Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY

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DETAILS: Name; Location; Occupation; Owned or leased


ABRAMS, Charles E. (Ithaca) farmer with B.R. Davis
ACKERMAN, Ralph, (Ithaca) proprietor Green Tree Inn and farmer 10.
ACKLEY, Cornelia, (Ithaca) news room, 11 Tioga.
AKINS, John, (Varna) farmer 65
AKINS, W.H. (Ithaca) (Stephens & Aikins)
ALLEN, William H. (Ithaca) hair dresser, Bank Block.
ANDERSON, John Rev. (Ithaca) Pastor Zion Church
ANDRUS, Frederick K. (Ithaca) (Andrus McChain & Co.)
ANDRUS ,MCcAIN & Co.(Ithaca) (William Andrus, George McChain, Frederick K. Andrus,William Andrus Jr. & Joseph M. Lyons) paper manufacturers, printers & book binders, 41 East State.
ANDRUS, William Jr. (Ithaca) (Andrus, McChain & Co).
APGAR, DeWitt Major, (Ithaca) assistant assessor internal revenue.
APGAR, Peter, (Ithaca) commissioner of excise.
APLEY, Frank, (Ithaca) teamster.
Atheneum, (public lecture room) (Ithaca) Wilgus, Buildings, Wilgus Bros. & Co., props.
Atwater, Leonard (Ithaca) pedlar.
Atwater, Lewis (Ithaca) veterinary surgeon, 19 N. Aurora.
Auchmoody, Geo. (Ithaca) carpenter.
Ayers, William, W. (Ithaca) horticulturist and farmer 86.


Baker, Absalom ,M. (Ithaca) boat builder.
Baker, Daniel, (Ithaca) farmer leases 60.
Baker, Jesse, (Ithaca) boots and shoes, 27 East State.
Baker, Theodore, (Ithaca) saloon keeper, 29 East State.
Baldwin, John Gurnee, (Ithaca) (Jones and Baldwin.)
Baptist Church, (Ithaca) Rev. Joseph N. Folwell, pastor.
Barden, Wm. W. (Ithaca) road master, Cayuga Division, D. L. & W.R.R.
Barker, John, (Ithaca) carpenter and joiner.
Barker, Oliver, (Ithaca) allo. Physician.
Barnes, John (Ithaca) mason
Barney, C. W. (Ithaca) principal Ithaca public school.
Bates, Charles W. (Ithaca) (Culver & Bates)
Bates , Jacob, (Ithaca) (Bates, Wortman & Co.) cattle broker and farmer 22.
Bates, Rufus, (Ithaca) (Bates and Wortman & Co.)
Bates, Sarah A. Miss. (Ithaca) dress and cloak maker, 56 North Tioga.
Bates Wortman & Co.(Ithaca) (Jacob Bates, Jacob R. Wortman, Rufus Bates) meat market, drovers, packers, 10 & 12 N. Aurora.
Beardsley, Jeff F. (Ithaca) portrait and landscape painter, 7 Lynn.
Beers, Frederick, (Ithaca) (J. M. & F. Beers)
Beers, Geo. D. (Ithaca) (Beers & Howard)
Beers & Howard, (Ithaca) (Geo. D. Beers and Ossian G. Howard) lawyers, 14 N. Tioga.
Beers, I. M. &F. (Ithaca) (Isaac M. and Frederick) lumber merchants, 177 Seneca.
Beers, Isaac M. (Ithaca) (I. M. & F. Beers)
Beers, W. L. (Ithaca) stone cutter, 14 S. Aurora.
Belknap, Myra A. Miss. (Ithaca) (Bird & Belknap)
Bennett, James D. (Ithaca) blacksmith, 15 Junction corner Brindle.
Bennett, J. B. & Son (Ithaca (John B. and John G.) boat builders.
Bennett, John B. (Ithaca( (J. B. Bennett & Son)
Bennett, John G. (Ithaca) (J. B. Bennett & Son)
Berry, Mathew, (Ithaca) stone cutter, 114 N. Aurora.
Betts, Frank & Co. (Ithaca) (Alpheus Twist) livery, Forest City Hotel.
Bird & Belknap Misses, (Ithaca) (Miss Lydia J. Bird & Myra A. Belknap) dress & cloak makers, 86 E. State.
Bird, Lydia J. Miss. (Ithaca) (Bird & Belknap)
Bishop, A. (Ithaca) homeo. Physician, 22 E. State.
Bishop, Charles, (Ithaca) fisherman.
Bishop, James, (Ithaca) fisherman and skiff builder.
Blakeslee, A. (Ithaca) house and sign painter, 38, E. State, up stairs.
Blood, Charles, F. (Ithaca) merchant tailor and gents furnishing goods, 67 E. State.
Boardman, D. (Ithaca) lawyer & justice supreme court, Cornell Library, corner Tioga and Seneca.
Bogardus, Charles H. (Ithaca) farmer leases 100.
Bostwick, H. V. (Ithaca) (Bostwick & Wilmot)
Bostwick & Wilmot, (Ithaca) (H. V. Bostwick & W. A, Wilmot) barrel factory 13 Clinton.
Boughton, James, (Ithaca) blacksmith.
Bouton, Nelson, (Ithaca) miller.
Bouton, Truman A. (Ithaca) carpenter and builder, corner Buffalo & Spring.
Boys, Almon (Ithaca) (Boys Bros.)
Boys, Mrs. A. (Ithaca) millinery and fancy goods. 51 State.
Boys Bros. (Ithaca) (Almon & Henry) carpenters, 51 N. Tioga.
Boys, Henry, (Ithaca) (Boys Bros.)
Bradbury, Cornelius, (Ithaca) lime kiln, Westport.
Bradley, Jarvis F. (Ithaca) civil engineer, at A. Burritt's, Tioga.
Brando, Martin V. (Ithaca) constable.
Brennan, James, (Ithaca) farmer leases of C. L. Grant, 50.
Brink, Thomas, (Ithaca) farmer 2.
Bristol, Geo. H. (Ithaca) (Bristol and Markham)
Bristol and Markham, (Ithaca) (Geo. H. Bristol & Rufus A Markham) sewing machine & insurance agents. Wilgus Buildings.
Brooks, Arthur B. (Ithaca) (Gauntlett & Brooks)
Brooks, Frederick, (Ithaca) hats, caps and furs, 40 E. State.
Brooks, F. W. (Ithaca) (Burritt, Brooks & Co.)
Brown, Francis A. (Ithaca) master machinist, Cayuga division D.L. & W.R.R.
Brown, Julius, (Ithaca) farmer 63
Brown, M.M. (Ithaca) allo, physician & surgeon, also coroner 64 State Street, Aurora.
Brush, King G. (Ithaca) (Laney, Fillingham & Co.)
Bryan, William J. (Ithaca) farmer 230
Bryant, Solomon, (Ithaca) farmer 74
Buck, Simeon, (Ithaca) farmer 85
Bundy, Alfred H. (Ithaca) farmer 70
Bundy, Charles, (Ithaca) (Bundy & Hofle)
Bundy, George W. (Ithaca) cider mill, farmer 249
Bundy & Hofle, (Ithaca) (Charles Bundy & Charles Hofle) tobacco, and cigars, 9 Tioga.
Bundy, Susan Miss. (Ithaca) farmer 60.
Burdick, D. W. (Ithaca) (White & Burdick)
Burdick, Perry (Ithaca) stone mason.
Burling, Walter, (Ithaca) (Schuyler &Burling)
Burns, Wm. (Ithaca) billard rooms, Clinton Hall, 3rd floor, N. Cayuga.
Burritt, Abel, (Ithaca) fire & life insurance agent & notary public, also real estate agent, 13 Tioga.
Burritt E. J. (Ithaca) (Burritt, Brooks & Co.)
Burritt, J. C. (Ithaca) (Burritt, Brooks & Co.)
Burt, David L. (Ithaca)(with Manuel) supervisor and farmer 70
Burtt, Manuel, (Ithaca) (With David L.) farmer 70
Byington, Wm. (Ithaca) (Kenney & Byington)


Carey, Asahel, (Ithaca) (Crager & Carey)
Carmer, George W. (Ithaca) (Morse, Harris & Co.)
Carpenter, John D. (Ithaca) general furniture warehouse & undertaker, 11 & 13 South Aurora.
Case, Isaac, (Ithaca) teamster.
Case, Philip, (Ithaca) carpenter and builder, 37 So. Cayuga, & farmer 20
Casey, Patrick, (Ithaca) farmer 17
Casterline, Julius A. (Ithaca) blacksmith, 92 E. State.
Cayuga House, (Ithaca) Chas. F. Livermore, prop. 107 W. State.
Chesebrough, B. F. (Ithaca) (Chesebrough & Parrott)
Chesebrough & Parrott, (Ithaca) (B.F. Chesebrough and Alfred M. Parrott, tailors, 2W.State
Christiance, Cornelius, (Ithaca) (C. Christiance& Son)
Christiance, C. & Son, (Ithaca) (Cornelius, Ralph C.) boots and shoes, 66 E. State
Christiance, Ralph C. (Ithaca) (C. Christiance & Son)
Clapp, Charles, (Ithaca) house sign & carriage painter, also proprietor of Cole's patent sash shop, 17 & 19 S. Aurora.
Clark, Uri, (Ithaca) watchmaker and jeweler, 61 Owego corner Tioga.
Clark, William, (Ithaca) farmer 30
Clark, W. H. (Ithaca) (Sheldon & Clark)
Clinton, Chas. M. (Ithaca) (Clinton & Co.)
Clinton & Co. (Ithaca) (Miles L. and Charles M.) wines and liquors 71 N. Aurora.
Clinton House, (Ithaca) 14, 16 and 18 N. Cayuga cor. Seneca, S. D. Thompson prop.
Clinton, Miles L. (Ithaca) (Clinton & Co.)
Coddington, James, (Ithaca) farmer.
Coddington, John, (Ithaca) farmer 41
Coddington, Widow R. (Ithaca) farmer 114
Cohen, David, (Ithaca) agent for Seely Marks of New York, fancy goods, 49 State.
Cole, Francis, (Ithaca) carpenter and builder, 29 S. Plain.
Colegrove, Lockwood F. (Ithaca) assessor and farmer 43
Comfort, James, (Ithaca) farmer 3
Conover, John, (Ithaca) farmer 95
Conrad, Francis Miss. (Ithaca) boarding house, 21 E. Seneca.
Cooper, Eliza D. (Ithaca) boarding house, 23 W. State.
Co-Operative Grocery and Provision Store, (Ithaca) 2 W. State, K.S. Van Voorhees, manager.
Cornell, A. B. (Ithaca) vice president First National Bank of Ithaca.
Cornell, Ezra Hon.(Ithaca) farmer, dealer in blooded stock, founder of Cornell University & Cornell Library, & pres. of Am. Photo-lithograph Co.
Cornell, E. B. (Ithaca) mason.
Cornell Hall and Library, (Ithaca) cor. Tioga and Seneca.
Coryell, Charles, (Ithaca) (C. & W. Coryell)
Coryell, C. & W. (Ithaca) (Charles & William) allo. physicians and surgeons, 23 Seneca.
Coryell, William, (Ithaca) (C. & W. Coryell)
Cowdry, Adam S. (Ithaca) carriage maker, 17 and 19 S. Aurora, owns farm 5
Coy, John H. (Ithaca) milk dairy and farmer 113
Cradit, A. M. (Ithaca) cabinet warerooms and undertaker, 13 and 15 N. Aurora.
Crager, Adam, (Ithaca) (Crager & Carey)
Crager & Carey, (Ithaca) (Adam Crager and Asahel Carey) farmer 75
Crager, James G. (Ithaca) farmer 120
Crain, Miles, (Ithaca) proprietor Union House.
Crane, T. F. (Ithaca) lawyer, 10 Cornell Library.
Cratsley, John, (Ithaca) farmer 95
Criddle, William, (Ithaca) cabinet maker and farmer 3
Crippen, I. T. Rev. (Ithaca) pastor 1st M. E. Church.
Cronk, Watkins & Co. (Ithaca) (William S. Cronk, John L. Watkins &W. Henry Martindale), carriage makers, 17 W. State.
Cronk, William S. (Ithaca) (Cronk, Watkins & Co.)
Crosby, William O. (Ithaca) proprietor Union Hotel, opposite railroad depot.
Crowell, Moses, (Ithaca) lawyer and justice of the peace, Cornell Library, owns farm 20.
Crozier, John S. (Ithaca) (R.A.& J. S. Crozier)
Crozier, R. A & J. S. (Ithaca) (Richard A. and John S.) groceries and provisions, 65 Cayuga.
Crozier, Richard A. (Ithaca) (R. A. & J. S. Crozier)
Cuffman, Orin S. (Ithaca) woolen manufactory.
Culver & Bates, (Ithaca)(Lewis H. Culver and Charles W. Bates) general merchants, 69 and 71 E. State.
Culver, Lewis H. (Ithaca)(Culver & Bates)
Culver, Wm. M. (Ithaca) hats, caps and furs, 64 E. State.
Curran, O. B. (Ithaca) druggists, 78 E. State.
Curran,Walter C. (Ithaca) commissioner of excise, over 62 E. State.
Curtis, Ida L. Miss, (Ithaca) music teacher cor. Farm and Lynn.
Curtiss, Chas. B. (Ithaca) (Schuyler & Curtiss)
Cutter, J. L. (Ithaca) cabinet warerooms, 10 W. State.


Dale, A. B. (Ithaca) carpenter and builder.
Davenport, Samuel R. (Ithaca) mason, 11 Sears.
Davis, Benjamin R. (Ithaca) farmer 85
Davis, Caleb, (Ithaca) farmer 175
Davis, Peter, (Ithaca) farmer 50
Day, Chas. G. (Ithaca) lawyer & insurance agent, room 11 Cornell Library N. Tioga.
Day, Lorin, (Ithaca) ( Day & Robinson)
Day & Robinson, (Ithaca) (Lorin Day and James Robinson) wines and liquors, 9 N. Aurora.
De Lano, Martin S. (Ithaca) (Winton, De Lano & Co.)
Deming, Hall, (Ithaca) Deming Block.
Denmead, Robert C. (Ithaca) tailor, over Gray & D'Arcy's saloon, N. Tioga.
Depuy, Henry D. W. (Ithaca) farmer 16
Deschner, Theodore, (Ithaca) gunsmith, over 11 Tioga.
Devenport,Amos H. (Ithaca) farmer 100
Devenport, Moses M. (Ithaca) farmer 70
Dobrin, Theodore, (Ithaca) hoop skirt manufacturer, 8 S. Aurora.
Dodd, John S. (Ithaca) carriage maker, 13 South Aurora.
Dodge & Lord, (Ithaca) (L.W. Dodge & John Lord) manufacturer of melodeons & organs, 21 W. State.
Dodge, L. W. (Ithaca) (Dodge & Lord.)
Donnelly, H. D. (Ithaca) lawyer, over 62 E. State.
Dowe, Harvey A. (Ithaca) (Ferris & Dowe)
Dresser, Joseph H. (Jacksonville) harness maker.
Dryer, Chester C. (Ithaca) captain of steamer Aurora.
Dudgeon, Margaret, Miss. (Ithaca) music teacher, 9 E. Buffalo.
Durphy, H. M. (Ithaca) foreman Phoenix Iron Works.
Dwyer, John S. (Ithaca) flouring mill.


Earl, Caleb (Ithaca) mason and stone quarry, 24 W. Clinton.
Eaton, Chauncey (Ithaca) farmer 29
Eaton, Harvey, (Ithaca) carpenter and farmer 32.
Eaton, Jacob, (Ithaca) wagon maker, 144 W. State.
Egbert, Cynthia, (Ithaca) milliner, 13 E. State, up stairs.
Egbert, Peter V. (Ithaca) farmer 98
Elston, Joseph (Ithaca) farmer 100
Emery, J. H. (Ithaca) lawyer.
Emley, William C. (Ithaca) farmer 91 ½
Emmens, Daniel, (Varna) (with Theodore) farmer 118
Emmens, Theodore, (Varna) ( with Daniel) farmer 118
Ensign, Hiram, (Ithaca) farmer 58
Episcopal Church, (Ithaca) Rev. Wm. Payne, pastor.
Esty & Co. (Ithaca) (Joseph and Edward S.) farmer 570
Esty, Edward S. (Ithaca) (Esty & Co.) saw mill, tanner & dealer in leather & findings, 58 E. State.
Esty, Joseph, (Ithaca) (Esty & Co.)
Esty, Wm. W. (Ithaca) warehouse, elevator, canal insurance agent, produce, salt & water lime dealer, forwarder, foot of W. State.
Evans, Charles W. (Ithaca) boat carpenter.
Everts, Asahel T. (Ithaca) carriage maker, 52 S. Albany, cor. W. Clinton.
Exchange Hotel, (Ithaca) E. H. Watkins, prop. 18 and 20 W. State.


Farmers Hotel (Ithaca) Joseph O Rezeau, prop. 16 S. Aurora.
Farnham, Albert A. (Ithaca0 boat builder.
Farnham, E. J. & M. M. Misses (Ithaca) millinery, 30, E. State.
Farrand John W. (Ithaca) (Farrand & Platts)
Farrand & Platts.(Ithaca)(John Farrand & Albert H . Platts) Forest City tobacco & cigar factory, 16 Meadow cor. Seneca.
Ferguson, Isaac, (Ithaca) carpenter, cor. Cayuga and Marshall.
Ferris, Benj. G. (Ithaca) (Ferris & Dowe)
Ferris & Dowe. (Ithaca) (Benjamin G. Ferris & Harry Dowe) lawyers & insurance agents, 12 N. Tioga.
Fillingham. Fred. (Ithaca) (Laney , Fillingham & Co.)
Finch, Dudley F. (Ithaca) books, stationery and general news depot, 75 E. State.
Finch, F. M. (Ithaca) lawyer, Cornell Library, Tioga cor. Seneca.
Finch, Harriet Mrs. (Ithaca) farmer 86
Finch, W. F. (Ithaca) (Morrison, Hawkins & Co.)
First M. E. Church (Ithaca) N. Aurora, Rev. I. T. Crippen, pastor.
First National Bank of Ithaca (Ithaca) E. T. Turner, pres.; A. B. Cornell, v-pres.; H. B. Lord, cashier; Cornell Library, Tioga, cor. Seneca.
Fish, I. B. (Ithaca) soap maker, Utica, N. Marshall.
Fisher, John, (Ithaca) retired farmer.
Fleming, George W. (Ithaca) farmer leases 216
Fleming, James, (Ithaca) farmer 114
Fleming, Thomas, (Ithaca) farmer 113
Fletcher, S. B. (Ithaca) paper maker.
Folwell, Joseph N.Rev. (Ithaca) pastor Baptist Church.
Forest City Hotel, (Ithaca) 41 and 43 S. Cayuga, Alpheus Twist, prop.
Fosbinder, Wm. (Ithaca) boat builder.
Fowler, Geo. (Ithaca) miller, 62 N. Aurora.
France, Henry, (Ithaca) farmer leases 100.
Franks, Geo. (Ithaca) merchant tailor, 20 E. State.
Frear, Alexander, (Ithaca) farmer 104
Frear, Wm. (Ithaca) (Purdy & Frear)
Frost, George W. (Ithaca) groceries and provisions, 88 E. State and 1 N. Aurora.


Ganoung, Elisabeth, Mrs. (Ithaca) farmer 20
Gardiner, C. Mrs. (Ithaca) ladies furnishing store, 24 E. State.
Gardner, Calvin, (Ithaca) boat builder.
Gardner, Ira, (Ithaca) mason.
Garrett, Gilbert, (Ithaca) boat builder.
Gaskin, A. S.(Ithaca) manufacturer of tobacco & cigars, 118 E. Seneca, (factory burned out April 17, 1868)
Gauntlett & Brooks, (Ithaca) (John Gauntlett & Arthur B. Brooks) druggists 36 E. State.
Gauntlett, John C. (Ithaca)(Gauntlett & Brooks) president of Village of Ithaca.
Gee, Reuben, (Ithaca) mason.
Genger, Francis, (Ithaca) (O'Connor @ Genger)
Genung, George, (Ithaca) carpenter and farmer 9
Gibbs, Wesley D. (Ithaca) music agent and farmer leases 100
Gibbs, William G. (Ithaca) farmer 90
Gilbert, George S. (Ithaca) carriage maker, 23 Corn.
Gilbert, John T. (Ithaca) carriage maker 23 Corn.
Giles, Ai W. (Ithaca) flour and feed merchant, Bank Block, owns farm 5
Gilkey, Riley, (Ithaca) saw mill and lumber yard.
Glenny, Wm. Gen. (Ithaca) dry goods, agent for Wheeler& Wilson sewing machines & postmaster, 28 E. State.
Glenzer, J. J. (Ithaca) (Sawyer & Glenzer)
Goodrich, Alfred L. (Ithaca) captain of steamer Kate Morgan.
Goodrich, Harvey G. (Ithaca) marble dealer, 14 Aurora.
Goodspeed, Benjamin, (Ithaca) farmer leases 168
Goodspeed, Chauncey, (Ithaca) farmer 212
Graham, Wm. (Ithaca) constable.
Granger, C. (Ithaca) (J. L. Granger & Co,)
Granger, Francis, (Ithaca) photographer, 28 E. State.
Granger, J. S. & Co. (Ithaca) (M. L. and C.) dry goods, Wilgus buildings, State.
Granger, M. L. (Ithaca) (J. S. Granger & Co.)
Grant, Chauncey L. (Ithaca) president Tompkins Co. National Bank.
Grant, Henry J. (Ithaca) (Winton, DeLano & Co.)
Grant, H. J. (Ithaca) (H. J. Grant & Co.) insurance agent, 12 E. State.
Grant, H. J. & Co. (Ithaca) tobacconists, 12 E. State.
Gray, Adam, (Ithaca) sawyer.
Gray, Allen, (Ithaca) dealer in dry goods, groceries & produce, also agent for the Great U. S. Tea Co. 84 E. State.
Gray, David, (Ithaca) saw mill and farmer 44.
Gray & D'Arcy, (Ithaca) (Pardon Gray and John D'Arcy) saloon, 5 N. Tioga.
Gray, Leander, (Ithaca) constable.
Gray, Simeon P. Rev. (Ithaca) pastor Seneca St. M. E. church.
Green, Herman D. (Ithaca) master mechanic Ithaca Iron Works.
Greenly, Frederick P. (Ithaca) sub agent M. U. Express.
Gregory, A. Ward, (Ithaca) (Johnson & Gregory)
Gregory, O. H. (Ithaca) Alhambra House, !8 E. State.


Hall, O. H. (Ithaca) harness and trunks, 8 N. Aurora.
Halsey, Henry, (Ithaca) (Halsey's Mills)
Halsey' Mills, (Ithaca) (William & Henry Halsey) merchant millers, plaster mill, 1 E. State, steam elevator & warehouse on Seneca.
Halsey, William, (Ithaca) (Halsey's Mills)
Hammond, W. H. (Ithaca) gas fitter and plumber, 8 N. Aurora.
Hanford, Jasper, (Ithaca) farmer 150
Hanshaw, Comfort, (Ithaca) (Hart & Hanshaw)
Hanshaw, James, (Ithaca) farmer, 92
Hanshaw, James H. (Ithaca) farmer leases 93
Hanshaw, Samuel, (Ithaca) farmer 100
Hardenburgh, Henry, (Ithaca) farmer 78
Hardenburgh, John, (Ithaca) farmer 105
Harding, Alpheus, (Ithaca) carriage maker, 74 Aurora.
Hardy, Chas. E. (Ithaca) cashier Merchants' and Farmers' National Bank.
Harper, George, (Ithaca) harness and trunks, 16 N. Aurora.
Harris, David A. (Ithaca) (Morse, Harris & Co.)
Harris, S. (Ithaca) dry goods and groceries, 54 E. State.
Harrison, Adam, (Ithaca) boot and shoe maker and farmer 2
Hart, Amos O. (Ithaca) cattle broker.
Hart & Hanshaw, (Ithaca) (Horace Hart and Comfort Hanshaw) Empire custom & flouring mill.
Hart, Horace, (Ithaca) (Hart & Hanshaw)
Harvey, Asahel, (Ithaca) farmer 125
Harvey, Joseph H. (Ithaca) farmer 5
Harvey, Robert, (Ithaca) (Smith & Harvey)
Hatch, Wm. F. (Ithaca) proprietor Clinton saloon, 1 N. Cayuga.
Hatmaker, Peter A. (Ithaca) farmer 91
Hawkins, John, (Ithaca) speculator.
Hawkins, N. S. (Ithaca) (Morrison, Hawkins & Co)
Hayborn, Geo. A. (Ithaca) physician, 82 N. Albany.
Hayes, Henry O. (Ithaca) proprietor Farmers dining room, 77 E. State.
Hayt, M. R. Miss, (Ithaca) (With Mrs. J. W. Lanning) heir to Charles Hayt estate 145
Hazen, Blair A. (Ithaca) farmer 142
Head, Britt B. (Ithaca) boat builder and farmer 10
Heath, John C. (Ithaca) town clerk.
Heffron, Alfred, (Ithaca) farmer 30
Heggie, James M. (Ithaca) wholesale & retail dealer in coach, saddlery hardware, trunks, coach trimmings, whips & c, 43 E. State.
Heller, Nelson H. (Ithaca) farmer leases 80
Herson, widow of Michael, (Ithaca) proprietor of Washington House, 12 S. Cayuga.
Higgins, John, (Ithaca) tobacco and cigar importer.
Hill, Horace, (Ithaca) Ticket and freight agent, Cayuga Division of D. L. & W.R.R
Hillebrant, Theodore, (Ithaca) farmer 160
Hillick, John J. (Ithaca) farmer 25
Hintermister, John H. (Ithaca) manufacturer of melodeons & all kinds of musical instruments, 21 W. State.
Hixson,J. Foster (Ithaca) farmer 147
Hoffman, Henry, (Ithaca) tobacconist, 25 E. State.
Hoffman, Henry Mrs. (Ithaca) (Hoffman & Rhen).
Hoffman & Rhen, (Ithaca) (Mrs. Henry Hoffman & Mrs. Jefferson Rhen) milliners, 43 E. State
Hofle, Charles, (Ithaca) (Bundy and Hofle) village collector.
Hollister, Hattie Miss, telegraph operator, W. U. line, 74 E. State.
Hollister, Timothy, (Ithaca) turner of wood, 23 S. Aurora.
Hollister, Walter, (Ithaca) harness maker, 78 E. State, up stairs.
Holman, C.E. Mrs. (Ithaca) dress and cloak maker, over 56 E. State.
Holmes, S.A. (Ithaca) (Holmes & Stamp) Holmes & Stamp, (Ithaca) (S.A. Holmes & A.B. Stamp) proprietors of Tompkins House, cor. Aurora & Seneca.
Hooker, Wesley, (Ithaca) editor Ithaca Journal, & deputy collector internal revenue.
Hooper, Geo. (Ithaca) harness, trunks & c. 16 N. Aurora.
Hooper, Ira, (Ithaca) farmer 1
Horton, Benj. F. (Ithaca) farming implements, 105 W. State.
Howard, Harrison, (Ithaca) (Howard & Spencer)
Howard, Ossian G. (Ithaca) (Beers & Howard)
Howard & Spencer, (Ithaca) (Harrison Howard & James M Spencer) furniture manufacturers, 3 W. State
Howell, Byron C. (Ithaca) claim agent, basement Cornell Library. Tioga.
Howell, R.R. (Ithaca) court crier.
Howland, E. (Ithaca) butcher, Central Market.
Howland, Hemmingway B. (Ithaca) farmer with Mrs. Hilliard Howland.
Howland, Hilliard Mrs. (Ithaca) farmer 60
Howland, Stephen B. (Ithaca)farmer 177
Hoysradt, G. W. Dr. (Ithaca) dental surgeon , 3 Clinton Hall Block, N. Cayuga.
Hoyt, Charles, (Ithaca) (Hoyt & Tappenden)
Hoyt, Hezekiah, (Ithaca) farmer 100
Hoyt & Spence, (Ithaca) (W.H.Hoyt and John Spence) manufacturers of cigars, 14 E.State.
Hoyt & Tappenden, (Ithaca) (Charles Hoyt & George A. Tappenden) boots & shoes, over 5 N. Tioga.
Hoyt, W. H. (Ithaca) (Hoyt & Spence)
Hoyt, William S. (Ithaca) carriage maker, 16,18,20 and 22 S. Tioga.
Hull, Albert M. (Ithaca) (Pope, Rowe, Strong & Co.)
Humphrey, Wm. R. (Ithaca) superintendent Cayuga Division D. L. & W. R. R.
Hungerford, Edward, (Ithaca) owns farm 288
Hungerford, Newell, (Ithaca) frescoe painter, fruit grower and farmer 6
Hughes, Oliver, (Ithaca) farmer 32
Hyatt, Geo. F. (Ithaca) (Hyatt & Oltz)
Hyatt & Oltz, (Ithaca) (Geo. F. Hyatt & John Oltz) carpenters & builders, 23 E. Green.
Hymes Bros. & Co. (Ithaca) (Isidor Hymes & Julius Hymes of NY, & Isaac Hymes, of Ithaca) clothing ready made, 70 E. State.
Hymes, Isaac, (Ithaca) (Hymes Bros. & Co.)


Ingersoll, Hiram W. (Ithaca) upholsterer and spring bed manuf. 8 S. Cayuga.
Irving, John, (Ithaca) stone cutter and master of schooner Elfin, 95 State.
Ithaca Academy, (Ithaca) S. G. Williams, A. M. principal, Cayuga.
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. (Ithaca) J.H. Selkreg, president; W.J. Storms, secretary, treasurer, 40 W. State cor. Albany.
Ithaca Democrat, (Ithaca) 69 E. State, 3rd floor, Spencer & Williams, editors and publishers.
Ithaca Falls Hotel, (Ithaca)1 Lake, cor. R.R. Ave. Robert Johnson, prop.
Ithaca Gas Light Co. (Ithaca) gas fixtures, chandeliers, hall lights, brackets, drop lights & c., L.L.Treman, supt.
Ithaca Hotel, (Ithaca) Warren H. Welch, prop.
Ithaca Journal, (Ithaca) 69 E. State, over Culver & Bates store, John H. Selkreg & Wesley Hooker, editors, J.H. Selkreg, publisher.
Ithaca Public School, (Ithaca) C. W. Barney, principal; cor Albany and Cascadilla.
Ives, I. W. (Ithaca) (Maurice & Ives)


Jackson, George, (Ithaca) cattle broker and farmer 27
Jackson, Thomas, (Ithaca) farmer 20
Jameson, James, (Ithaca) barber and hair dresser, 47 State.
Jarvis, Joseph A. (Ithaca) (Jarvis, Young & Spaulding) farmer 12
Jarvis, Young & Spaulding, (Ithaca) (Joseph A. Jarvis, George E. Young & Edgar Spaulding) carriage makers, 105 Seneca.
Jayne, B. G. (Ithaca) (Jayne & Thompson)
Jayne & Thompson, (Ithaca) (B. G. Jayne & T. C. Thompson), dealers in Grover & Baker's sewing machines, 65 E. State.
Johnson. A. S. (Ithaca) lawyer and special county judge.
Johnson, Benj. L. (Ithaca) (Seymour, Johnson & Co.)
Johnson, Chas. D. (Ithaca) (Johnson & Gregory) builder of artesian wells.
Johnson, Daniel N. (Ithaca) (Seymour, Johnson & Co.)
Johnson, George A. (Ithaca) barber, 81 E. State.
Johnson, Geo. E. (Ithaca) barber 6 S. Cayuga, up stairs.
Johnson & Gregory, (Ithaca) (Chas. D Johnson & A. Ward Gregory) brick makers,Clinton, opp. Corn.
Johnson, Robt. (Ithaca) proprietor of Ithaca Falls Hotel, 1 Lake, cor. R. R. Ave.
Johnson, Wm. G. (Ithaca) agent U. S. & M. U. Express Co's 4 Clinton Hall Block, N. Cayuga.
Jones & Baldwin, (Ithaca) (Hezekiah H. Jones & John Gurnee Baldwin) tailors over 33 State.
Jones, Heth T. (Ithaca) farmer 98
Jones, Hezekiah K. (Ithaca) (Jones & Baldwin)
Jones, James, (Ithaca) farmer 60
Jones, James W. (Ithaca) farmer 85
Jones, Jonathan, (Ithaca) wood turner.


Kelly, Freeman, (Ithaca) (John Rumsey & Co.)
Kennedy, John, (Ithaca) farmer 65
Kennedy, Robert, (Ithaca) farmer 70
Kenney & Byington, (Ithaca) (Tillott Kenney & Wm. Byington) dry goods and groceries, 20 E. State.
Kenney, Levi, (Ithaca) dealer in foreign and domestic dry goods, 38 State.
Kenney Tillott, (Ithaca) ( Kenney & Byington).
Kenyon, G. J. & H. R. (Ithaca) (George J. & Henry R.) planing mills and manufacturers of sash, blinds & c.
Kenyon, George J. (Ithaca) (G. J. & H. R. Kenyon)
Kenyon, Henry R. (Ithaca) ( G. J. & H. R. Kenyon)
Kimball, Orson, (Ithaca) piano tuner and dealer in pianos, melodeons, and c.
King, Alexander, (Ithaca) ( A. King & Sons.)
King, A. & Sons, (Ithaca) (Alexander, Joseph C. & Warren L,) produce & lumber dealers. 180 W. Seneca.
King, Frank, (Ithaca) farmer 200
King, Joseph C. (Ithaca) (A. King & Sons.)
King,Leander R. (Ithaca) (Treman, King & Co.)
King, Merritt, (Ithaca) district attorney, county clerks office building.
King, Roswell W. (Ithaca) boat builder and lumber and grain dealer.
King, Warren L, (Ithaca) ( A. King & Sons)
Kingsbury, John, (Ithaca) groceries and provisions, 8 W. State.
Kline, Jacob W. (Ithaca) farmer 159
Kline, Peter, (Ithaca) farmer 100
Kline, William. (Ithaca) farmer 96
Knapp, Stephen K. (Ithaca) carriage maker, 59 E. Mill.
Kortz, Seymour, (Ithaca) farmer 90


Labar, Elias, (Ithaca) (with John A.) farmer 114
Labar, Elijah, (Ithaca) farmer 30
Labar, John A. (Ithaca)(With Elias) farmer 114
Laney, Fillingham & Co. (Samuel Laney, Fred. Fillingham, Alexander Townsend & King G. Brush), manufacturers of tin, copper and sheet iron ware, 6 N. Aurora.
Laney, Samuel, (Ithaca) (Laney, Fillingham & Co.)
Lang, John B. (Ithaca) (J. S. Reynolds & Co.)
Langham, John, (Ithaca) mason.
Laning, Elias, (Ithaca) farmer 75
Laning, Gideon W. (Ithaca) farmer 25 and leases 75
Lanning, John W. (Ithaca) (Charles Hayt estate) farmer 145
Lanning, J. W. Mrs. (Ithaca) (with Miss M.R. Hayt) heir to Charles Hayt estate 145
Lashier, Alson E. (Ithaca) (Shangle & Lashier)
Lawrence, John Y. (Ithaca) druggist, 6 E. State.
Leonard, Lewis, (Ithaca) fisherman and farmer 6
Lewis Brothers, (Ithaca) (John E. and Chester P.) livery, 10 S. Aurora.
Lewis, Chester P. (Ithaca) (Lewis Brothers)
Lewis, John E. (Ithaca) (Lewis Brothers)
Lewis, J. W. (Ithaca) hair dresser, 3 Clinton Hall Block, N. Cayuga.
Lewis, Luther, (Ithaca) farmer 124
Lindebary, Caspar, (Ithaca) farmer 53
Livermore,Charles F. (Ithaca) proprietor Cayuga House, 107 W. State.
Lord, H. B. (Ithaca) cashier First National Bank of Ithaca.
Lord, John, (Ithaca) (Dodge & Lord)
Love, Samuel, (Ithaca) lawyer, notary, and commissioner of excise, 10 N. Tioga.
Lucas, Asa M. (Ithaca) justice of the peace and life and fire insurance agent, 7 N. Tioga.
Luce, Alonzo, (Ithaca) (Luce & Van Order)
Luce, Chester S. (Ithaca) farmer with Wm. P. Luce.
Luce & Van Order, (Ithaca) (Alonzo Luce and L. Van Order), hardware, 18, 15, and 17 E. State.
Luce, William P. (Ithaca) farmer 100
Lyons, Jacob, (Ithaca) farmer 100
Lyons, Joseph, M. (Ithaca) (Andrus, McChain & C0.)
Lyon, Marcus, (Ithaca) lawyer, Cornell Library, Tioga cor. Seneca.


Mabee, John, (Ithaca) farmer 105
Mackey, Linus S. (Ithaca) (Wilson & Mackey)
Macumber, James, (Ithaca) (Macumber & Tannahill)
Macumber & Tannahill, (Ithaca) (James Macumber and Mathew Tannahill) manufacturers of stone ware, 2 Railroad Ave.
Major, Wm. (Ithaca) boots and shoes, 14 W. State.
Manchester, Charles W. (Ithaca)(D. B. Stewart & Co.)
Mandervill, Edgar W. (Ithaca) eclectic physician, 33 S. Cayuga.
Manly, F. G. (Ithaca) flour and feed. 3 No. Aurora.
Manning, David, (Ithaca) farmer 100
Manning, Jesse, (Ithaca)flour, feed, seeds & c. 5 N. Aurora.
Manning, Philip, (Ithaca) custom saw mill.
Manning, Thompson, (Ithaca) farmer 109
Marian, Alfred. (Ithaca) fisherman.
Markham, Rufus A. (Ithaca) (Bristol & Markham)
Marshall,E. M. (Ithaca) merchant tailor, 50 E. State.
Martin, William. (Ithaca) farmer 49
Martindale, W. Henry, (Ithaca) (Cronk, Watkins & Co.)
Masters, John, (Ithaca) farmer 250
Masters, Lewis, (Ithaca) farmer 3
Masters, Wm. (Ithaca) veterinery surgeon, South Hill.
Maurice & Ives, (Ithaca) (Luke V. B. Maurice and I. W. Ives) manufacture sash and blinds, North Plain.
Maurice, Luke V. B. (Ithaca) (Maurice & Ives) carpenter and builder.
McAlester, M. (Ithaca) (with P. McAlester) farmer 104
McAlester P. (Ithaca) (with M. McAlester) farmer 104
McChain, George, (Ithaca) (Andrus, McChain & C0.)
McClune, Gideon C. (Ithaca) farmer 32, also stone quarry.
McCormick, George, (Ithaca) farmer 43
McCrea & Co. (Ithaca) (Thomas McCrea and Robert Reed) butchers, 9, S. Cayuga.
McCrea, Thomas, (Ithaca) (McCrea & Co.)
McElheney, Thos. J. (Ithaca) county clerk, Tioga.
McGillory, George, (Ithaca) farmer 123
McGowen, John S. (Varna) farmer 140
McGraw, John, (Ithaca) lumber merchant and owns farm 75, Terrace Hill Place.
McGraw John S. (Varna) farmer 140
McIntire, Arnold, (Ithaca) music agent.
McIntire, Dwight, (Ithaca) piano and melodeon tuner.
McIntire, Thomas H. (Ithaca) mechanic
McKinney, David, (Ithaca) farmer 150
McKinney, Jacob, (Ithaca)(M. McKinney & Son)
McKinney, Mills, (Ithaca) (McKinney & Son)
McKinney M. & Son, (Ithaca) (Mills and Jacob) tanners and finishers of leather.
McKinney, William, (Ithaca) farmer 120
McWhorter, L. S. (Ithaca) groceries and provisions, 2 and 4 E. State.
McWhorter, T. L. (Ithaca) insurance agent, 24 Lake Ave., cor. Monroe.
Mead, Henry, (Ithaca) farmer 51
Melotte, George W. (Ithaca) dentist, Wilgus Building.
Merchants & Farmers National Bank, (Ithaca) J. B. Williams, president; George R. Williams, vice president;Chas. E. Hardy, cashier; 38 W. State.
Merriam, Hannah Mrs. (Ithaca) farmer 110
Millard, William, (Ithaca) farmer 95
Mille4r, Horace, (Ithaca) patent right dealer, cor. S. Aurora and Pleasant.
Miller, Lucill, Miss, (Ithaca) dress and cloak maker, over 24 E. State.
Millspaugh, John H. (Ithaca) artist, landscape and portrait.
Millspaugh, Leander, (Ithaca) trunk and harness maker and overseer of poor, 23 E. State.
Mintern, Frank B. (Ithaca) mason 115 W. State.
Minton, William S. (Ithaca) mason, 39 S. Cayuga.
Mitchell, Frank, (Ithaca) farmer 73
Mitchell, Jeremiah H. (Ithaca) farmer 4 and leases 55
Mitchell, John, (Ithaca) farmer 130
Mitchell, J. S. (Ithaca) dry goods and groceries, 82 E. State.
Mitchell, Reuben, (Ithaca) farmer leases 155
Mitchell, Samuel. (Ithaca) farmer 155
Mitchell, William L. (Ithaca) farmer 95
Monell, A. H. (Ithaca) wines and liquors, 1 W. State.
Montgomery, L. Miss. (Ithaca) millinery, 34 E. State.
Montgomery, Nelson, (Ithaca) carriage maker, 18 Utica.
Mood, L. (Ithaca) machinist, Phoenix Iron Works.
Moore, Henry, (Ithaca) hair dresser, also wig maker, over 38 E. State.
Moore, Henry H. (Ithaca) cigar box maker, 1 Hudson.
Moore, James C. (Ithaca) harness and trunks, E. State.
Morgan, Chester S. (Ithaca) flax dresser, Factory.
Morgan, E. J. (Ithaca) homeo. physician and surgeon, 22 E. State.
Morris, Levi, (Ithaca) farmer 45
Morrison, Hawkins & Co. (Ithaca) (J. T. Morrison, N. S. Hawkins & W. F. Finch) dry goods, 22 E. State.
Morrison, J. T. (Ithaca) (Morrison, Hawkins & Co.)
Morse, Ben. (Ithaca) (Morse, Harris & Co.) linseed oil factory, William
Morse, Harris & Co. (Ithaca) (Ben. Morse, David A Harris and George W. Carmer) manufacturers of finished furniture, William, east of oil mill.
Mortimer, William, (Ithaca) spinner.
Mosher, James K. (Ithaca) farmer 103
Mott, Nottingham, (Ithaca) town collector.
Mower, Mandy, (Ithaca) farmer 10
Mowry, Henry F. (Ithaca) auctioneer and fish dealer, 4 S. Tioga.
Mulvey, Thomas, (Ithaca) farmer 34


Neidick, Albert, (Ithaca) police.
Neligan, John, (Ithaca) farmer 7
Neligan, Thomas, (Ithaca) baggage master Cayuga Division D. L. & W. R. R.
Nixon, Wm. (Ithaca) carpenter, 113 N. Aurora.
Northrup, John, (Ithaca) general agent Singer sewing machine, spring bed & harnessmaker, 87 & 89 State.
Norton, Jerome B. (Ithaca) boatman.
Norton, Marcus, (Ithaca) farmer leases 100
Nortz, Chas. F. (Ithaca) (Young & Nortz)


O'Connor, Francis, (Ithaca) (O'Conner & Genger) O'Conner & Genger, (Ithaca) (Francis O'Connor & Francis Genger) stone yard, Westport, cor. Buffalo.
Oliver, C. C. Mrs. (Ithaca) dress and cloak maker, 3 Clinton Hall Block, N. Cayuga.
Oltz, John, (Ithaca) (Hyatt & Oltz)
Oltz, Martin, (Ithaca) farmer leases 130
Ozmun, W. A. (Ithaca) green house and grapery, 132 E. Buffalo.
Ozmun, William A. J. (Ithaca) (H. N. Tillotson & Co.) farmer 300


Pangburn, Edmund, (Ithaca) plow maker, 9 N. Tioga.
Parker, Samuel, (Ithaca) allo. physician, office and residence Parker near E. Buffalo.
Parrott, Alfred M. (Ithaca) (Chesebrough & Parrott)
Partenheimer, Ferdinand A. (Ithaca)boots and shoes, 21 State.
Partenheimer P. I. (Ithaca) cashier Tompkins Co. National Bank, also notary public.
Patmore, John, (Ithaca) boardinghouse, 103 E. State.
Patterson, Ashbel, (Ithaca) physician, 10 E. Seneca.
Payne, Loise Mrs. (Ithaca) hair jewelry, basement Clinton House, cor. Cayuga and Seneca.
Payne, Wm. Rev. (Ithaca) pastor Episcopal church.
Peck, S. H. (Ithaca) allo. physician and surgeon, over 30 E. State.
Perry, J. Newton, (Ithaca) shoe maker and boat builder, 192 Seneca.
Perry, Tannie Miss, (Ithaca) dress maker, Geneva N. Mill.
Pew, John M. (Ithaca) farmer 80
Phillips, Albert, (Ithaca) ( A. Phillips & Son)
Phillips, Albert H. (Ithaca) ( A. Phillips & Son)
Phillips A. & Son, (Ithaca) (Albert Phillips & Albert H. Phillips) merchant tailors & agents for
the Howe & Grover & Baker sewing machines, 19 State.
Phillips, John L. (Ithaca) meat market, 2 Clinton Block, Cayuga.
Phillips, Orlando N. (Ithaca) farmer 140
Phillips, Richard H. (Ithaca) farmer 50
Phoenix Iron Works, (Ithaca) 94 and 98 W. State, Titus & Bostwick, prop.
Pindegrast, John, (Ithaca) pattern maker, 47 New.
Platts, Albert H. (Ithaca) (Farrand & Platts)
Pool, Thomas, (Ithaca) farmer leases 90
Pope, Rowe, Strong & Co. (Ithaca) (Wm. P. Pope, Orlando J. Rowe, Cyrus Strong &
Albert M Hull) propr. of Fall Creek Mills, Lake.
Pope, Wm. P. (Ithaca) (Pope, Rowe, Strong & Co.)
Potter, Estella Mrs. (Ithaca) tailoress, 17 E. State.
Potter, Rowland E. (Ithaca) farmer leases 200
Potter, Sarah J. Mrs. (Ithaca) tailoress.
Prame, Jacob, (Ithaca) boots and shoes, 14 N. Aurora.
Presbyterian Church, (Ithaca) Rev. Thos. White, pastor.
Preston, Archibald, (Ithaca) constable.
Preswick, Henry W. (Ithaca) farmer 72
Preswick, Joseph, (Ithaca) farmer 67
Price, Charles H. (Ithaca) cabinet maker.
Pringle, James, (Ithaca) cartman.
Purdy, Albert J. (Ithaca) (Purdy & Frear).
Purdy & Frear, (Ithaca) (Albert J. Purdy and Wm. Frear) photographers, 40, and 42 E. State.


Quigg, James, (Ithaca) dry goods and groceries, 32 E. State.


Randolf, Hiram F. (Ithaca) boot and shoe maker.
Rankin, George, (Ithaca) crockery and glassware, 42 E. State.
Raub, John, (Ithaca) farmer 134
Raub, Philip (Ithaca) farmer 52
Reed, Andrew W. (Varna) carpenter and farmer 51
Reed, Robert, (Ithaca) (McCrea & Co.)
Reformed Dutch Church, (Ithaca) Rev. Thos. C. Strong, pastor.
Renwick, Robert J. (Ithaca) farmer 550
Reynolds, James S. (Ithaca) (J. S. Reynolds & Co.)
Reynolds, Mary, (Ithaca) farmer 6
Reynolds, J. S. & Co. (Ithaca) (James S. Reynolds & John B. Lang,) founders & machinists, entrance 9 Tioga.
Rezeau, Joseph O. (Ithaca) prop. Farmers Hotel, 16 E. Aurora.
Rhen, Jefferson Mrs. (Ithaca) Hoffman & Rhen).
Rhoades, George, (Ithaca) farmer 140
Rhoades, Henry G. (Ithaca) farmer 90
Rhoades Mary Mrs. (Ithaca) farmer 96
Rhoades, Sumner, (Ithaca) allo. physician and surgeon, Bank Block.
Rhodes, Frederick, (Ithaca) farmer 32
Rhodes, Geo. (Ithaca) farmer
Rhodes, William, (Ithaca) farmer 110
Roat, F. (Ithaca) dining rooms, boarding house and groceries, 46 E. State.
Roberts , Hiram D. (Ithaca) prop. stage routs between Ithaca and Ovid, Ithaca and Watkins.
Robinson, Archibald, (Ithaca) boatman, West Hill.
Robinson, James, (Ithaca) (Day & Robinson).
Robinson, Melvin, (Ithaca) ice dealer.
Rogers, N. A. Mrs. (Ithaca) clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 39 E. State.
Roman Catholic Church, (Ithaca) Rev. James Tonhey, pastor.
Rose, William, (Ithaca) farmer 13
Ross, James H, (Ithaca) (J. Ross & Son).
Ross, John, (Ithaca) (J. Ross & Son).
Ross J. & Son, (Ithaca) (John Ross and James H. Ross) silver platers, stencil cutters & electro platers, 14 S. Tioga.
Rowe, Jerome, (Ithaca) lawyer and claim agent, 27 E. State.
Rowe, Orlando J. (Ithaca) (Pope, Rowe, Strong & Co).
Rumsey, John & Co. (Ithaca) (Freeman Kelly), stoves and hardware, 68 E. State.
Ryerson, Martin, (Ithaca) captain of steamer Sheldrake.


Sackett, S. P. (Ithaca) allo. physician and surgeon, 19 E. State.
Sanford, Augustus C. (Ithaca) (Sanford Brothers).
Sanford Brothers, (Ithaca) (Luther J. and Augustus C.) general variety store.
Sanford, Luther J. (Ithaca) (Sanford Brothers).
Sausman, Peter, (Ithaca) livery, 21 S, Cayuga.
Sawyer & Glenzer, (Ithaca) (S. D. Sawyer & J. J. Glenzer) groceries and coal dealers. 4 Junction.
Sawyer, S. D. (Ithaca) (Sawyer & Glenzer).
Schoonmaker, William D. (Ithaca) boot and shoe maker, 6 S. Aurora.
Schuyler & Burling, (Ithaca) (Henry W. Schuyler and Walter Burling), boat builders, W. State.
Schuyler & Curtiss, (Ithaca) (Geo. W. Schuyler & Chas. B. Curtiss), druggists & insurance agents, 74 & 76 E. State.
Schuyler, Geo. W. (Ithaca) (Schuyler & Curtiss).
Schuyler, Henry W. (Ithaca)(Schuyler & Burling), farmer 125
Scott, Jabez B. (Ithaca) farmer 36
Scott, John, (Ithaca) farmer 75
Scott, Lewis, (Ithaca) saloon keeper.
Seaman, Daniel, (Ithaca) police.
Seely, WM. F. (Ithaca) (Tolles & Seely).
Selkreg, John H. (Ithaca) editor & publisher of Ithaca Journal, president Ithaca Calender Clock Co., Member of Assembly.
Seneca St. M.E. Church (Ithaca) Rev. Simon P. Gray, pastor.
Severn, Chas. (Ithaca) (Severn, Simpson & Co.)
Severn, Simpson & Co. (Ithaca) (Chas. Severn, Edwin Simpson & Daniel Seaman, agent) livery and
prop. Auburn stage route 12 W. State.
Sexton, Myron A. (Ithaca) farmer 100
Seymour, Edward C. (Ithaca) (Seymour, Johnson & Co.) county treasurer.
Seymour, Johnson & Co. (Ithaca) (Edward C. Seymour, Benj. L. Johnson & Daniel N. Johnson) dry goods &
groceries, also agents for Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine, 62 E. State.
Shangle James N. (Ithaca) (Shangle and Lashier.)
Shangle & Lashier, (Ithaca) (James N. Shangle & Alson E. Lashier) house & sign painters, 14 E. State.
Shaw, Angle B. (Ithaca) farmer 209
Sheldon & Clark, (Ithaca) (Jones P. Sheldon & W. H. Clark) livery, E. State, rear Andrus, McChain & Co.
Sheldon, Jones P. (Ithaca) (Sheldon & Clark)
Shepard, Ralph, (Ithaca) farmer 50
Simpson, Alexander, (Ithaca) farmer 200
Simpson, Edwin, (Ithaca) ( Severn, Simpson & Co.)
Sincepaugh, George, (Ithaca) cartman.
Sincepaugh, John, (Ithaca) cartman.
Sincepaugh, Jonah, (Ithaca) cartman.
Sincepaugh, Jacob, (Ithaca) farmer 167
Slawson, John, (Ithaca) (Slawson & Son.)
Slawson & Son, (Ithaca) (John and Warren D.) farmer 106
Slawson, Warren D. (Ithaca) (Slawson & Son.)
Slocum, William J. (Ithaca) Tanner.
Sloughter, Henry, (Ithaca) shoemaker, 95 West Green.
Smith, Alexander, (Ithaca) livery, Seneca corner Aurora.
Smith, Amos, (Ithaca) (Smith & Harvey.)
Smith Brothers, (Ithaca) (William and Horace), props. Ithaca Brewery.
Smith, Charles A. (Ithaca) cartman.
Smith, Charles W. (Ithaca) brick yard, new.
Smith, Gabriel (Ithaca) cartman.
Smith, George S. (Ithaca)( with James R.), farmer 51
Smith, Harrison, (Ithaca) cartman.
Smith & Harvey, (Ithaca) (Amos Smith and Robert Harvey) livery, rear Ithaca Hotel.
Smith, Horace, (Ithaca) (Smith Brothers).
Smith, Horace E. (Ithaca) cartman.
Smith, Isaac H. (Varna) farmer 88
Smith, James R. (Ithaca) (With George S.) farmer 51
Smith, John C. (Ithaca) cartman.
Smith, P. G. (Ithaca) blacksmith.
Smith, Samuel W. (Ithaca) lawyer and justice of the peace, 10 N. Tioga.
Smith, Thomas, (Varna) farmer 90
Smith, William, (Ithaca) (Smith Brothers).
Snook, Moses, (Ithaca) farmer 86
Snyder, Levy, (Ithaca) farmer 55
Spaulding, Edgar, (Ithaca) (Jarvis, Young and Spaulding).
Spaulding, N. (Ithaca) plane maker, 11 and 13 S. Cayuga.
Spear, Richard, (Ithaca) bill poster, residence 62 E. Buffalo.
Spence, John, (Ithaca) (Hoyt & Spence).
Spencer, Anson, (Ithaca) (Spencer & Williams.).
Spencer, James M. (Ithaca) (Howard & Spencer).
Spencer, Spence, (Ithaca) dealer in stationery, wall paper & c., 5 E. State.
Spencer, Thomas N. (Ithaca) farmer 75
Spencer & Williams, (Ithaca) (Anson, Spencer & Barnum R. William), editors & publishers Ithaca Democrat.
Stamp, A. B. (Ithaca) (Holmes & Stamp).
Stansbury, Caroline Miss. (Ithaca) music teacher, Geneva.
Stansbury, J. W. (Ithaca) lawyer.
Steamboat Co. (Ithaca) foot Lake Ave., T. D. Wilcox, supt.
Stebbins, William E. (Ithaca) farmer 115
Steele, William M. (Ithaca) horticulturist, painter, poultry raiser and farmer 10
Steenburgh, Hoofman, (Ithaca) farmer.
Stephens, Henry W. (Ithaca) telegraph operator W. U. line at depot.
Stephens, Philip I. (Ithaca) meat market, 8 E. State.
Stevens, J. L. (Ithaca) marble works, W. State.
Stephens, Thomas, (Ithaca) marble works, 24 N. Aurora cor. Seneca.
Stevens & Akins, (Ithaca) (Henry Stevens & W. H. Akins), bowling saloon &
billiard rooms, basement Clinton Hall Block, 4 North.
Stevens, Henry, (Ithaca) (Stevens & Akins).
Stewart, David B. (Ithaca) (D. B. Stewart & Co.)
Stewart, D.B. & Co. (Ithaca) ( David B. Stewart & Charles W. Manchester), grocery, confectionery & cigar store, 7 E. Buffalo.
Stewart, Henry, (Ithaca) glove manufacturer, 114 E. Buffalo.
Stewart, J. F. (Ithaca) dentist, over 66 E. State.
St.John, Louisa Miss. (Ithaca) music teacher.
St.John, Thomas P. (Ithaca) owns 20 acres in lots.
Stoddard, Edward, (Ithaca) insurance agent, cor. Aurora and State.
Stoddard, Samuel, (Ithaca) wool puller and Tanner, 22 S. Aurora.
Storks, Russel H. (Ithaca) carriage trimmer, 17 W. State, up stairs.
Storms, W. J. (Ithaca) secretary and treasurer Ithaca Calendar Clock Co.
Stowell, John C. (Ithaca) (Wilgus Brothers & Co).
Strong, Cyrus, (Ithaca) (Pope, Rowe, Strong & Co)
Strong, Thos. C. Rev. (Ithaca) pastor Reformed Dutch Church.
Strubel, Daniel, (Ithaca) farmer 100
Sugerman, Philip, (Ithaca) ready made clothing, 38 E. State.
Swartwood, Carrie Mrs. (Ithaca) dress and cloak maker, also agent for Mrs. .M. Works improved system
for cutting ladies dresses, sacks, & c., 10 N. Aurora.
Sweet, Albert, (Jacksonville) harness maker.
Sweetman, David, (Ithaca) shoemaker, 20 Aurora.
Sidney, E. (Ithaca) boots and shoes, also agent for New Heaven Cabinet Organ,14 E. State.


Taber, Benjamin F. (Ithaca) boat builder.
Taber, Curtis, (Ithaca) boat builder.
Tannahill, Mathew, (Ithaca) (Macumber & Tannahill)
Tappenden, George A. (Ithaca) (Hoyt & Tappenden).
Tayleure, Charles F. (Ithaca) harness maker.
Taylor, Jas. B. (Ithaca) groceries and provisions, 60 E. State, cor, Tioga.
Teers, William, (Ithaca) farmer 150
Teeter, Edward, (Ithaca) farmer 89
Teeter, Isaac, (Ithaca) farmer 440
Terry, Edward, (Ithaca) miller, Halsey's mills.
Terry, Fennimore, (Ithaca) tobacconist, Seneca cor. Fulton.
Terry, Jacob, (Ithaca) manufacture tobacco and cigars, Seneca cor. Fulton.
Terwilegar, John, (Ithaca) teamster.
Thayer, William, (Ithaca) broom maker and farmer 6 and leases 96
Thomas, M. C. Mrs. (Ithaca) boarding house, 114 W. State.
Thompson, Joel N. (Ithaca) harness maker.
Thompson, Royal, (Ithaca) farmer 175
Thompson, S. D. (Ithaca) proprietor Clinton House, 14, 16 and 18 N Cayuga cor. Seneca.
Thompson, T. C. (Ithaca) (Jayne & Thompson)
Tillotson, Henry N. (Ithaca) (H. N. Tillotson & Co.) village treasurer.
Tillotson, H. N. & Co. (Ithaca) (Henry N. Tillotson & William A. J. Ozmun), groceries & provisions, 31 E. State.
Titus & Bostwick, (Ithaca) ( C. M. Titus & Wm. L. Bostwick) proprietors Phoenix Iron
works, lumber dealer, planing mill & c. 94 & 98 W. State.
Titus, C. M. (Ithaca) (Titus & Bostwick).
Todd, Edward E. (Ithaca) music teacher.
Tolles, Chancey C. (Ithaca( (Tolles & Seely).
Tolles & Seely, (Ithaca) (Chancey C. Tolles and Wm. F. Seely), photographers, 76 E. State.
Tompkins County National Bank, (Ithaca) Chauncey L. Grant, president; R J. Partenheimer, cashier.
Tonhey, James Rev. (Ithaca) pastor Catholic church.
Torrey. E. B. (Ithaca) patentee artesian wells.
Town Hall, (Ithaca) cor. Tioga and Seneca.
Townsend, Alexander, (Ithaca) (Laney, Fillingham & Co).
Treman & Brothers, (Ithaca) (Leonard, Elias & Lafayette L), proprietors Ithaca Iron Works, 11, 13, 15 & 19 S. Cayuga.
Treman, Elias, (Ithaca) (Treman, King & Co) (Treman & Brothers).
Treman, King & Co. (Ithaca) (Leonard Treman, Elias Treman, Leander R. King &
Lafayette L. Treman), dealers in hardware, 1 E. State.
Treman, Lafayette L. (Ithaca) (Treman, King & Co.) (Treman & Brothers), supt. gas
light Co. sec'y Ithaca & Towanda R. R.
Treman, Leonard, (Ithaca) (Treman, King & Co.) (Treman & Brothers).
Trench, John J. (Ithaca) harness maker.
Tripp, Francis W. (Ithaca) boat ironing, 10 State.
Trotter, Robert, (Ithaca) carman.
Turner, E. T. (Ithaca) president First National Bank of Ithaca.
Turner, Ezra, (Ithaca) farmer 28
Twist, Alpheus, (Ithaca) (Frank Betts & Co.) proprietor Forest City House, 41 and 43 S. Cayuga.
Tyler, Zachariah Rev. (Ithaca) pastor Wesleyan Methodist Church.


Union Hotel, (Ithaca) opp. R.R.depot, Wm. Crosby, prop.


Valentine, Warren T. (Ithaca) farmer 16
Van Dorn, John, (Ithaca) live stock dealer and farmer 102
Van Gorder, Daniel, (Ithaca0 carpenter and farmer 40
VanKirk, Eron C. (Ithaca) sheriff of Tompkins Co.; County Clerks office building.
Vannatta, James, (Ithaca) farmer leases 120
Vannatta, John B. (Ithaca) farmer 14
Vannatta John E. (Ithaca) carpenter and millwright.
Vannorder, John, (Ithaca) farmer 140
Van Norman, Joseph, (Ithaca( farmer 100
Van Order, Abram, (Ithaca) boat builder.
Van Order, Catherine, Mrs. (Ithaca) owns farm 12
Van Order, Edwin, (Ithaca) farmer with Henry Van Order.
Van Order, Henry, (Ithaca) farmer 98
Van Order, L. (Ithaca)(Luce & Van Order).
Van Order, Nelson, (Ithaca) farmer leases of G. W. Bundy, 249
Van Order, Parmer, (Ithaca) farmer leases 12
Van Orman, Geo. F. (Ithaca) photographer, 24 E. State.
Vanorman, Isaac, (Ithaca) farmer 60
Van Orman, John, (Ithaca) boots and shoes, 44 E. State.
Vanorman, Myron, (Ithaca) (with William). farmer 95
Vanorman, William, (Ithaca) (with Myron) farmer 95
Van Valkenburg, Eugene, (Ithaca) grocer at Free Hollow.
Van Valkenburgh, Mills, (Ithaca) county judge and surrogate.
Van Valkenburg, William, (Ithaca) paper maker.
Van Voorhees, K. S. (Ithaca) manager co-operative grocery and provision store, 2 W. State.
Vincent, Arnold, (Ithaca) farmer 148
Vosburgh, Samuel L. (Ithaca) watches and jewelry, 72 E. State.


Walbridge, H. S. (Ithaca) lawyer.
Walker, William W. (Ithaca) miller.
Warner, Seth, (Ithaca) constable.
Watkins, E. H. (Ithaca) proprietor of Exchange Hotel, 18 and 20 W. State.
Watkins, John L. (Ithaca) (Cronk, Watkins & Co.).
Weaver, Ezra, (Ithaca) justice of the peace, 7 N. Aurora.
Weed, Edwin, (Ithaca) miller.
Welch, Michael, (Ithaca) stone mason and farmer 24
Welch, Warner H. (Ithaca) proprietor Ithaca Hotel.
Weller, Govenor, (Ithaca) milk dairy and farmer 135
Wesleyan Methodist Church, (Ithaca) Rev. Zachariah Tyler, pastor.
Western Union Telegraph Office, (Ithaca) 74 E. State, and D. L. & W. R. R. depot.
Whalen, Patrick, (Ithaca) broom maker, over 7 N. Tioga.
Whipple, Robert, (Ithaca) farmer 113
Whitcom, John N. (Ithaca) brick maker, 33 Wheat.
White & Burdick, (Ithaca) (C. H. White and D. W. Burdick), druggists, 16 E. State
White, C. H. (Ithaca) (White & Burdick)
White, David, (Ithaca) eclectic physician, 21 E. State.
White, Guy H. (Ithaca) carriage maker, 2 Esty.
White, Thos.Rev. (Ithaca) pastor Presbyterian Church.
Whitlock, A. B. (Ithaca) leader Whitlock's Cornet Band.
Whitlock, Conrad T. (Ithaca) farmer 70
Whitlock, Jesse, (Ithaca) farmer 1
Whitlock's Cornet Band, (Ithaca) A. B. Whitlock leader.
Whiton, John L. (Ithaca) grocer, confectioner & provision dealer, also insurance agent, 5 & 7 W. State.
Wick, Conrad, (Ithaca) cigar manuf., 48 E. State.
Wick, M. (Ithaca) tobacconist, 48 E. State.
Wilcox, Samuel H. (Ithaca) lawyer, county clerks office.
Wilcox, T. D. (Ithaca) supt. Steamboat Co.
Wilgus Brothers & Co. (Ithaca) (Henry L Wilgus, John B. Wilgus & John C. Stowell), general merchants & props. of Atheneum public hall, 55 & 57 E. State.
Wilgus, Henry L. (Ithaca) (Wilgus Brothers & Co).
Wilgus, John B. (Ithaca) (Wilgus Brothers & Co).
Williams, Amasa A. (Ithaca) farmer 86
Williams, Barnum R. (Ithaca) (Spencer & Williams), chief engineer fire department, also clerk of the village of Ithaca.
Williams, Deforest, (Ithaca) farmer leases of Levi William's 300
Williams, Geo. R. (Ithaca) vice president Merchants and Farmers National Bank.
Williams, H. C. (Ithaca) proprietor of Cascadilla mill, junction of Linn and Dryden road, also plaster mill.
Williams, J. B.` (Ithaca) president Merchants' and Farmers National Bank.
Williams, John A. (Ithaca) lawyer.
Williams, John J. (Ithaca) farmer leases 100
Williams, Josiah B. (Ithaca) banker and farmer 60
Williams, Levi, (Ithaca) farmer 600
Williams, Lyman W. (Ithaca) farmer 135
Williams, S.G.,A.M. (Ithaca) principal Ithaca Academy.
Williams, Walter P. (Ithaca) farmer 145
Wilmot, W. A. (Ithaca) (Bostwick & Wilmot).
Wilson, Hudson J. (Ithaca) (Wilson & Mackey).
Wilson, Jno. V. (Ithaca) (Wilson & Mackey).
Wilson, Joseph, (Ithaca) house painter, 76 N. Tioga.
Wilson & Mackey, (Ithaca), (Jno. V. Wilson, Linus S. Mackey & Hudson J. Wilson), sign & house painters, 36 E. State.
Winters, Oliver, (Ithaca) dealer in clothing, over 14 E. State.
Winton, DeLano & Co. (Ithaca) (Samuel H. Winton, Martin S. DeLano & Henry J. Grant). wholesale grocers, 9 & 11 N. Cayuga.
Winton, Samuel H. (Ithaca) (Winton, DeLano & Co).
Wisner, Samuel P. (Ithaca) lawyer and insurance agent, 10 N. Tioga and Stone Quarry.
Wisner, William Rev. D. D. (Ithaca) retired Presbyterian clergyman.
Woarren,John B. (Ithaca) blacksmith, 18 S. Cayuga.
Wood, Jonathan S. (Ithaca) milk dairy and farmer 228
Woodney, Benj. (Ithaca) shoemaker, 177 N. Geneva.
Wortman, Jacob R. (Ithaca)(Bates, Wortman & Co).
Wright, Nelson, (Ithaca) dyeing and repairing umbrellas.
Wyckoff, W. O. (Ithaca) lawyer and law reporter.


Young, George E. (Ithaca) (Jarvis, Young & Spaulding).
Young & Nortz, (Ithaca) (William F. Young & Charles F. Nortz), Fall Creek cooper shop, Rail Road Avenue.
Young, WM. F. (Ithaca) (Young & Nortz).


Zion Church, (Ithaca) Rev. John Anderson, Pastor.

Thank you Sharon Scofield for transcribing these records into digital format.

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