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* indicates signed with X proved = probated daus: = daughters
d/o = daughter of s/o = son of w/o = wife of grandchildren wd/o = widow of wit: = witnesses
ex: = executor(s) ch/o = child(ren) of * = ERRATA
hus: = husband d.s.p. = died without issue (sic) = as written
t.s = tombstone ibid = same as above g = guardian
c = counsel unm = unmarried (c) = calculated


Northampton County, Pa. born 12 October 1743 in Europe - 10 June 1795 

KELLER, Christopher of Hamilton yeoman   DAR

dated: 27 May 1795 - proved: 5 August 1795

wife: Christina (POSSERT now BUZZARD pro. d/o Johan Philip and Eva


sons: George, Christopher and Andrew 

daus: Mary, Catharine w/o Michael BUTZ and Susanna  

mentions: lands of Peter CONRAD and Simon FRIES

guardian: Michael BOSSERT

wit: Matthias OTTO and John STOUT

ex: son George

      Parents of the following baptismals are Christopher and Margaretha

Catharine (-) KELLER in Hamilton Union Reform Ch. Easton, Pa.

      i:   Margaretha Catharine KELLER     6 Apr 1769 bpt 13 Apr 1770

           sponsors: Johan MELCHER and Margaretha (KELLER) BOSSERT

	m. before 1798 John OTT(o?)

     ii:   Christina KELLER               17 Mar bpt 22 Mar 1772

           sponsors: Georg and Margaretha (-) HARTLIEB

    iii:   John Philip KELLER              3 May bpt no entry 1776

           sponsors: Joh. Philip and Eva Catharina BOSSERT

	m. Margaret BERNDT                                                       

*    iv:   Andreas KELLER                 8 Aug bpt. 30 Aug 1779

           sponsors: Melcher and Margaretha (KELLER) BOSSART

	m. Elizabeth BAUER   

	ch. baptized in Evangelical United Congregations of Milton and Scipio.

           a: Sarah KELLER                  4 May 1803 baptized

           b: Tillman KELLER               27 Jan 1805

              sponsors: Tillman and Eva BAUER

           c: Elizabeth KELLER            17 May 1812

           d: Mariatte KELLER              1 Feb 1815

           e: Andrew A. KELLER            15 Jun 1817 baptized

              sponsors: George BOSSARD and wife

           f: Albert KELLER                 1 Nov 1822

	This may not be all their children.

*     v:   Maria KELLER                   15 Apr bpt 19 May 1782  

           sponsors: Johann and Maria SCHERPENTIER (CARPENTER?)

	Did she marry Philip s/o Melchior and Margaretha (KELLER) BOSSART? 

*    vi:   Susanna KELLER                   2 Aug bpt 29 Aug 1784

           sponsors: Johan and Susanna (?) HELLER

*   vii:   Christofhel KELLER             20 Jul bpt 21 Aug 1788

            sponsors: Henrich and Eva Butz

		m. Elizabeth ERDMAN in Pa. 

           a: Sara Ann KELLER       24 Aug 1822 in Hamilton Union Ref. 

           sponsors: Joseph and Sara ERDMANN

*  viii:   George KELLER

*    ix:   Catharine KELLER

	m. Michael s/o Michael and Elizabeth BUTZ

* named in father's will.  What happened to the first three children. 

Do they belong to this family or not? 

Was it Christopher KELLER's sister Catharine who married Rev. Anthony HOUTZ 

who was probably the mininster called John HOUTZ in the Evangelical United 

Congregations.  He died 2 April 1813 age 54yrs 7mo 28da.??  Buried Etna Cemetery, Dryden.  

His birthdate 5 August 1753. (c)  What became of his wife Catharine KELLER?  

What became of Christopher's wife Christina POSSERT/BOSSART/BUZZARD? Other than 

the church records in Milton and Scipio, this family left precious few traces in Tompkins 



Evangelical United Congregations of Milton and Scipio

                METZGAR, Jonas and Maria MERWIN  * had 15 ch

           Veronica        7 Aug bpt 28 Aug 1808 Hamilton Union

           sponsors: Melchior and Veronica (HELLER - CONRAD) BOSSERT

*          William        29 Jan 1821 -                   pg 179

		*m. 1849 Mary Ann - 19 Jan 1891 d/o Samuel NEWMAN

*          Andrew         17 May 1826 -                   pg 186

           sponsors: Peter and Margaret (CONRAD) SNYDER

		*m. Jan 1853 Harriet N. d/o Amasa & Susan Spooner ARMSTRONG  2 sons

           Henry         17 May 1828

           sponsors: Adam and Sarah (CONRAD) BAUER

*          Casper                                         pg  93

		*m. Esther d/o Samuel and Margaret Newman - 11 children

                METZGAR, John and Hannah

           Simon METZGAR        7 Mar 1828

           sponsors: Peter and Margaret (CONRAD) BAUER

                METZGAR, John and Sara

           Sara Anna METZGAR   24 Nov 1830

           sponsors: Adam and Sarah (CONRAD) BAUER


Intestate Tompins County, New York DAR printed 1966

METZGAR, Henry of Groton died 24 August 1874 Petition: 19 September 1874

Widow: Fanny

son: Willie N. 8yrs

daus: Cora 13yrs, Laura 4yrs and Ida May 4mo

* Family Sketches Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York

also see Christina TEETER intestate


In the Hamilton Union Reformed Church in Hamilton Twp. Northampton, now Monroe County, 

Pennsylvania the name METZGER was spelled METSKER.  The must have been 

related or close friends of the families that went to Tompkins Co. 

	Casper METZGER		13 Nov 1751 - 9 Feb 1837 born and died Pa. DAR

	Julianna Elizabeth BEST

     i: Catharina METZGER	30 Mar bpt. 16 Apr 1777

	  sponsors: Nicholas BEST and wife

    ii: Elisabeth METZGER	16 May bpt. 21 May 1778

        sponsors: John METZGER and wife

   iii: Nicholas METZGER	 4 Jan bpt. 26 Feb 1786

        sponsors: Joseph and Elisabeth FREY

    iv: Johannes METZGER	15 Jan bpt.  7 Mar 1790

        sponsors: Nicholas BEST and Margaretha CONRAD both single

     v: Casper METZGER	1 June bpt. 26 Mar 1792 - 3 Oct 1809 17yrs 8mo

                                                 26 da Hamilton Union Cem.

	  sponsors: Henrich & Margaretha (HELLER) HAUSER

    vi: Peter METZGER - 12 June bpt. 27 July 1794 m. Hanna (SOBER(Labar?)

	  sponsors: Christian and Anna HESS

   vii: Joseph METZGER - 11 Apr bpt. 24 June 1796

        sponsors: Johann and Louisa (CONRAD) SCHNEIDER

  viii: Jacob METZGER - 20 Jul bpt. 19 Aug 1798

        sponsors: Melchior and Veronica (HELLER-CONRAD) BOSSERT

    ix: Susanna METZGER - 16 Mar bpt. 27 Apr 1800

        sponsors: Johann HELLER and wife

Casper METZGER was no doubt related to George, Christian, Nicholas & Jonas 

METZGER.  And which METZGER girl married George HAUSER 12 January 1798??  

Baptismals for the first three children taken from Trinity Union Lutheran Reform Church 

Springfield Twp. Bucks County, PA all others taken from Hamilton Union Ref. Lutheran 

Co. Hamilton Twp., Northampton, now Monroe Co. Pa.

Most of the METZGER families in Tompkins County, New York in 1850 were born in PA.


Casper, s/o Jonas and Mary (MERWIN) METZGER b. Cayuga County, New York died 

Groton 23 Jan 1883, married Esther, d/o Samuel and Margaret NEWMAN, and who 

died in Feb 1873 had 11 children:

	i:  Serperta METZGER m. Henry SMITH

       ii:  Satira METZGER m. Matt H. STEVENS

      iii:  Amelia METZGER

       iv:  Newman METZGER

        v:  Margaret METZGER

       vi:  Almena METZGER m. King WILDMAN

      vii:  Miles METZGER

     viii:  Frank E. METZGER  5 Sep 1853 -

	m. 26 Oct 1875 Susie d/o Ira and Julia (OZMUN) WYCKOFF	

       ix:  Horton METZGER

        x:  Leo METZGER lived on homestead farm

       xi:  Flora METZGER  m. Hosea CURTIS

Tombstones North Lansing Cemetery

Penelope w/o John METZKER - 15 Oct 1865 56yrs 10mo 15da

Nancy w/o John METZKER - 12 Jan 1813 28yrs

John METZKER - 27 Jun 1857 46yrs


There were many families named MILLER in Tompkins County, New York and several came 

from Northampton County, Pennsylvania before 1800.  Because they interred married with the 

families, we are including their records in this book. 

           MILLER, Andrew and Hannah SNYDER   had 14 children:

      Andrew s/o Christian and Anna Maria (-)     Christian lived to 112 yrs 

      Hannah d/o Peter and Margaretha (CONRAD) SNYDER 

	Andrew MILLER                 	ca 1786 - 12 Feb 1866 81yrs5mo17da    

	Hannah w/o Andrew                 	ca 1794 - 14 Feb 1848 54yrs8mo15da    

      i:   Mary MILLER  - bef 1894

	m. Daniel LEARY of Genoa

     ii:   John MILLER

    iii:   Andrew MILLER

     iv:   Christian MILLER

      v:   Melcher MILLER

     vi:   Peter MILLER   1821 - Northampton Co. Pa 

	Louisa d/o Jacob D. & Susanna (BOWKER) ROSS 16 Oct 1832 -

    vii:   Simon MILLER

           sponsors: Michael and Sarah GRESS

                     twins    15 Jun 1823 -

   viii:   Hannah MILLER   

           sponsors: John Adam and Sarah (CONRAD)BAUER

	m. David RAYNOR of Locke, Cayuga Co. N.Y. 

     ix:   Henry MILLER        6 Jun 1827 -

           sponsors: Rudolph and Maria (-) SNYDER

      x:   Daniel MILLER

     xi:   Lucy MILLER      - bef 1894            

	m. Girard GREEN of Genoa dec'd

    xii:   Sarah MILLER

	m. Henry DECAMP -bef 1894

   xiii:   J.J. MILLER

    xiv:   Lavina MILLER       2 Jul 1837 -

           sponsors: Adam and Sarah (CONRAD)BAUER

	m. James TARBELL of W. Groton

      MILLER, Fredrick and Maria (?) is he s/o John and Catharine b. 5 May

1798? Pa. see Northampton Births, John Humphrey for more MILLER/MUELLER)

      i:   Mary Ann MILLER                11 Aug 1826 -

           sponsors: Michael and Eliabeth (-) FRANKENFIELD



MILLER, Henry of Lansing died 29 June 1837 53yrs buried N. Lansing Cem.

dated: 28 June 1837 - proved: 17 July 1837

wife: Catharine ( d/o John and Catharina [-] LEARN of Pa.)

sons: John, Frederich H., Peter, George and Henry

daus: Mary, Betsey, Sally, Lavina and Lucinda

mentions: Harry MILLER living with me, Rachel DECAMP and daughter Mary to 

marry Edward H(unt) SCHENCK (ed.note they lived in Easton, Pa. after 1850?)

wit: Morris DECAMP and John STAPLES

ex: Hiram MOE and Frederick D. MILLER 

(ed.note: Rachel d/o John and Catharina [-] LEARN, w/o Morris DECAMP. 


                     Baptismal Records Evangelical United Cong.

                MILLER, Henry and Catharine d/o John LEARN (see his will)

      i:   Frederick MILLER    7 Jul 1805 -

           sponsors: George and Elizabeth (HAUSER) BAUER

     ii:   Elizabeth MILLER   18 Feb 1811 -

           sponsors: Adam BOSSARD and wife

    iii:   George MILLER      12 Dec 1813 -

           sponsors:George BOSSARD and wife (Elizabeth Long?)

     iv:   Henry MILLER       20 Dec 1828 -

           sponsors: Joseph SMITH and wife

                MILLER, John and Sarah

      i:   Lydia MILLER        9 Jul 1830 -

           sponsors: Peter and Lydia (-) SCHAFER

     ii:   Margaret MILLER     6 Sep 1833 -

           sponsors: Peter and Sarah MILLER

    iii:   And. Jackson MILLER 26 Jun 1837 -

     iv:   John Washington MILLER 11 Oct 1840 -

           sponsors: Jonas and Maria (MERWIN) METZGAR

                MILLER, Peter and Sarah

      i:   Betsey MILLER       1 Jan 1837 -

           sponsors: John and Sarah (-) MILLER

                MILLER, Peter and Esther

      i:   John Henry MILLER  24 Sep 1837 -

                MILLER, William and Catharine

      i:   William MILLER     28 Jun 1825 -

           sponsors: Jacob and Catherine (-) SCHAFER


Intestates Tompkins Co. DAR records printed 1966.

MILLER, Casper of Dryden died 7 January 1870 probate 5 July 1872.

Widow: Debrah

Daus: Anna wd/o John GASTON, Deborah Ann, w/o B.F. CORNELL of Ithaca and

Mary E. LORD of Dryden. ch/o Eliz LORD dec'd. un named.

MILLER, Frederick M. of Lansing, died 22 September 1865. probate 30 January

1868. buried North Lansing Cem. 60 yrs 2mo 15da

Widow: Elvira N. Nancy Elvira w/o Frederick d. 22 Oct 1872 66yrs 7mo 2da 

Son: Dwight MILLER, wife Almira

dec'd left: Cicero and Emma MILLER

Dau: Henrietta L. w/o James D. SMITH

Guardian of Cicero and Emma: Egbert WILLIAMS, Palmer and Irving MILLER

another dau. Martha E. w/o Benoni HEAD d. 28 Jan 1851 21yrs 11mo

MILLER, Joshua G. of Enfield died 9 March 1864 probate 24 June 1865

Widow: Nelia Ann

Dau: Mary Ann DOWNING

MILLER, Laura of Caroline died 21 August 1870 probate 1 October 1870

Sons: John J.,(younest son) Horace and William of Ithaca

Daus: Jane LANE, Elizabeth DAVENPORT of Dryden, Lucilla MILLER and

Lucy Ann JOHNSON both of Ithaca.

MILLER, Myron died Greenville,(Montcalm County) Mi. 23 September 1872

Widow: Harriet A.

Brother: Renssealaer

Sisters: Ann DECAMP, Jane OSMUN of Cattaragus Co.N.Y., and

Helen BOWER of Montcalm Co. Mi. all the rest of Tompkins Co. N.Y.


MILLER, Palmer of Lansing died 20 July 1874 Filed in March 1876.

Widow: Rachel

Son: Irving C. MILLER

Daus: Elvira called Frances H., and Kate both minors under 14  

Guardian of girls: T. W. MILLER 

Rachel MILLER and William H. FITCH, Co. Adms. 


               MILLER tombstones in Tompkins County, New York

Issac                               	- 28 Jun 1818 ae 26yrs

Achsah C. d/o Isaac & Esther        	- 29 Jul 1845 ae 27yrs2mo7da

                             Mandeville Cemetery

Charles D. s/o John D. & Laura      	- 10 Jul 1844 ae 20yrs

John D.                             	- 14 Apr 1861 ae 77yrs

Laura w/o John D.                   	- 15 Jun 1872 ae 77yrs

                       Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden

Isaac                               	- 18 Aug 1843 ae 41yrs7mo29da

Adison s/o Isaac & Rachel           	- 24 Jul 1848 ae 8yrs5mo27da

                          Etna Cemetery, Dryden

Henry, father of Gasper              	- 1831 ae 73yrs

Elizabeth                           	- 20 Dec 1838 ae 79yrs

Joseph                              	- 1821 ae 66yrs E. Lansing

                         Cemetery at Enfield Corners

Delia d/o Amos & Emily              	- 1841 no age

Amos                                	- ndd  no age

                            Ithaca City Cemetery

Andrew J.                           	- 9 May 1825 ae 43yrs

               died at Chittennango, Oneida County, New York

Sarah widow of Elnathan ANDREWS	- no data

       m. in Ithaca 21 Dec 1817 (pg 147 TC CH Rec. Jean Worden)

Susan d/o Andrew J. & Sarah         	- 23 Nov 1841 ae 22yrs8mo7da

                         Trumbull's Corners, Newfield

William H.              		15 Apr 1821 - 2 Apr 1885                         

Ruth J., his wife        		7 Aug 1827 - 10 Feb 1886                         

Joseph                         		1854 - 1906                                

Baby 					(marker)nfr                                                          

Elizabeth                       	1835-1910                                 

Barbara  (poss. w/o Ellis H. Smith.?)	21 July 1841- nfr  

                          Old Cemetery at Newfield 

Nancy w/o David                    	- 17 Oct 1859 ae 79yrs


                    Sebring at Trumbull Corners, Newfield 

Juliana w/o Eli d/o Phebe HORTON	- 4 Jan 1836 ae 27yrs3mo26da   

                         Asbury M.E. Church Cemetery

John                               	- 20 Aug 1849 ae 46yrs8mo13da   

Catharine w/o John                 	- 16 May 1843 ae 40yrs10mo10da  

Samuel H.                          	- 23 Mar 1847 ae 45yrs          

                            East Lansing Cemetery

Betsey HARING w/o James     	- 26 Mar 1862 ae 71yrs9mo24da   

Harriet d/o David O. & Rachel      	- 28 Dec 1852 ae 28yrs          

Fanny P. d/o M.B. & E.             	- 30 Mar 1856 ae 9yrs          

Huldah d/o D.O. & Rachel           	- 25 Dec 1834 ae 14yrs8mo1da    

Harrison s/o ibid                  	- 16 Feb 1827 ae 12da   

                           North Lansing Cemetery

Russell P.                         	- 19 Jul 1874 ae 41yrs4mo26da   

Henry                              	- 29 Jun 1837 ae 53yrs         


                     German Cemetery near  Lansingsville

Peter                              	- 5 Apr 1855 ae 83yrs          

Alice E. d/o John R. & Eva         	- 11 Jan 1867 ae 21yrs          

Eve BOWER w/o John R. MILLER       		- 2 Aug 1865 ae 52yrs          

Elizabeth w/o Henry                	- 22 Aug 1823 ae 74yrs    


                         Lansingville Cemetery 

John S. HOLDEN                     	1783 - 1844

Patience w/o John S. HOLDEN        	1785 - 1863        


                 Miller Cemetery one mile East of Lansing 

Henry s/o Henry & Deliah           	- 2 Mar 1857 ae 3yrs0mo27da    

Daniel s/o ibid                    	- 3 Mar 1857 ae 2yrs5mmo4da    

Daniel                             	- 12 Jul 1854 ae 23yrs8mo5da     

Infant d/o Melcher & Betsey Jane   	- 1 Sep 1854 no age


                           Cemetery at Ludlowville

Mary                               	- 11 Nov 1849 ae 73yrs   


                         Trumansburg Grove Cemetery

Mary A. w/o Jonathan P.            	- 23 May 1849 ae 76yrs4mo4da    

Jonathan P. s/o Jonathan & Mary A.  	26 Oct 1838 - 9 Feb 1841             

Infant s/o Caleb & Betsey         	no data

infant d/o ibid                   	 - Jul 1837                          

Jonathan S.                        	- 4 Sep 1849 ae 2yrs10mo20da  

Elijah                  		2 Jan 1846 - 10 Mar 1848      


     Baker town line of Moravia & Venice NE. Corner of Locke, Cayuga Co. 

James                              	- 23 Oct 1862 ae 82yrs1mo7da   

Elizabeth w/o James                	- 6 Sep 1839 ae 53yrs2mo23da  

John W. s/o James & Elizabeth      	- 22 May 1838 ae 27yrs9mo14da  

William                            	- 19 Jun 1853 ae 45yrs5mo19da  

John s/o William & Diantha         	- 19 Sep 1838 ae 1yr10mo27da  

                              Green and Mettler 

Elsie B., d/o Wm. & S.A.            	- 23 Jan 1866 ae 16yrs11mo22da




William MILLER                                          Dryden, NY

Betsey d/o George SNYDER                                9th Aug 1828(It & GA)

Wells BEARDSLEY                                         Danby, NY

Matilda MILLER Thurs Evening by Rev. Solomon Stevens Dec 31,1828 (IJ & GA)

There are the following DAR MILLERs we believe came from Northampton Co. Pa. because 

of the wives they were married to:  You may obtain copies of these records from the DAR in 

Washington, DC. Christian MILLER/Moelleer/Muller Jr. 6 Jan 1741 Pa. - 9 Oct 1778 

married Maria BUTZ Soldier Pa.

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