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* indicates signed with X proved = probated daus: = daughters
d/o = daughter of s/o = son of w/o = wife of grandchildren wd/o = widow of wit: = witnesses
ex: = executor(s) ch/o = child(ren) of * = ERRATA
hus: = husband d.s.p. = died without issue (sic) = as written
t.s = tombstone ibid = same as above g = guardian
c = counsel unm = unmarried (c) = calculated


	Henry Teeter, the Revolutionary War Soldier born 1743 in Pennsylvania

married Elisabeth(a) B(e)idelman and their descendants came to Tompkins Co.,

New York.  Henry died in that part of Tompkins Co., that was then Cayuga.10

December 1804, 61yrs, was called Johan Heinrich Dieter in Hamilton Union Ref. 

Ch. and Elisabeth d/o Samuel and Elisabetha ( ) B(e)idelman born 15 June 1749 

died in that same place 5 April 1804.  They are buried Asbury M.E.Church 

Cemetery, tombstones reads "Mother of 9 children and Father of 9 children"

      It is believed by this author that the name was spelled Dieter in the

early records of the churches in Northampton County Pennsylvania.  Where we

find many of the people who came to Tompkins County, New York

2     i:   Catharine B. Teeter      1767    

3    ii:   Conrad B. Teeter         1770   

m. in 1791 Christine d/o Christopher and Christina (Bossert) Keller

4   iii:   Johan Jacob Dither  5 Jan bpt. 22 Jan 1772   

           sponsors: Andreas Storm and Anna Weiss both single

m. Maria d/o Christopher and Christina (Bossert) Keller

5    iv:   Susanna B. Teeter        1774   27 Sep 1812  

m. Honteeter s/o Tillman and Maria Eva ( ) Bauer

6     v:   Johan Henrich Dieter 28 Apr bpt.11 May 1777   1832

           sponsors: Jost Busch and Susanna, d/o Peter Conrad 

m. Wynche d/o Michael and Margaret ( ) Sly of Elmira, N.Y. ( they also came 

from Northampton County, Pa.) 

7    vi:   Daniel Dieter         4 Jan bpt. ? Feb 1780   27 Feb 1869 90yrs

           sponsors: Henrich and Margaretha Brinker

m. 14 February 1804, Catharine d/o William and Elizabeth (Bloom) Labar  

8   vii:   Christina Teeter                       1781         nfr.

m. Joseph s/o Thomas North

9   vii:   Elias Dieter          1 Dec 1782 bpt. 16 Feb 1783 

           sponsors: Henrich and Eva Butz 

m. Rachel      

10 viii:   Elisabetha Thiter    16 Jun bpt.      1785        nfr.

           sponsors: Samuel and Elisabetha (Hess) Beutelman DAR ?



Teeter, Peter of Lansing died 25 February 1832 about 80yrs of age (b ca 1750

Pa. Buried Asbury M.E. Ch. Cem. 82yrs.)

dated: 27 November 1830                   proved: 27 April 1832 

wife: Margaret (2nd wife: d/o Jacob Rice   10 May 1847 91st yr)

her sister, Peter's 1st wife Christina ) 

sons: Elias P. with the woman he now lives with         


      Peter Jr.                                         m. Hannah        

daus: Caty                                              m. Caleb Davis

      Polly                                             m. Henry Snyder


      Rachel                                            m. Anthony Carter

      Sally                                             m.      Morgan Henry s/o Elias P. Teeter and 2 more un named

wit: John and Julius A. King

ex: Henry Snyder, sons John and Peter Teeter, Jr. 

one dau. Margaretha            3 Dec 1803   29 Dec 1803 (Evangelical Ch.Rec)


2     Conrad Teeter s/o Henry Teeter married probably in Northampton County,

Pa. 1791 Christina d/o Christopher and Christina (Bossard)Keller 

11    i:   Jacob Teeter             31 Jul 1800              

12   ii:   Rachel Teeter            11 Jul 1802              

m. Reuben Whitlock

13  iii:   Isaac Teeter              1 Oct 1804     

           sponsors: Susanna Berger          

m. lst: Phebe d/o William Carl     

2nd: Mrs.    Nelson of Ludlowville,N.Y. 17 Oct 1876

14   iv:   Anna Teeter               5 Nov 1807   

           sponsors: Tilman and Eva (      ) Bauer 


4     Johan Jacob Teeter married Maria d/o Christopher and Christina (Bossard) 


15    i:   Anna Teeter        21 Feb 1800              

           sponsors: Margaret Ebault

m. George Conrad

16   ii:   Catherine Teeter     8 May 1803              

m. John s/o Henry and Catharine (Larn) Miller 

17  iii:   Simeon Teeter       27 Mar 1804   

           sponsors: Andrew Keller and wife     

18   iv    Elizabeth 

m. Thomas Robertson


C:302  #6

Teeter, Henry of Lansing died 23 April 1838 age 62yrs (s/o Henry and Elis )

buried Asbury M.E Ch. Cem. as Henry Teeter II (t.s)

dated: 4 December 1837    codicil dated: 5 March 1838   proved: 11 June 1838

wife: Wyche (d/o Michael and Margaret ( ) Sly) 

sons: Vincent                                           m. Catharine Shoop

      Smith                                             m. Abigail Hunt

      John (Jonathan?)     27 Feb 1800                   

           bpt. at home of George Roth    


m. Elisabeth d/o Joseph and Sarah ( ) Pyshor

      George Washington   29 Dec 1817                   

m. 15 Jan 1849 Matilda E. d/o Charles Hagin 

      Henry                             9 Jan 1880 84yrs

m. Sarah Sayles


m. Catharine Brite/ Bright d/o Philip?

      Sly                               25 Jan 1875 65yrs

m. Electa White  

daus: Sarah                                             m. Spencer Apgar

      Hannah                                            m. Benjamin Brown 

      Catharine                                         m. William Corson 

wit: Benjamin B. Ferris and Ephraim Labar of Lansing 


wit to codicil: Stephen Fish

ex: Vincent Teeter and Jacob E.Bogardus

land bounded by Jacob Teeter South to Abraham Bloom thence W. along line of

Daniel Teeter deeded to him by John and Peggy Hess Oct 4, 1804 and another

piece from Elias and Rachel Teeter April 23, 1808   

      There are the following births or baptismals in the Evangelical United

Congregations of Milton and Scipio of Lansing Township that the families are

not accounted for.

Teeter, Jonathan and Jemima      Susanna   24 Jan 1827 

                                     sponsors: Elias and Susanna Teeter

Teeter, Samuel and Elizabeth     Elias      6 Feb 1828   11 Jun 1833 5yrs

                                     sponsors: Elias Teeter bur. Peruville

Teeter, Sarah no husband named   Velinda b. 22 Jan 1827

                                     sponsors: Elias and Susanna Teeter


      Will sent by Walter and Mary Teeters.  Walt, at one time was the

director of the Durand Hospital back in 1950 1960.  He is a descendant of

Elias P. Teeter who went to Greenville, Montcalm County, Michigan.

His line:


      Walter, lst ch/of Carlton Byron and Nina(Andrews) Teeter

      5 June 1922 Belding, Ionia Michigan

      Carlton Byron, 9th ch. s/o John Mortimer and Helen Ann (May) Teeter 

      24 Jul 1900 Bradley, Midland Co, Mi   20 Aug 1968 Coleman, Midland Co


      John Mortimer 1st ch. s/o Elias Teeter and Sarah Ann Boyce

      31 Oct 1851 Orion, Macomb Co, Mi   23 Mar 1921 Coleman, Midland Co.,Mi

      Elias P. 6th ch. s/o Henry Teeter and Azubah Vaugh

      31 May 1828 Groton, Tompkins Co.   

      Henry 4th s/o Elias Teeter and Catharine Huffsmith

      1796 NJ   Peruville, N.Y. 9 May 1880 

      Elias 9th ch. s/o Coonard Teeter and Maria Catharina Weber/Weaver

      1760 Bucks Co., Pa.   1830 NJ. 

      (This is the same line that Russell Warner CSGR was tracing.)

From Dewitt Historical Society.

Teeter, Richard of Lansing (s/o Jacob P. Teeter)   proved: 3 May 1875

wife: Julia

sons: Edward H., Ernest; George W., Sam S., and John C.

daus: Emma

wit: none given 

ex: Sarah and Edward H. Teeter

Edward H. m. 28 Jan. at Ithaca Mary Sherwood of Dryden.

DAR intestates printed 1966

Teeter, Christina of Groton died 28 December 1869 probate 10 February

1870. (wd/o Elias P. and d/o Henry and Maria [Kuglevin] Newman)

Daus: Elizabeth Metzger of Groton, Margaret Kent and Phebe Mann both of 

Greenville, Mi. and Polly Teeter of Lansing. Elias, Riley, and James H. Kent of Greenville, Mi., ch: Jennette DeGraw of Greenville, Mi. (Montcalm County)

Teeter, David of Dryden died 19 October 1872 age 63yrs (FC 1850 pg 151 all 

born Tompkins)

Widow: Phebe A  (nee   Mrs. Phebe Corwin of Bennettsburg, N.Y. m.10 Nov 1867)

Sons: Cicero and George (Washington) of Kansas, Laverne of Groton and Monroe 

of Ithaca and Fayette of Dryden.(m. Mary J. Manning in Ithaca 23 Nov. 1870) 

Daus: Fanny Underwood of Groton, Laura Van Marter of Groton and Adella Teeter 


Co. Adm. Lemi Grover

Monroe Teeter m. 21 Dec 1870 in Geneva, N.Y. Frances Emma Corwin of Dryden.)

Teeter, John J. died in Freemont, Ohio 5 September 1866 had property in


Widow: Maria C.

Children: Kate and Ellery G., minors now live in Ulysses. 

Brother: Charles has his property in Ulysses  


Teeter, Priscilla A. of Lansing died 2 April 1859 age 22yrs d/o Jacob P. unm. 

buried East Lansing Cemetery

Mother: Letta (nee Douglass)

 brothers: ch/o Jacob P. and former dec'd wife Lydia.

Richard and Harrison both of Lansing, David of Groton, Peter and John both of

Locke, and Jacob (dec'd ca April 1853 )  

whole sisters: 

Clarissa Jane w/o John R. Heddon (s/o Josiah) and Sarah w/o Benjamin Jackson 

of Groton.


Lucinda w/o Abraham Bloom, Anna w/o Mr. (ed.note: William) Moreland of Hector

Rachel w/o Henry Knettles, Maria(h)w/o Frederick G.Emmons,Lydia w/o William

Nelson Buck all of Lansing and Hannah (dec'd) w/o Peter (W.) Billington.

 nephew: (pg 181 & 181r 1850 FC census)

William Henry minor s/o Hannah and Peter Billington

 nieces: daus of dec'd sister Hannah

Electra Ann w/o Charles Harrison Williams of Tioga County, and

Maria(h J.) w/o Charles Morgan of Minnesota. 

Petitioner: George W. Teeter of Lansing.

Carl, William of Caroline died 20 March 1855

widow: Abigail

sons: Peter 

daus: Phebe Ann w/o Isaac (s/o Conrad and Christina [Keller] Teeter)

Mary w/o William Allen of Candor, New York, Jane w/o D. Sanford of Candor,

N.Y. Rachel w/o John Brailey of Caroline, Sarah Helene of Deanes Corners,

Chen. Co. and Charlotte Payne dec'd left: Josephine Payne a minor dau. 

Dau: Catherine Jones dec'd left: Chessey Cordelia Jones a minor and Eliz. 

Jones a minor married last name unknown.

Grover, Sarah of Newfield widow of Abel died 25 Oct 1872 probate 14 Jan 1873

(Sarah Grover was a Gray)

sons: David of Enfield, Nelson of Ithaca, Samuel, Alpheus and Peter all of


daus: Sally Ann w/o George Keller Teeter, of VanEtten, N.Y., Caroline w/o

George Teeter (s/o Andrew T. ) of Newfield, Emma J. Tompkins of Newfield, 

Delia Marion of Ithaca

Petitioner: Anson Grover of Newfield


Marriages and Death Notices of Tompkins Co.NY. by Mary Jackson Smith 

Macedon, N.Y.1993

1     Mary C. Teeter of W. Dryden, N.Y.                 Dryden,N.Y.

      Amos Apgar of W. Dryden, N.Y.                      3 July 1858 

38    Phebe Teeter of Groton, N.Y.                      

      Abram Mann                                        21 Mar 1839   

68    Julius Teeter of Covert, N.Y.                     Danby, N.Y.

      Mary Ann Mosher of Danby                          19 Oct 1836


                     Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery

Horace s/o Joseph and Catharine Teeter     3 Apr 1837 3yrs 2mo

Christein w/o John Collins                24 Aug 1813 33yr.

         d/o Peter and Margaret (Rice) Teeter

Jane d/o Joseph and Catharine Teeter      23 Feb 1844 7yrs 9mo 3da

Julia w/o John Teeter                      4 Feb 1843 43yrs

Simeon Teeter                             27 Nov 1836 32yrs 8mo

Chloe, w/o Andrew Teeter                   3 Nov 1837 27yrs 5mo

Jerome s/o Andrew and Chloe Teeter         5 Feb 1844  7yrs 9mo 14da 

                     Gibbs Cemetery Enfield Village

George W. Teeter                           2 Apr 1845 13mo

Emma L. Teeter               6 Dec 1833   26 Jan 1866

                     Peruville Enfield 

Isaac                                     13 Mar 1827 2yrs

Benjamin V.                                2 Nov 1838 19yrs

                     Cutter Cemetery in Newfield

Delos s/o Charles and Lydia Teeter        31 Mar 1868 2yr 6mo 24da

                     Trumbull Corners Newfield

Orrin E. Teeter                           21 Feb 1886 29yrs 11mo 10da

Fanny J., his wife                         3 Sep 1895 38yrs

                     Brown District Lansing 

inf of Elias and Rachel Teeter             7 May 1827 3yrs

                       Lake Ridge Cemetery

Elizabeth w/o Conrad Teeter               12 Feb 1832 57yrs (nee Dietz)

Conrad Teeter                             11 Oct 1843 86yrs 

Elise Teeter w/o Hanford Smith             1 Jul 1798   1885 

      d/o Conrad and Elizabeth (Dietz) Teeter

Sanford Smith                             14 Jul 1796   4 Sep 1825 

s/o Samuel Smith Jr., and Hannah ( )

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