (see John Osmun)

sons: William 

daus: Louisa w/o Horatio BOWER, Margaret w/o Jackson OSBORN, and Almira 

DAVIS 17yrs.

MANNING, Daniel V. of Lansing died 17 March 1870 

Brothers: John dec'd left: Lydia MORRIS, Richard MANNING, Elizabeth 

SCHUYLER of Ithaca Van MANNING of Beaver Dam, N.Y., Stanley MANNING.  

only living sisters: Lydia ERVEY and Eliza RELYEA of Broome Co., 

sister: Sarah BROWN dec'd left: Richard, Lydia, Rachel and Samuel BROWN all of

Lansing. Lavina MANNING and Sarah BOWER of Lansing. 

sister: Amanda LEBAR dec'd w/o Elijah left: Caleb and Richard LABAR Joanna


gr. nephews: David and John VANETTEN  

(also listed are the following ) Lydia MORRIS of Danby, Sally HASBROOK of

Ithaca and Rachel Ann CHAMBERLAIN of Michigan.

                            BOWER Tombstones

                          North Lansing Cemetery 

		George                           1831-1902  

		Sally SHAFFER, his wife   1829-1903 

		Burd                             1872-nnd


Liber 12:307 Queens County, New York 

BLOM, Barent of Flushing, yeoman

dated: 26 Aug 1726        codicil: 3 Apr 1733         proved: 29 Mar 1735 

wf: Fametti BLOM, use of houses and lands in Flushing as long as she re-

mains my widow.  If she remarries she is to have f100. 

sons: John, Abraham, George, Jacob and Gerrit (John died between will and  

codicil without issue.) 

daus: none mentioned 

gr.sons: Gerritt, John, Abraham, George and Isaac my house and lands in 

Orange County.  Also houses and lands in Flushing after death of my wife. 

wit: Gabriel LUFF, Edward ONES, Adam LAWRENCE, Joseph LUFF 

wit to codicil: Cornelius HOOGLAND, Ellert HOOGLAND, Joseph SMITH 

ex: sons and wife (he accquired land in Jamaica, Queens Co. and Flat Bush,  

Kings County.)  

This is not to say that this man has anything to do with the Pennsylvania  

BLOOM Families.  But many families went to Pa. out of New York and 

Ephraim was born in Pennsylvania.  His parents came from somewhere,



      Ephraim BLUM (now BLOOM) 13 November 1728 - 17 November 1828 104

yrs 4 da. (buried Tompkins Co. DAR and obit) 

      We know that Ephraim BLOOM paid tax in Lower Smithfield,

Northampton Co., now Monroe County, Pa. in 1785 on 30 acres of land, 2

horses, and 3 head of cattle in the amount of f15.5.0


      Ephraim and Catharina (-) BLUM taken from Forks of the Delaware: 

2     i:  Maria (possibly?)                               

m. Egbert Kraims? 

3    ii:  Abraham BLUM                1762 - 1839             

m. Mary d/o Charles and Margaretha (BLUM) LABAR 

4   iii:  Margaretha BLUM      23 Aug 1766 -             

m. Charles s/o William and Elisabeth (LONG) LABAR 

5    iv:  John Henry BLUM      23 Jan 1768 - 11 Sep 1818 51yrs

m. Christina d/o Jacob and Catharine (RICE) Teeter. 

6     v:  Elisabeth BLUM       14 Sep 1769 -             

m. William s/o William and Elisabeth (LONG) LABAR  

7    vi:  Sarah BLUM                        

m. Philip s/o William and Elisabeth (LONG) LABAR

      We also know that Ephraim BLOOM was a sponsor for Ephraim s/o

Egbert and Maria KRAIMS 4 May bpt. 6 Oct 1782 Hamilton Union Ref. Ch.

Northampton Co., Pa. and for the children of his sons in Evangelical United Cong.  

The above marriages are from Evangelical United Congregations of Milton and Scipio, 

Lansing Township, Tompkins County, NY. (DAR vol 33 pg 105-6) Maria was probably 

their daughter and possibly their first born.

      According to DAR Records Ephraim married second Elizabeth (LONG)

but it must have been after 3 Mar 1800 when he and Catharine were

sponsors for  Abraham and Margaret (LABAR) BLOOM's children and sometime

after 10 Oct 1800 since that is when her husband William LABAR died.



      Who is Daniel BLUM with wife Maria Northampton Co. Pa. (or David)

      1749 - 5 May 1819 DAR.  Are he and Ephraim brothers? 

      Joh. Martin BLUM         1 Feb 1776        

      Elisabetha BLUM          9 Jul 1780

      Margaretha BLUM         30 Jun 1786

      Cathrina BLUM           19 Jan 1794


      Blum, Johannes and Maria (maybe Abraham lst name?)Anna Maria, are

they all the same people?  If so, she is Maria, called Mary d/o Charles

and Margaret (BLOOM) LABAR) 

      i:  John BLUM            16 Aug 1786 -

     ii:  John Henry BLUM      30 Oct 1787 -

    iii:  Elias BLUM           10 Mar 1788 -

     iv:  Philip BLUM           4 Jan 1790 -

      v:  John George BLUM     26 Aug 1791 -

     vi:  Susanna BLUM         14 Jun 1795 -


      BLOOM, Abraham, of Lansing died 16 August 1839 age 77yrs buried

Asbury M.E. Ch. Cemetery, Lansing, Tompkins County, NY.  Soldier War of 1812. called 

Capt. on tombstone. s/o Ephraim and Catharine (-) BLOOM.

dated: ?  - proved: ?

wife: none given (Maria d/o Charles and Margaret (BLOOM) LABAR-LAVAR

given in  baptismal records named Margaret on tombstone died 10 October 1829 62yrs.)  


      Ephraim 3 Mar bpt. 12 Apr 1789 -  3 May 1865  intestate

      sponsors: grandparents Upper Mt.Bethel Lut. & Ref. 

	m. Ann ----- 24 Oct 1872  intestate

      	Charles                        -  

      	Henry                          -                                  

      	John? George       20 May 1798 -    

      sponsors: Henry & Elizabeth TEETER

      	Abraham             3 Mar 1800 -    

      sponsors: Ephraim & Catharine BLOOM                            




	m. Samuel s/o Capt. Walter BROWN 


      	Julia Anna         15 Dec 1801 -     

	m. 21 April 1821 in Ithaca, Henry s/o Honteeter & Susanna(TEETER)BOWER

      	Christina          20 Sep 1803 -

      	Elisabeth          m. Capt. John HOLLISTER 

      	Lucinda            m. John TEETER   

      un-named BLUM       6 Dec 1790 bpt. 9 Jan 1791 -    

      sponsors: Margaret LAWAR grandmother. 

Upper Mt. Bethel Lut. and Ref. Ch. 

four children 1800 - 1803  baptized at home of Henry TEETER.  


Dower Book :130-135 and 145-151 12 Dec 1835 

BLOOM, Catherine wd/o Abraham BLOOM late of Lansing.  

Abraham died 13 April 1834 age 31yrs. buried Asbury M. E.Ch. Cemetery 

Mary, Simeon, Henry, George, Ephraim, Abraham and Lucinda w/o John TEETER  

special guardian: Jacob E. BOGARDUS land bounded East by Libertyville, 

South  by John BLOOM, West by Cayuga lake and North by Ephraim LABAR. 

Land deeded to  Abraham BLOOM by Isaac SMITH.            


intestate Tompkins County, N.Y. 

BLOOM, Ephraim of Lansing, died 3 May 1865 (FC 1850 60yrs b. Pa. pg 188)

Widow: Ann (adm. contested) b. Ct.  died intestate see pg 99

Sons: John, of Cayaga County, N.Y., Julius of Dryden and Wesley of 

Lansing.   (his son Henry died 15 June 1864 probate 4 March 1867. 

Daus: Catherine w/o (Charles) ROWE and Caroline w/o (William) ROWE both 

of Dryden. Ellie and Maria BLOOM both under 14yrs. (wd/o Henry - Lucinda lived in

Dryden. Ella May 8yrs and Marian L. 6yrs at date of Probate)

ROWE, Charles H. died in Kansas 28 November 1858. 

Father: William ROWE

brother: George

whole sisters: Mary Ann w/o Anson GROVER, Catherine and Harriet ROWE

 sisters: Mary w/o Samuel DOVE of Tioga County, and Elizabeth w/o Charles



      BLOOM, Henry of Lansing died 11 September 1818  51yrs, called

General Henry BLOOM on tombstone, he was s/o Ephraim K. and Catharine

(-) BLOOM.  

      John Henry BLUM                23 Jan bpt. 13 Mar 1768 

          Sponsors: Henry SCHNEIDER   (lst Ref. Ch. of Easton, Pa.) 

m. lst: Catharine d/o Wm. GOODWIN      - 17 Nov 1794 18yrs 2mo 

m. 2nd: Christina d/o Jacob and Catharine (RICE) TEETER. - 7 Mar 1843.  

66yrs 5mo 7da all buried Asbury M. E. Church Cemetery.  

    The son of his first marriage William Teeter BLOOM died War of 1812.

    John, his son by his second wife, also died in War of 1812. 

      i: William Henry BLOOM              - 1812  

*#   ii: John BLOOM           25 Mar 1801 -              

m. Eliza -(1805-1841) 

*#  iii: Abraham BLOOM  end of Jan 1802 - 12 Apr 1834 age 31 yrs bur. Asbury       

John and Abraham baptized at home of Henry BLOOM. 

*#  iv: George Washington BLOOM           of Ohio 12 July 1865

     v: Jefferson BLOOM                   - 12 Jul 1865   intestate d.s.p.

m. Fanny M. -- 

*#  vi: Julianerd BLOOM                   - by 12 July 1865 

m. John s/o Henry and Wynche (SLY) TEETER see Teeter 

*# vii: Catharine BLOOM                   

m. Freeman s/o Pufers DRAKE of Calhoun County, Michigan as of 12 July 1865. 

*#viii: Frances BLOOM                     

m. Thomas MEAD of Calhoun County, Michigan as of 12 July 1865. 

*#  ix: Parmelia BLOOM                   - 12 Jul 1865 

m. David s/o Jacob P. TEETER see Teeter *

# mentioned in Jefferson's intestate as dec'd left dau Mary BLOOM 

see Teeter Families for Teeter children.  


    Marriages and Death Notices from Tompkins Co. NY Newspapers Mary

Smith Jackson, Macedon NY 1993.

2     Dorphene BLOOM of Lansing,NY (d/o George)            Dryden,NY

      George W. DRAKE of Lansing, NY                       31 Dec 1862 

115   Lewis E. BLOOM of Lansing, NY                        Lansing, NY

      Erminda BUSH of Lansing, NY                          8 Feb 1865 

134   Addie BLOOM of Ithaca, NY                            Ithaca,NY 

      John VANHOUTEN of Ithaca, NY                         5 Dec 1869

      Mary M. d/o Charles BLOOM of Dryden,NY   33yr b. W. Dryden, NY

      Aaron B. HOGAN of Salterville, NY        36yr b. Caroline  

	m. 20/26 Sep 1871 at brides home by Rev. Charles TYLER 

155   J. Sidney BLOOM of W. Dryden, NY                     Ithaca,NY

      Lydia B. HARRIS of Owego, NY                         28 Mar 1873 

156   Mary J. BLOOM of Ithaca, NY                          Ithaca, NY

      Sylvanus BROWN of Ithaca, NY                         27 Apr 1873

*     Fanny BOWER d/o Joseph W. & Maria PECK see Bauer    by 17 Sep 1861

E     Wesley s/o Ephraim BLOOM                       

      John W. BLOOM*      

	Ellen D. d/o Henry KNETTLES of Lansing     	by 15 Apr 1875

309   Simeon BLOOM 65 (died) in Lansing, NY                1 Oct 1872

331   Col. BLOOM 75 (died) in Lansing, NY                 31 Jul 1878

*  her father's intestate.

E Dower of Ann and intestate of Ephraim BLOOM

     Bible records of Gertrude (PHINNEY) CONANT Trumansburg, N.Y. Phebe

Ann BLOOM d/o Abram and Eunice A. (ENGLISH) BLOOM 23 May 1837 Lansing,

Tompkins County, no death date buried Asbury M.E. Church Cemetery. no

t.s. married bef 1860 Alden, s/o Charles Alden PHINNEY who was born in

Cayuga County 8 April 1832 and raised by Eliza HEDDON, a supposed aunt

of his.   Alden died 2 February 1913/5 also buried at Asbury.


       Johann Melchior, probably son of Johan Philip and Eva Catharina (-)

BOSSART born 8 December 1745 in Pennsylvania and died in Northampton, now

Monroe County, Pennsylvania 9 February 1830. He married there first, 

Margaretha Catharina, who died after 4th of May 1794 in Hamilton Township, 

Northampton County, Pennsylvania.  

      After the death of Margaretha, Melchior married Veronica, called

Fronica (HELLER) CONRAD, the widow of Peter CONRAD.  They 

married sometime after the birth of granddaughter Fronica Merwin and before the 

birth of their son, Melchior.  (see church records for Peter Conrad) 

      Melchior, a Revolutionary War Soldier, paid taxes in 1772 on 300 

acres of land, owned 3 horses and 5 head of cattle and his proprietary 

tax was f2. 0. 4 shillings. (DAR)

      The probable children of Johan Philip and Eva Catharina BOSSART

family would probably consist of Melchior, Henrich, Michael (who was the

"overseer"  of J. Simon HELLER's will in 1797 and was the guardian in

Christopher KELLER's will 1795.) and Christina w/o Christopher KELLER.

and probably others.  If we followed them as sponsors in the churches in

Norhampton County, we could piece their family together.  

      i:  Christina BOSSART         15 Sep bpt. 21 Sep 1769 - 

          sponsors: Christopher and Christina (POSSERT) KELLER

	m. Anthony HELLER

     ii:  Eva Catharina BOSSERT     27 Mar bpt. 29 Mar 1771 - 

          sponsors: Philip and Eva Catharina (-) BOSSERT

    iii:  Johann Georg BOSSARD       8 Aug bpt. 9 Aug 1772 - died young 

          sponsors: Johann Georg and Anna Margaretha (-) HUTMACHER

     iv:  Johann Philip BOSSART     

          sponsors: Joh. Philip and Eva Catharina (-) BOSSERT

                 twins              23 Jan bpt. 23 Jan 1774

	m. Maria HELLER or KELLER

      v:  Christopher BOSSART 

          sponsors: Christopher and Margaretha (-) KELLER 

      v:  Elisabetha BOSSARD        24 Jan bpt. 26 Feb 1776 -

          sponsors: Peter and Veronica (HELLER) CONRAD

     vi:  Johann Melchior BOSSARD   19 Feb bpt 22 Feb 1779 poss d.young

          sponsors: Jacob and Christina (-) STERNER

    vii:  Johann Georg BOSSARD      22 Dec 1779 bpt.27 Mar 1780 -

          sponsors: Johan Georg ROTH and Susanna CONRAD

	m. Elizabeth ROTH

   viii:  Andreas (Andrew) BOSSARD   14 Feb bpt. 3 Mar 1782 - 

          sponsors: Lorentz and Catharina GUNKEL (Kunkel?)

     ix:  Margaretha Catharina BOSSARD 22 Apr bpt 7 May 1786 -

           sponsors: Simon HELLER and Margaretha Catharina RAMSTEIN 

              (pro. w/o Nicholas RAMSTEIN)

      Child of Veronica (Heller-Conrad) BOSSART:

      x:  Melchior BOSSART          28 Feb bpt 27 Apr 1800 - 

          sponsors: Benjamin and Elizabeth SEINS (Kinds-)


                          HINRICH POSSERT FAMILY

      Hinrich POSSERT, now BOSSART or BUZZARD was born in 

Germany ca 1740 and was probably the brother of Melchior.  He married Anna Catharina, 

whose last name is unknown.

       i:  Anna Elisabeth POSSERT   12 Dec bpt 23 Dec 1764 -

           sponsors: Michael and Elisabeth RAUB

      ii:  Philip Jacob POSSERT     26 Sep bpt  8 Oct 1765 -

           Philip and Eva Catharina POSSERT                                  

     iii:  Johann Valentin POSSERT   5 Apr bpt 23 May 1769 -

           sponsors: Valentin Meckes and Christina POSSERT 

      iv:  Johann Georg POSSERT      11 Mar bpt 12 Apr 1771 -

           sponsors: Valentin MEEKES and Elisabeth BERLIEBEN


       v:  Johann Melcher POSSERT   11 Apr bpt 19 Apr 1772 -

           sponsors: Johannes and Margaretha Catharina MELCHER

      vi:  Hinrich POSSERT          16 Jul bpt 7 Aug 1774 -

           sponsors: Henrich WEISS and Margaretha BRINKER both single   

     vii:  Anna Catharina POSSERT    4 Jun bpt 15 Jun 1777 -

           sponsors: Johan HELLER and Maria Salome STERNER both single  

    viii:  Georg Friedrich POSSERT  27 Feb bpt probably 1779 -

           sponsors: Georg and Maria Salome HAUER 

      ix:  Anna Christina POSSERT   25 Aug bpt 2 Sep 1781 -

           sponsors: Jacob and Christina STERNER


Cayuga County, New York Surrogates Office, Auburn, New York.

BOSSART, Philip of Genoa died intestate 6 April 1810 age 37/39 yrs. 

thought to be s/o Johan Melchior and Margaretha (Keller) BOSSART buried 

German Cem. near Lansingville, Tompkins Co.,New York 

Wife: none mentioned (m. Maria HELLER thought to be KELLER pro. d/o 


proved: 8 June 1810

Sons: Melekiah, John and Joseph  

Dau: Susannah (all children minors.)

guardian: Christopher JOHNSON 

adm: Melekiah CONRAD

(Joseph b. 5 February 1804 Cattaragus County, New York see John Osmun 


                      Evangelical United Congregations


            BOSSARD, Philip and Maria HELLER  

	John BOSSARD         3 Sep 1802 -

       	Susanna BOSSARD      5 May 1808 -

       	Margaret BOSSARD    10 Apr 1810 -

       	sponsors: George BOSSARD and wife


            BOSSARD, George and Elizabeth RHODES  

       Sally BOSSARD      29 Mar 1818 -

       sponsors: Sarah, wife of Jno Adam BAUER 

       Simon BOSSARD      14 Sep 1820 -

       Veronica BOSSARD   19 Jun 1823 bapt. -

       sponsors: Carl and Catharine (LARN) HAUSER  

       Elizabeth Jennie BOSSARD  14 Apr 1825 -

       sponsors: Peter and Lydia SCHAFER

       Enson BOSSARD       3 Apr 1827 - no mother named


            BOSSARD, John 

       Louisa BOSSARD       1 Aug 1816

       sponsors: John Adam Bauer and wife 


      Philip and Susan (Fenner) BOSSART (BUZZARD) were neighbors to

Fanny (STAPLES) OSMUN's brother George in the 1860's in Groveland,

Oakland County, Michigan. see Israel Osmun


Intestate of Tompkins County, New York DAR printed 1966

MILLAGE, John of Newfield died 7 March 1872 probate 15 March 1872

Mother: Catharine 

brothers: Oliver and Jacob

sisters: Rachel (note w/o Roswell) BUZZARD and Lovica EVERHARD

Roswell and Rachel m. ca 1852 FC pg 333  


                          Which Wood Burns Best?

                  Beech wood fires are bright and clear

                       If the logs are kept a year.

                  Chestnut's only good, they say,

                       If for long it's laid away.

                  Birch and fir logs burn too fast,

                       Blaze up bright and do not last.

                  Elm wood burns like a churchyard mould;

                       E'en the very flames are cold.

                  Poplar gives a bitter smoke,

                       Fills your eyes and makes you choke

                  Apple wood will scent your room

                       With an incense like perfume.

                  Oak and maple, if dry and old,

                       Keep away the winter cold.

                  But ash wood wet and ash wood dry,

                       A King shall warm his slippers by.


Something our ancestors already knew.   


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