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* indicates signed with X proved = probated daus: = daughters
d/o = daughter of s/o = son of w/o = wife of grandchildren wd/o = widow of wit: = witnesses
ex: = executor(s) ch/o = child(ren) of * = ERRATA
hus: = husband d.s.p. = died without issue (sic) = as written
t.s = tombstone ibid = same as above g = guardian
c = counsel unm = unmarried (c) = calculated

Johann Peter, the probable s/o  Peter and Mrs. Anna (Dietz) Schneider 

born September (1767?) baptized 29 Nov 1767.  

His sponsors: Abraham Bachman and Elisabetha    in Northampton County,Pa. 

      Johann Peter married Anna Margaretha, d/o Johan Peter and Veronica

(Heller) Conrad.  There is some thought that her sister, Louisa, who married 

John Schneider, may have been her twin and that John and Peter were brothers 

but proof is lacking.

    A Peter, we think is our Peter, died in Lansing, Tompkins County, New 

York 18 June 1849 82yrs 4mo 25da and is buried in the Miller Cemetery, one 

mile East of Lansing. ts does not compute with birth date.  6 mo 18 da 1849 

  4mo 25da 82yrs = 13 Jan 1767.  Where Anna Margaretha is buried is unknown. 

2     i:   Catharina Schneider      16 Apr bpt. 6 May 1792 

           sponsors: Fronica Conrad, grandmother(see Peter Conrad families)

3*** ii:   Johannes Schneider       22 Feb bpt. 6 Apr 1794

           sponsors: Joh. and Louisiana (Conrad) Schneider

4** iii:   Joseph Schneider         24 Oct bpt. 6 Feb 1796   

           sponsors: Dieter and Catharina (Heller d/o J. Simon) Bauer

5    iv:   Jacob Schneider           7 Dec 1798 bpt. 25 Mar 1799

           sponsors: George Jacob and wife Anna Heussler

6     v:   Sarah Schneider          28 Oct 1800 bpt.  l Feb 1801

           sponsors: Johann and Louisa (Conrad) Schnieyder

7    vi:   Peter Schneider          10 Jan bpt. 7 Apr 1803

           sponsors: Johann and Louisa (Conrad) Schneider

8   vii:   Tobias Schneider          6 Nov bpt. 22 Dec 1805

           sponsors: Melchior and Veronica (Heller   Conrad) Bossert

9* viii:   Abraham Schneider        18 Sep bpt. 25 Nov 1808   4 May 1883 

           sponsors: Johannes and Maria Catharina (Schieble) Williams

      In 1810 we have assumed that Anna Margaretha had died and Peter was

re married to Eunica (Eunice) last name unknown. 

10   ix:   Eunica Schneider          4 Jul bpt. 7 Oct 1810

           sponsors: Johannes and Louisa (Conrad) Schneider    

11    x:   Hannah Schneider         23 Dec 1812 bpt.16 Apr 1813

           sponsors: Joh. and Louisa (Conrad) Schneider

13   xi:   Abel Schneider           26 Apr bpt. 18 Aug 1816  

*** FC 1850 pg 164r b. Pa living with Harrison Bowker)

** Joseph of Groton, died Utica, New York 24 January 1867 age 72yr. (FC 1850 

pg 154r b. Pa Groton Journal)

*  Abraham died in Groton 74th yr. born in Pa (Groton and Lansing Journal FC

1850 pg 159r 3 Sep)


           sponsors: Michael and Sarah ( )Grees

14  xii:   Salliann      6 Sep bpt. 20 Dec 1818

           sponsors: George and Louisa (Conrad Schneider) Gauer

      The Peter buried in the Miller Cemetery left no paper trail.


Evangelical United Congregations Milton and Scipio Lansing Township, Tompkins Co. N. Y. DAR vol 33 pg 103

                Snyder, Abel and Lavina   

        Peter Henry Snyder          17 Feb. 1843  

        sponsors: Christian and Sarah ( ) Bingle


                Snyder, Conrad and Elizabeth Landes  

        Barbara Snyder              13 Sep 1797  

        sponsors: Eliz. Keller  (Elizabeth Bauer w/o Andrew)

        John Snyder                  8 Feb 1799  

        sponsors: George Bauer (m. Elizabeth Hauser)

        Catherine Snyder            18 Jan 1802               

        sponsors: George and Catherine (Storms) Roth

        Joseph Snyder                       1804  

        sponsors: Adam Bauer and wife  (Sarah Conrad?)

        William Snyder               2 Sep 1807  

        no sponsor listed

        Jacob Snyder                 1 May 1813  

        sponsors: Elizabeth Martin


                Snyder, Henry and Maria 

      Henry                           6 Apr 1845 79yrs  9mo 14da Snyder Hill 

      Mary his wife                         1851 (82 1850 b. NJ FC pg 116)

        Elisabeth Snyder 		   9 Jul 1803  

        sponsors: Peter Snyder and wife at Bloom School House


                Snyder, John Philip and Barbara Peck

        John Philip Snyder            1 Sep 1830  

        sponsors: Philip and Rosina ( ) Kubler 


                Snyder, Melchior and Susanna 

        Melchior Snyder             16 Feb 1838  

        sponsors: Peter Snyder

Intestate Tompkins Co. New York DAR printed 1966

Snyder, Melchior of Lansing died intestate 1 July 1854 (FC 1850 pg 162r 52yrs b. Pa as 

was 50yr old Susannah, 25yr old John and 18yr old Elizabeth)

wife: Susan (administratrix)

sons: John G. of Lansing (co administrator) 

daus: Sarah w/o John Bickle of Dryden, Louisa w/o Levi Stanner of

Lansing, Susan w/o Moses Smith of Jackson, Michigan, Catherine w/o Robert

T. Ward of Lansing (co administrator) and Elizabeth Snyder of Lansing 

                Snyder, Rudolph and Maria 

        Jesse Snyder                 3 Mar 1826  

        sponsors: Peter and Maria ( ) Snyder 

        Solomon Heller Snyder        4 Jul 1830  

        sponsors: Melchior Conrad and wife (Maria Heller)


             Snyder, Simon and Susanna 

        Ephraim Snyder              12 Sep 1828  

        sponsors: Michael and Sarah ( ) Gress (Grees in another place)


                Snyder, William and Eliza Roth/Rhoades/Rhodes       

        Catherine Snyder             6 Dec 1803  

        bpt. at George and Catharine ( ) Roth's 

        Jacob Snyder                             

               twins                11 Dec 1810 

        Eliza Snyder                             

        sponsors: none noted

        William Snyder              23 Jan 1815  

        sponsors: George Roth and wife, grand parents   


Intestates Tompkins Co. N.Y.

Snyder, Christian of Lansing died 14 January 1874 

widow: Amelia N., 

Adm.: Father, George Snyder no children.

Snyder, David of Newfield died 14 Nov 1875 probate 2 Dec 1875 62yrs

Widow: Adelia 

Sons: George B.M. ae 12 and Francis age 8

Daus: Mattie A. age 20yrs, Della A. age 16, Reggie J. 16yrs.

Snyder, Henry J. of Dryden died 4 May 1874.  He was a pensioner. 

Sister: Wealthy w/o Lewis Wait.   

Snyder, Hiram of Dryden died 26 August 1857 (1850 FC pg 109r 4 Sep 42yrs)

Widow: Jane E. (Electa 33yrs)

Daus: Harriet A.,(14yrs) Annice H.,(9yrs) and Mary A.(1yr) all named Snyder, 

last two minors. (ages taken from 1850 census)

Adm.: Jane A., Harriet A. and Alvira Snyder

Snyder, Jacob of Newfield died 17 February 1857 84yrs M. E. Ch. Danby

Widow: Nancy     died 6 June 1858 78yrs

Sons: David of Newfield, William and Christopher of Danby 

Daus: Christine w/o Robert Alexander, Sarah w/o Nathan Williams, Clarissa w/o

Archibald VanOrman, Lena w/o John Bailey, Susan w/o Jacob Puff, all of

Dryden, Betsey w/o Andrew Kennedy of Danby, Anna w/o John Davenport of

Girard, Pa., Mary Ann w/o William Dibble of Springfield, Pa. and Rebecca Ann 

w/o Levi Baker of Illinios,  

Adm.: Widow Nancy and Christopher Snyder  

(Ch.Rec. Sarah m. John Bailey 4 Oct 1849 Jean D. Worden pg 174. )

Snyder, James W. of Newfield died 6 March 1871 56yrs 11mo 6da M. E. Ch.Danby

Widow: Melissa 

Sons: Dewitt and Jerome, both minors 

Daus: Luella and Estella both minors

Brother: Jacob J. and Sister: Mary A. Dudley ask adm.

Widow ask Daniel Struble to be Co. Adm. 

Snyder, Peter of Dryden died 10 August 1867. (FC 1850 pg 117 49yrs b. N.J.)

Widow: Eva    

Son: George and Theodore of Dryden, John J. of St. Peters, Minn.


Daus: Nancy w/o Chauncey Osborn and Eliza w/o Warren Davenport both of Dryden. 

Adm.: widow Eva 

Snyder, William W. of Dryden died 29 July 1872

Widow: Harriet S. 

Dau: Addie J. McKenny of Dryden.(m. 28 April 1870 Jacob McKinney of Ithaca)

Adm. Widow and her brother John M. Smith.

Everhard, Peter of Danby died 22 June 1865 probate 9 August 1865.

Widow: Olive

Mother: John and Eva of Newfield

brothers: Samuel, Phillip and Amos of Newfield 

Sisters: Dimmie McKeen and Maria Snyder of Newfield, Susan Jones and Chloe 

Everhard of Ithaca, Mary Davis of Danby and Betsey Sears of Tioga Center, New

York all of full age.

Hurley, Elisha of Dryden died 2 April 1872 probate 10 April 1872

Widow: Phebe J. 53yrs

sons: Albert 19yrs, Merrit 15yrs and Ensign 10yrs.

daus: Mary A. Snyder of Dryden 30yrs and Elizabeth J. Fres of Dryden 23 yrs.

Overocker, Mary of Ithaca died 27 April 1858

sons: Nelson, John and Isaac all of Dryden and Albert of Troy. all named


daus: Eliza w/o John Montgomery, Abigail w/o George W. Saltmarsh, Mary w/o 

Elihu English, Maria wd/o Damarcus Snyder and Anna Catherine w/o Lewis 

English all of Dryden.    

Adm. Isaac Overocker and Mary English. 

Rumsey, Jonathan of Enfield died 10 December 1872  88 yrs bur.

sons: Franklin, William and Squire J. all of Enfield, David dec'd left Sarah

A. w/o Robert Trotter, Levi Rumsey of Enfield and Harrison of Newfield. 

daus: Mary H. Harvey and Phebe Tayler of Enfield, Adms., Electa Snyder widow

of Alpine, Schuyler Co., Betsey Sutphen widow of Enfield, Almira Fowler dec'd

left: Eugene of Enfield and Leroy of Alpine, N.Y. and  

Dau: Jane A. w/o Charles Nobles dec'd left: Almida D. and Susan  

wife Mary died 20 Dec 1862 78yrs 8mo 15da

see Elizabeth wd/o Richard G. Morgan intestate

                          Pennsylvania tombstones

Peter Schneider/Snyder            21 Nov 1824 70yrs 9mo 14da buried Easton 

Anna (     ) Dietz                10 Mar 1812 81yrs 10mo 11da buried Easton

Anna Elisabeth Schneider/Snyder   10 Mar 1815 81yr 2mo 10da buried Plainfield.

Andrew Snyder 17 Aug 1732 Switzerland    4 Nov 1845 Pa. m. Barbara Metzgar




                     Ithaca Journal and Groton Advertiser  

Snyder, Mr.                                                    Lansing

Miss Jacobs                                                    9 Jan 1828

Miller, William                                                Dryden

Miss Betsey d/o George Snyder                                  9 Aug 1828

Snyder, Peter V.                                               Dryden

Miss Betsey Lason          13 April 1831 28yrs 11mo 11d        28 Dec 1828

m. 2nd: Phebe Robertson    10 April 1845 41yrs 11mo 11da Willow Glen Dryden


                            Tombstones Tompkins Co.NY  

      In order to conserve pages, we have eliminated the children. 

                    Miller Cemetery l mile East of Lansing

Peter                          18 Jun 1849     82yrs 4mo 25da

         3  children of Abraham and Mary Ann Snyder

       Old Dutch Cemetery Lansingsville, New York called German Cemetery  

Barbara w/o Jesse 1 Feb.1812    8 Oct 1903     no stone

Caroline w/o Christopher        7 Aug 1856     27yrs 1mo 24da

Emma E. w/o William K.          5 May 1863     20yrs 1mo 

    and d/o Philemon and Harriet Owens  

Jesse                          12 Sep 1879     40yrs

John                           30 Apr 1883     74yrs 8mo.

                            Central Chapel, Caroline 

Sarah M. w/o Samuel             26 Feb 1873      65yrs

Hiram s/o Samuel and Katherine  21 Nov 1835      15yrs  2mo  2da 13 

                          Methodist Episcopal, Danby

Ann w/o Jacob                   25 Oct 1880       65yrs

Ann w/o Phillip                 18 Jan 1848       67yrs              

Anna T. w/o John Davenport      14 May 1867       59yrs

Christopher              1810   1892 

Eliza w/o G. W.          1840   1895 

Jacob B.                        10 May 1889    82yrs

John                             8 Apr 1847    26yrs

Myron J.                        14 Mar 1888    19yrs

Phillip                         17 Jul 1843    64yrs is this accurate?

McPherson, Elnora               22 Dec 1869    34yrs

                          Snyder Hill Cemetery, Dryden   

Jacob                           25 Dec 1823     57yrs

Jacob                           25 Mar 1842     56yrs  9mo 20da

Mary w/o Jacob                  30 Apr 1848     78yrs  6mo  9da

Phebe w/o Joseph M.             19 Dec 1851     57yrs  4mo 13da  

Phebe E. d/o Joseph M. & Phebe  24 Jan 1853     24yrs  2mo 11da

                         Robertson Cemetery, Dryden

Mr. Christian                   14 Apr 1818     31yrs  4mo 7da Dower 1:27 30

Mrs. Mary Ann w/o Abraham        7 May 1836     36yrs 11mo  2da 

          d/o George and Nancy McCutcheon    Dower 1:27   30 Jean D. Worden)   

Chauncey s/o Abraham & Mary      7 Oct 1836      4yrs 11mo 19da

George                           9 May 1843     63yrs 11mo 28da

                            Ithaca City Cemetery

Joseph S.                        6 Dec 1815     58yrs

Martha w/o Joseph S.             5 Aug 1801     36yrs 

Mary G w/o John B. Preswick     23 Oct 1844     44yrs  

                          Cutter Cemetery Newfield

Christein w/o Robert Alexander  18 Jun 1866     58yrs  7mo 28da

Richard M.                      21 Jan 1868     48yrs  5mo 16da


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