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Ithaca City Cemetery (C)

Located to the west (downhill) side of West Campus. It can easily be accessed from either Stewart or University Avenues. Built on a terraced slope between Stewart & University avenues.
City of Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY.

The cemetery now covers sixteen acres, including a potter's field, two Jewish burial grounds, a Civil War memorial, and a Fire Fighters' Memorial.

Records are from: City Cemetery interment records copied from original records 7/2/2002 by Cathy Knauff;
Dora Pope Worden's 1920's records;
Headstone inscriptions taken by Cathy Knauff starting in the summer of 2002.


photograph of cemetery
Photo by Cathy Knauff
(larger photo)

The first burial in Ithaca is in this cemetery: Rachel Allen, a young child of a family passing through Ithaca, became ill and died in 1790 or 1791, and was buried in the Village Cemetery on the hill (Ithaca City Cemetery). She is buried in an unmarked grave.

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Ithaca City Cemetery is a very large cemetery with many very old headstones. We will try to be as accurate as possible with the inscriptions when transcribing from the headstones and the interment records. Other updates are from Ithaca City Hall index cards from the cemetery Interment records, hand copied by Cathy Knauff and transcribed by her. Those records will have block/lot/map no. listed to the right. When other records were used that source will be also listed. We are sorry if a person is not listed with these records. If their burial was in the early 1800s, many of those burials, if not recorded earlier are not marked in the interment records, nor does any headstone remain with their inscription. It must also be noted that in the Western Section of the cemetery (oldest part) we did find a pile of broken headstones that had been thrown over the bank. It appears that many years ago no care was taken to preserve the history that lies in this cemetery. This cemetery also seems to be a play ground for someone that finds it fun to destroy or vandalize headstones and monuments. Some monuments have also been pushed over the gorge where they can not be retrieved.

  CahillNathaniel, son of Absalom & _____Cahilld. Aug. 11, 1836 ae 8y 10m 19d City Hall
  CainCarrie L. d. 1880 39y C/207/82 City Hall
  CainMary E. d. 15 Feb 1917 74y C/211/82 Wife of Jacob City Hall
  CaldwellNathanield. Mar. 31, 1829 ae 56 yr. West/102 City Hall
  CaldwellFannie Garrett died April 19, 1929 age 77y A/86/35 At US Naval Hosp in Wash DC City Hall
  CaldwellHarold S. 1892 2y G/110/15 City Hall
  CaldwellNathaniel 1836 9m West/92 City Hall
  CaldwellTheron 1837 5y W/92 City Hall
  CameronAlexander 1899 79y A/115/37 City Hall
  CameronAnn M. died April 2, 1920 age 86y A/115/37 Wife of Alexander City Hall
View stone Camp Anastasia Virginia "Daughter" 1847–1924 Headstone Inscription
  CampAnatasia Virginia died Feb. 18, 1924 age 77y 11m 13d West/105 d/o Joseph & Elizabeth lot title Fred A Camp 4424 2AveS Minn City Hall
View stone CampElizabeth Curran "Mother" 1826 – 1901Headstone Inscription
  CampElizabeth Curran died 1901 age 75y West/105 Wife of Joseph City Hall
View stone Camp Joseph "Father" 1815 – 1877 Headstone Inscription
  CampJoseph died 1877 age 62y West/105 City Hall
View stone Campbell Ada M. 1895–19[no date] Headstone Inscription
  CampbellAda M.1895–Dec. 8, 1957 age 62 K/14/50 (lot of Beatrice Campell) City Hall
View stone Campbell Beatrice 1895–1955 Headstone Inscription
  CampbellBeatrice Myra1895– March 6, 1955 age 60y 1m K/13/50 City Hall
  CampbellHelen Augusta, dau. of Alfred E. & Martha J. d. Feb. 12, 1834 ae 22 mo s West/95 City Hall
  CampbellSarah Jane d/o George & Martha J. (Blake) Campbell d. May 21, 1945 ae 90y 3m 9d H/128/10 City Hall
  CampbellDorothy died Oct 24, 1950 age 60y 8m 22d K/97/69 City Hall
  CampbellGeorge b. Sept. 20, 1827 d. Dec 3, 1912 age 85y H/10 City Hall
  CampbellMartha J. died Jan. 15, 1920 age 87y H/129/10 Wife of George City Hall
  CampbellMinnie L. died 1892 age 18y H/129/10 City Hall
  CampbellW.George 1908 49y H/129/10 City Hall
  CamusOvena M. Digler died 1895 age 23y B/ /45 City Hall
  CanfieldInfant male twin died Nov. 19, 1952 3h5m K/inf/69 City Hall
  CanfieldInfant male twin 1d one grave City Hall
  CanovanMary Baker 1 Dec 1918 78y G/134/6 w/o ? City Hall
  CantineJane (Cart), wife of John Cantine d. Apr. 28, 1859 ae 77 yr West/97 City Hall
  CantineJohnd. Aug. 31, 1834 ae 64yr 11mo West/97 City Hall
  CantineMary S., Sacred memory of, w/o John Cantine d. July 25, 1829 ae 27y 11m 19d West/97 City Hall
  CantineSusan Eliza, dau. of J. M. & Mary Cantine d. July 3, 1828 ae 3mo 15da West/97 City Hall
  CantineCharles M. died 1859 age 37y West/ /97 City Hall
  CantineChristina M.C. died 1883 age 81y West/ /97 City Hall
View stone Card?? ? Headstone Inscription [very hard to read]
  CardsElnathan died 1814 age 44y Western sect City Hall
View stone CarmerGeorge W. died Jan. 22, 1871 Headstone Inscription [stone broken – see another view]
  CarmerGeorge W. died Jan. 22, 1871 aged 38 yrs., 9 mo., 12 dys. D/48/86 City Hall
  CarpenterSemantha, wife of Isaac Carpenter d. Apr. 7, 1828 or 1829 ae 32 yr West/92 City Hall
View stone CarpenterAbby Deane, wife of Benjamin F. Carpenter b. Oct. 18, 1817 d. Dec. 3, 1884 Headstone Inscription
  CarpenterAbby Deane wf of Benjamin Carpenter b. Oct. 18, 1817 d. Dec. 3, 1884 C/31/64 City Hall
View stone CarpenterBenjamin F. b. April 4, 1809 d. June 6, 1869 Headstone Inscription
  CarpenterBenjamin F. b. April 4, 1809 d. June 6, 1869 C/31/64 City Hall
View stone CarpenterAlson T  Headstone Inscription [very hard to read]
  CarpenterAlson P or T died 1880 age 72y C/82 City Hall
  CarpenterCora died 1871 age 4y C/14/63 City Hall
View stone CarpenterCornelia, wife of J. D. Carpenter [no dates] Aged 68 years Headstone Inscription
  CarpenterCornelia died ? age 58y B/116/47 City Hall
  CarpenterFred born Oct. 31, 1881 died Jan. 23, 1954 age 72y 2m 23d PF/116/60 City Hall
  CarpenterGeorge E. died 1863 age 3y G/120/15 City Hall
  CarpenterInfant born & died Nov. 28, 1918 City Hall City Hall
View stone CarpenterGeorge H. died May 9, 1904 age 63y? Headstone Inscription
Co. D, 137 Regt. NYS Vols.
  CarpenterGeorge H. died 1904 age 53y C/14/63 Veteran of civil War City Hall
  CarpenterIsaac died Oct. 2, 1851 age 58y West/92 City Hall
View stone CarpenterJohn D.died March 30, 1887, aged 75 yearsHeadstone Inscription
  CarpenterJohn D. died 1887 age 75y B/116/47 City Hall
View stone CarpenterMary  Headstone Inscription [very hard to read – bottom of Alson T. stone]
  CarpenterMary died 1889 age 82y C/82 City Hall
  CarpenterMathew age 1857 age 21y C/31/64 City Hall
  CarpenterHelen no datesCity Hall
  CarpenterWillie no datesCity Hall
  CarrAlanson B. died 1897 age 48y A/208/28 City Hall
View stone CarrHarry b. Oct. 19, 1881; d. May 30, 1904 Headstone Inscription
  CarrHarry died 1904 age 22y A/208/28 City Hall
  CarrHelen born April 25, 1907 died Oct. 7, 1909 age 2y A/208/28 City Hall
  CarrMary J. born Oct. 1, 1852 died Feb. 24, 1929 age 77y A/208/28 City Hall
  CarriganWilliam died Sept. 24 or 29, 1936 age 82y PF/22/69 City Hall
  CarrollAlfred Zuaiffe b. March 3, 1917 d. 27 Mar 1917 premature B/ /43 City Hall
  CarrollLena Queen mother b. June 9, 1892 d. March 30, 1917City Hall
  CarrollAlfred Z. Carroll father  City Hall
  CarrollAnnie Wilson b. Dec. 22, 1876 d. Dec. 11, 1948 71y 11m 19d PF/83/59 City Hall
  CarterRobert, a native of England d. Jan. 18, 1835 ae 52 or 59 yr 2 mo West/101 City Hall
  CarterRobert Jr., a native of England, s/o Robert Carter d. Sept. 5, 1829 ae 29yr 1mo West/101 City Hall
View stone CaseElinor died June 19, 1853, aged 6? years Headstone Inscription
[on same stone as Jane Lyon]
  CaseElinor 1853 67y West/103 Mother PS Lyon City Hall
View stone Case? Covert, wife of Phillip Case d. ??? 12, 1900 age ? Headstone Inscription
  CaseEmma Jean Covert d. May 12, 1900 age ? D/8/80 City Hall
  CaseLydia P. Minton 1859 37y ? City Hall
  CaseMargaret E. 7 Sept 1859 12y 3 m 4 dys D/8/80 City Hall
  CaseMary Ella 24 Nov 1955 D/8/80 (Lot of Phillip) City Hall
View stone CasePhillip b. Troy, Pa., July 2? 1810; d. Yonkers, N. Y., April 14, 1890 Headstone Inscription
  CasePhillip b. 25 July 1810 d. 14 April 1890 80 yrs. D/8/80 City Hall
View stone CasterlineJulius A.b. Aug. 18, 1823; d. Apr. 3, 1906 Headstone Inscription
  CasterlineJulius A. d. 1839 4y West/105 Son of JA & Sarah J City Hall
View stone CasterlineSarah J. Melon, wife of Julius A. Casterline d. Oct. 7, 1825 Headstone Inscription
  CasterlineSarah J. Melon d. 1825 age ? West/105 Wife of Julius City Hall
  CasterlineJulius A.d. 1906 age 83 yrs., West/105 City Hall
  CasterlineJames A., son of Julius A. & Sarah J. d. Jan. 17, 1850 ae 2 mo s West/105 City Hall
  CastleHarriet Louisa, dau. of Joseph & Anna B. d. Nov. 13, 1835 ae 2yr 10mo West/98 City Hall
View stone ChaffeeRhoda E. 1833 – 1918 Headstone Inscription
"Formerly Rhoda Elizabeth Swain VanOrman"
  ChaffeeRhoda Elizabeth Ross b. Oct. 13, 1832 d. June 18, 1918 Lot map 44 City Hall
View stone ChambersGeorge b. Jan. 9, 1822; d. Jan. 22, 1889Headstone Inscription
  ChambersGeorge d. 1889 age 67y B/101/46 (south) City Hall
View stone ChambersHarriet T., wife of George b. Jan. 19, 1823; d. Mar. 17, 1900Headstone Inscription
  ChandlerClara Apgar b. Dec. 31, 1884 d. Aug. 26, 1956 B/8/63 Lot of John H. Selkreg, name on headstone with George & Alethea Apgar. City Hall
  ChapenLydia, wife of Abner Chapen d. Jan. 1, 1817 ae 52 yr West/96 City Hall
  Chapmaninfant (Almearin?) b. Jan. 20, 1838 d. Sept. 15, 1839 West/92 on lot with Elizabeth Chapman City Hall
View stone ChapmanEarl W. 1881 – 1910 Headstone Inscription
  ChapmanEarl W. d. 2 Nov 1910 29y C/234/67 Lot of Mrs Charles F or T Sharpe City Hall
  ChapmanElizabeth 1825 age 21y West/92 Wife of James Chapman City Hall
View stone ChapmanTitus who died Sept. 18, 1818... Headstone Inscription
  ChapmanTitus d. Sept. 18, 1818 age 46y West/92 City Hall
View stone CharltonAlice d. July 21, 1859 aged 44y Headstone Inscription
  CharltonAlice d. July 21, 1859 aged 44y C/151/68 City Hall
  ChaseSusan, wife of Isaac Chase d. Feb. 5, 1829 ae 49 yr West/93 City Hall
  ChaskowskiJohn d. Nov. 29, 1933 age 40y P F/13/59 City Hall
  ChattertonAnna d. Mar. 22, 1845 ae 9mo 3da West/96 City Hall
View stone ChattertonBlondina 1787? – 1853? Headstone inscription
  ChattertonBlondina Wright died 1815 age 28y C/108/75–76 City Hall
View stone ChattertonJohn b. Sept 22, 1771 d. Nov 5, 1844Headstone inscription
  ChattertonJohn b. Sept. 22, 1771 d. Nov. 5, 1844 age 70y C/108/75–76 City Hall
  CheesebroughSarah, wife of Peleg Chesebrough d. Jan. 31, 1843 ae 52 yr West/98 City Hall
View stone CheeseboroughMary Elizabeth Goodwin, wife of Peleg 1827 – 1899Headstone Inscription
  CheeseboroughMary Elizabeth Goodwin no datesB/44 City Hall
  CheeseboroughPeleg d. Oct. 13, 1910 age ?City Hall
View stone CheeseboroughZeruah b. Nov. 15, 1821; d. Jan. 11, 1894 Headstone Inscription
  CheeseboroughZeruh born Nov. 15, 1821 died Jan. 11, 1894 age 73y W/107 City Hall
  CheneyCerryl C. d. 1825 age 6 mo, s/o Chas & Mary Ann Cheney (must be twin with Charles E.) City Hall
  CheneyCharles E. 1825 6m W/95 s/o Chas & Mary Ann Cheney (must be twin with Cerryl C.) City Hall
  ChevramKadisha no dates JewishSection/89/90 City Hall
  Chilsoninfant d. ? age ?PF/60 City Hall
View stone ChipmanEmily died March 2, 1875 aged 78 years Headstone Inscription
  ChipmanEmily died 1875 78y C/186/76 City Hall
View stone ChipmanEunice Cogswell, wife of Charles Born in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia May 8, 1778; Died in Ithaca, May 11, 1855 Headstone Inscription
  ChipmanEunice Cogswell died 1855 age 77y C/186/76 City Hall
  ChrichtonEmily R. died 1872 age 5y J/42 City Hall
  ChrichtonGeorge J., died 1872 age 28 yrs., First husband of Rose A. Valkenburg J/22/42 City Hall
  ChristensenJohanna, born Jan. 26, 1875 d. Feb. 17, 1959 H/40/5 Lot of John Peter Christensen City Hall
  ChristensenJohn P. born May 9, 1863 died Mar. 9, 1935 H/40/5 Next to J. Nichols Monument City Hall
  ChristensenHerman no datesCity Hall
  ChristensenThelma born Aug. 10, 1910 died Jan. 27, 1911City Hall
  ChristieHarriet F., dau. of Andrew & Abigail b. Jan 27, 1834 d. Feb 19,1845 West/98 City Hall
  ChurchIrving P. born July 22, 1851 died 8 May 1931 K/205/40 City Hall
  ChurchKate White Schuyler died 1882 age 33y G/32/13 City Hall
  ClappCarrie A., died Jan. 17, 1915 age ?City Hall
  ClappCharles died 1886 age 65y D/32/78 City Hall
  ClappGeorge, born Nov. 19, 1882 died 7 Dec 1959 age 77y 0m 18d K/P/F/59 City Hall
  ClappLaura May died 1883 age 2y D/32/78 City Hall
  ClappMaria B. died 1885 age 62y D/32/78 City Hall
View stone ClarkJohn James, son of James & Mary T. d. Sept. 6, 1844 ae 1yr 2mo 19d B/6/53 City Hall
Headstone Inscription
View stone ClarkMary T., wife of James Clark d. Aug. 20, 1848 ae 41 yr City Hall
Headstone Inscription
  ClarkMary, (prob.) dau. of James & Mary T. Clark d. Nov. 1, 1848 ae 2 yr City Hall
  ClarkMr. David d. Nov. 22, 1832 ae 49 yr W/102 City Hall
  ClarkPercy, son of Asa & Eliza Clark d. Oct. 9, 1846 ae 7 mo West/102 City Hall
  ClarkAnn 1903 70y A/16/22 City Hall
  ClarkDella C. died Jan. 22, 1982 age ?City Hall
  ClarkDwight Patterson died 1862 age 1y G/13/12 City Hall
  ClarkEllen died 8 Aug 1915 age 80y A/16/22 City Hall
View stone ClarkEllen 1835–1915 Headstone Inscription
  ClarkHarriet E. Patterson died 1902 age 65y G/13/22 (buried next to Uri Clark) City Hall
  ClarkUri born Oct. 23, 1836 died Feb. 3, 1916 (buried next to Harriet Patterson Clark) City Hall
  ClarkHenry Esq. died Feb. 19, 1871 age ?City Hall
  ClarkHenry died 1817 age 99y W/100 City Hall
View stone ClarkHenry, Esq. died Feb. 19, 1817 age 29y Headstone Inscription
View top of stone, carved by "Coffin Man"
  ClarkJosie C. died 1879 age 2m G/111/15 Grandson of Wm H Martindale d/o EM & C Cora Clark City Hall
View stone Clark??? Josie C., E.M & ??? Clark   Headstone Inscription [very hard to read]
  ClarkLafayette 1901 43y B/45 City Hall
  ClarkElizabeth A. b. June 5, 1852 d. 13 Oct 1928 age 76y4m8d C/70/76 Lot of John E Brown City Hall
  Clark Father died 1858 46y C/88/76 City Hall
  ClarkGeorge F. died April 14, 1914 age 63y C/70/76 City Hall
  ClarkH. died 1886 age 44y C/88/76 City Hall
  ClarkJ. died 1858 age 15y   City Hall
  ClarkM. Etta born March 22, 1855 died 26 Nov 1917 age 62y C/70/76 Wife of George City Hall
  ClarkMary T. died 1848 age 41y B/6/53 City Hall
  ClarkMOTHER died 1884 age 73y C/188/76 City Hall
  ClarkSally died 1885 age 78y City Hall
  ClarkFlorence S.born Oct. 4, 1884 died Aug. 16, 1960City Hall
View stone ClarkFlorence L.born Oct. 4, 1884 died Aug. 16, 1960Headstone Inscription
  ClausonCatherine Beardsley died 3 Feb 1925 age 62y d/o Lucius Beardsley d. at Whitesboro, NY City Hall
  ClayAmanda born March 1, 1873 died 2 Mar 1940 age 67y 0m 1d PF/47/69 City Hall
  ClaywaterWinfield Scott, born June 3, 1852 died Sept. 8, 1934 age 82y 3m 5d PF/15/59 City Hall
  ClevelandEliza A., wife of John C. Cleveland died July 30, 1868, aged 33 years, 3 ms. & 27 ds. Headstone Inscription
  ClevelandEliza A. died 1868 age 37y G/172/17 (surname spelling may be Cleaveland) City Hall
View stone ClevelandJohn C., died April 23, 1869 age 36y Headstone Inscription
  ClevelandJohn C., died 1869 age 36y G/172/17 (surname spelling may be Cleaveland) City Hall
View stone ClintonMiles L.1827 1904 Headstone Inscription
  ClintonMiles C.1827 1904 B/98/46 City Hall
View stone ClintonSarah Clock, wife of Miles L. Clinton 1833 1890 Headstone Inscription
View stone ClintonSarah (Clock) wife of Miles L. Clinton 1833 1890 B/98/46 City Hall
View stone ClintonSamuel 1800–1858 B/98/46 City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone ClintonRachel A. (Knapp) wife of Samuel Clinton 1805–1889 B/98/46 City Hall
View stone ClintonEmma A., d/o Samuel & Rachel A. Clinton 1844–1872 B/98/46 City Hall
  ClintonMyron C.1829–1899 B/98/46 City Hall
View stone ClintonMyron C.1829–1899 Headstone Inscription
  ClintonBetsey A. Vosburgh wife of Myron C. Clinton July 29, 1836– Jan. 12, 1910 B/98/46 City Hall
View stone ClintonBetsey A. Vosburgh, wife of Myron C. Clinton 1836– 1910 Headstone Inscription
  ClintonEstelle G. (on same stone with Myron & Betsey) 1858– July 27, 1907 B/98/46 City Hall
View stone ClintonEstelle G. (on same stone with Myron & Betsey) 1858– 1907 Headstone Inscription
  ClintonEdward S., son of W. D. & H., born May 14, 1874 died June 18, 1874 G/91/14 City Hall
View stone ClintonEdward S., son of W. D. & H. A Clinton, born May 14, 1874 died June 18, 1874 Headstone Inscription
  ClintonEdward, born May 12, 1822 died Dec. 21, 1903 G/91/14 City Hall
View stone Clinton Edward C., May 12, 1822 – Dec. 21, 1903 Headstone Inscription
  ClintonHelen A. King wife of W. Dewitt Clinton b. June 13, 1850 d. Nov. 25, 1914 G/91/14 City Hall
View stone ClintonHelen A. King wife of W. Dewitt Clinton b. June 13, 1850 d. Nov. 23, 1914 G/91/14 City Hall
  ClintonHelen M., d/o Edward & Katherine Clinton born May 18, 1847 died Nov. 24, 1851 G/91/14 City Hall
View stone ClintonHelen M., d/o E. & K. A. Clinton born May 18, 1847 died Nov. 24, 1851 Headstone Inscription
  ClintonKatherine Ann Whitlock, wife of Edward born Oct. 20, 1822 died May 30, 1913 G/91/14 City Hall
View stone ClintonKatherine Ann Whitlock, wife of Edward Oct. 29, 1822 – May 30, 1913 Headstone Inscription
View stone ClintonW. Dewitt, s/o Edward & Katherine born May 24, 1851 died June 4, 1927 G/91/14 City Hall
Headstone Inscription
View stone ClintonDewitt, 1887 – 1974Headstone Inscription
  ClintonWilbur Dewitt, died Aug. 31, 1974 age ? City Hall
View stone ClintonHarriet1887 – 1964 Headstone Inscription
  ClintonHarriet Wise, born 1888 died 5 Feb 1964 age 76y G/91/14 City Hall
View stone CloughHarriet A. d. 1896 age 51y B/101/46 City Hall
  Clough Harriet A. b. Nov. 7, 1815; d. Dec. 13, 1896 Headstone Inscription
  ClockHiram died 1877 age 83y H/59/8 City Hall
  CoburnNancy Ryder, died 1899 ae 75y C/77/65 w/o Horatio Coburn sister of Eloise Ryder Shepard City Hall
  CoffeeLavern Everette died 16 Feb 1932 age 47y K/103/59 City Hall
  CogswellHeman, died at San Antonio, Texas April 28, 1849 aged 35 years C/141/67 City Hall
View stone CogswellHeman, died at San Antonio, Texas April 28, 1849 aged 35 years. "I know that my redeemer liveth." Headstone Inscription
View Monument
  CohenCaroline died Dec. 19, 1856 age 26 yrs (wife of David Cohen) Lot Jewish/90 City Hall
View stone CohenCaroline wife of David Cohen; died Dec. 19, 1856 age 26 yrs (English and Hebrew) Headstone Inscription
  CohenIsrael died 1856 age ? City Hall
View stone CohenIsrael Moses, son of David and Caroline COHEN died Dec. 27, 1856, aged 17 Days Headstone Inscription
  ColbertKathryn Joyce born Jan. 5, 1929 died 11 June 1933 age 4y 5m 6d K/110/B/56 Lot of James L
( shows lot on back of card )
View stone ColbertKathryn J. "Joyce" 1929 – 1933Headstone Inscription
  ColbertEmma Lou, 1907 – 1982 Headstone Inscription
View stone ColbertEmma Lou, died Nov. 19, 1982 age ? City Hall
  ColbertJames L., born Nov. 30, 1905 died Nov. 17, 1985 City Hall
View stone ColbertJames L., 1905 – 1984 City Hall
  ColburnSusan Hamilton d. 1886 age 79y H/15/3 wife of Rev JB Benham & wife of Hanford Colburn MD (buried under Benham) City Hall
  ColeFannie Burns born May 6, 1859 died 1 June 1922 age 63y H/58/8 City Hall
  ColeFrank C. born April 30, 1852 died 3 July 1939 age 87y 2m 3d H/134/20 City Hall
  ColeGeorgia W. born Sept. 28, 1867 died 25 Nov 1940 age 73y 1m 28d H/58/8 City Hall
  ColeHarry C., son of Frank & Lydia A. Cole 1889–1890 H/20 City Hall
  ColeLydia A. wife of Frank C. Coleb. Nov. 17, 1856 d. 20 Oct 1935 ae 78y 11m 3d H/134/20 City Hall
  ColeEli born Sept. 7, 1834 died Aug. 17, 1916 age 81y south D/8/80 City Hall
  ColeHarvey E., died 1896 age 31 yrs., D/7/80 City Hall
  ColeLaura S., wife of Eli, born July 25, 1847 died Jan. 17, 1919 age 71 yrs., D/8/80 City Hall
  ColeLizzie A., daughter of Eli (adopted daughter) died ? D/7/80 City Hall
  ColeMrs. A. B. Cole, no dates(next to Fred Cole) City Hall
  ColeFred died ? City Hall
  ColemanJenniedied 28 Aug 1959 age 70y K/89 old sect City Hall
  ColemanJosephdied 29 July 1935 age 51y Jewish/89 City Hall
  CollinsAmanda M. Warner died 1900 age 85y A/30/23 City Hall
View stone CollierHarriet Adaline, daughter of Elisha and ??? Collier died May 27, 1861[?]Headstone Inscription
View stone CollinsAmanda M. Warner, wife of George H. Collins born Sept. 11, 1815; died May 17, 1900 Headstone Inscription
  CollinsElizabeth B. born Jan. 21, 1856 died 26 Feb 1934 age 78y 1m 5d A/30/23 City Hall
View stone CollinsElizabeth B. born Jan. 21, 1856; died 26 Feb 1934Headstone Inscription
  CollinsGeorge H., died 1877 age 66y A/30/23 City Hall
View stone CollinsGeorge H., born June 23, 1811; died May 23, 1877Headstone Inscription
  CollinsGeorge S., died 1850 age 3y A/30/23 City Hall
View stone CollinsGeorge S., born Nov. 4, 1847; died Sept. 18, 1850 Headstone Inscription
  CollinsHenry W.,died 1878 age 37y A/30/23 City Hall
View stone CollinsHenry W., born Aug. 10, 1844; died Dec. 24, 1878 Headstone Inscription
  CollinsJeannette B., died 1850 age 2y A/30/23 City Hall
View stone CollinsJeannette B., born July 30, 1842; Mar. 14, 1850 Headstone Inscription
  CollinsJames D. died 1857 age 6m W/98 (buried in Grave of Timothy Maloney) City Hall
  ColvinCatharine H., wife of John H. Colvin d. Jan. 6, 1839, in her 19th yr W/99 City Hall
  ColvinJohn H. b. Apr. 28, 1810 d. Mar. 14, 1839 ae 28y 10m 14d W/99 City Hall
View stone ComingsEllen C., wife of John R. Comings 1843–1926Headstone Inscription
View stone ComingsJohn R. died Dec 28, 1918, aged 76 yearsHeadstone Inscription
  CongerCharles A. died 1904 age 58y D/500/80 Vet of Civil War GAR City Hall
View stone CongerCharles A., Co. H. 1st N. J. Cav died Jan. 2, 1904 age 58y Headstone Inscription
  ComingsEllen C.b. May 17, 1841 d. Sept 24, 1926 ae 85y 4m 7d B/116/47 wife of John R City Hall
  ComingsJohn R. died Dec 28, 1918 age 76y B/116/47 Lot of John Carpenter City Hall
  ConklinThomas died 1879 age ? D/41/77 (two listings, believe this should be Conlin) City Hall
View stone ConklinFrank born Oct. 6, 1844; died Dec. 13, 1885 Headstone Inscription
  ConklinB. Frank died 1885 age 41y J/27/42 City Hall
  ConklinLouise Cornell died 1876 age 1y J/27/42 City Hall
View stone ConklingLouise Cornell died Mar. 6, 1876 aged ? MonthsHeadstone Inscription
View stone ConklinLouise Cornell, daughter of B. Frank & Lottie A. Conklin born June 2, 1875; died Mar. 6, 1876Headstone Inscription
  ConleyCaroline M. died 1873 age 63 yrs., A/73/33 City Hall
View stone CorleyCaroline M., daughter of John & Catherine Conley died Sept. 26, 1873 in her 63 year Headstone Inscription
  ConleyCatherine died 1853 age 66 yrs., A/73/33 City Hall
View stone CorleyCatherine, wife of John Corley [hard to read] Headstone Inscription
  ConleyJohn died 1869 age 87 yrs., A/73/33 City Hall
View stone CorleyJohn [hard to read] Headstone Inscription
  ConlinCatherine Reed died 1904 age 78y D/40/77 wife of Thomas City Hall
View stone ConlinCatherine Reed, wife of Frank Conlin 1826–1904 Headstone Inscription
  ConlinKatherine M. born July 19, 1875 died 15 Feb 1941 age 65y 6m 27d D/40/77 City Hall
View stone ConlinKatherine M. 187[?]–1941 Headstone Inscription
  ConlinMary born Aug. 18, 1866 died May 20, 1921 age 54y D/40/77 City Hall
View stone ConlinMary 1886–1921 Headstone Inscription
  ConlinThomas died 1879 age 25y D/40/77 City Hall
View stone ConlinThomas 1854–1979Headstone Inscription
  ConoverAbigail T. died 1862 age 58y A/101/32 City Hall
View stone ConoverAbigail T. 1804–1862 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverCharles W. died 1894 age 51y A/101/32 City Hall
View stone ConoverCharles W. 1843–1894 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverMargaret A. died 1894 age 53y A/101/32 City Hall
View stone ConoverMargaret A. 1841–1894 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverJerome 1868 5y D/7/90 Lot of RT s/o John & Adaline buried in Asbury Cemetery City Hall
View stone Conover Jerome, child of John and Adeline (Hills) Conover Mar. 31, 1843–Mar 27, 18[?]8 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverJohn died 1868 age 63y D/7/90 City Hall
View stone Conover John Dec. 31, 1805–Dec. 30, 1868 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverLura C. born Feb 1, 1856 died Jan. 22, 1908 age 52y D/7/90 Dau of John & Adaline City Hall
View stone Conover Lura C., child of John and Adeline (Hills) Conover Feb. 1, 1856–Jan. 22, 1908 Headstone Inscription
  Conover Adaline Hillsdied 1904 age 87y D/7/90 Wife of John City Hall
View stone Conover Adeline Hills, wife of John Conover Aug. 24, 1817–Nov. 23, 1904 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverOrissa Estella died 1890 age 43y D/7/80? Dau of John and Adaline City Hall
View stone Conover Orissa Estella, child of John and Adeline (Hills) Conover Jan. 14, 1847–Jan. 5, 1890 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverMary E. Hayes died 1896 age 47y D/7/90 City Hall
View stone ConoverMary E. Hayes, wife of Roldolphus Conover Sept. 27, 1849–July 17, 1896 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverRodolphus T. born Dec. 22, 1849 died 22 May 1936 age 86y 5m 0d D/7/90 City Hall
View stone ConoverRodolphus T. Dec. 24, 1849–May 22, 1936 Headstone Inscription
  ConoverTobias P. died 1875 age 67y Headstone Inscription
View stone ConoverTobias P. 1808–1875 A/101/32 Vet of Civil War City Hall
  ConoverWm Elton died 1882 age 7y D/7/90 Son of Mary E Hayes Conover City Hall
View stone ConoverWilliam Elton, son of Rodolphus and Mary (Hayes) Conover June 23, 1875–Jan. [?], 1882 Headstone Inscription
  ConradAnson died 1852 age 41y B/60/56 City Hall
  ConradFrances died 1878 age 76y A/42/33 City Hall
  ConradJoseph Speed died 1891 age 58y A/36or37/33? City Hall
  ConradMargaretta died 1846 age 33y B/60/46 City Hall
  ConradMary Caroline died 1833 age 15m A/36or37/23 City Hall
  ConradMary died 1847 age ? – A/42/23 City Hall
  ConradMary died 1849 age 78y A/42/23 City Hall
  ConradGeorge V. died 1870 age 34y A/36or37/23 City Hall
  ConradCatherine A. died 1891 age 74y A/42/23 City Hall
  ConradCaroline died 1842 age 31y A/23 (believe this is Caroline Vincent and not Conrad) City Hall
  ConradVincent died 1885 age 81y A/23 City Hall
  ConradWm Henry died 1842 age 18d A/23 City Hall
  ConradClara E., born Dec. 28, 1859 died Jan. 29, 1929   City Hall
  ConwayAda B.b. Dec. 2, 1867 d. 21 Dec 1925 J/26/42 Died at Auburn, NY lot of CL Barker City Hall
  ConwayWalter F. born Nov. 3, 1894 died 1 Dec 1953 age 60y 0m 28d J/26/42 City Hall
  CookHester, formerly widow of Gilbert Seaman d. Nov. 10, 1837 ae 48y 10m 15d   City Hall
  CookLevi H., son of Burnet & Thirzea Cook d. Feb. 11, 1843 ae 15yr 5mo 4d See Leviah? City Hall
  CookHarry B. b. Aug. 11, 1873 d. 3 June 1960 A/209/B/2 Lot of Harry B & OL Cook City Hall
  CookLeviah born Sept. 7, 1827 died Feb. 11, 1843 age 15y W/101 s/o Burnet & Thereza City Hall
  CookMartin V. died 1902 age 64y A/101/37 Soldier Lot City Hall
  CookOlive Legge Oct. 5, 1875 died April 10, 1960 age 84y A/209B/27 City Hall
  CoonArvilla, born Aug. 29, 1860 died Oct 19, 1929 Block E City Hall
  CoonDaniel Webster, born Aug. 8, 1855 died Jan. 3, 1909 City Hall
  CoonEliza born May 28, 1835 died April 16, 1900 wife of Simeon Coon West/105 City Hall
  CoonElmer L. born July 29, 1853 died Aug. 18, 1932 West/105 City Hall
  CoonJane no dates (buried next to Arvilda C. Coons) City Hall
  CoonKate born Aug. 17, 1835 died Dec. 7, 1920 City Hall
  CoonLevi died Sept. 24, 1871 age 43 yrs. West/105 City Hall
  CoonLevi, born July 16, 1792 died Jan. 3, 1860 Our Father age 67 W/107 City Hall
  CoonPamelia, died 1878 age 89 yrs. Our Mother W/107 City Hall
  CoonRuia born June 3, 1856 died Oct. 6, 1856 W/105 City Hall
  CoonRuia L. born Oct. 30, 1857 died Oct. 11, 1878 W/105 City Hall
  CoonDaniel, son of Levi & Permilia Coond. Mar. 22, 1846 ae 21y 10m 3d West/105 City Hall
  CoonDavid, he drowned b. Nov 29, 1819 d. June 17, 1857 West/105 City Hall
  CoonRuia Lenor born Dec. 28, 1884 died Feb. 12, 1903 City Hall
  CoonSimeon born Dec. 29, 1830 died Dec. 27, 1886 age 50 yrs., s/o Levi & Pamelia City Hall
  CoonsArvilda C., died Nov. 14, 1930 age ? Block E City Hall
  CooperLouise Annetta b. Aug. 2, 1864 d. Dec. 29, 1937 G/216/11 lot of James H. Cooper City Hall
  CooperHelen A., died 1866 age 18 yrs., H/5/2 City Hall
  CooperJames H., born March 2, 1864 died Dec. 16, 1944 age 80 yrs., 9 mo s 14 dys., G/126 City Hall
  CooperHorotio W., child of Jesse B. & Content Cooper d. Jan. 16, 1838 ae 6mo 27da W/103 City Hall
  CooperInfant, dau. of Jesse B. & Content Cooper d. Aug. 28, 1833 W/103 City Hall
  CooperJesse B., child of Jesse B. & Content Cooper d. July 3, 1845 ae 16 mo 20 da W/103 City Hall
  CooperJulius B., child of Jesse B. & Content Cooper d. Aug. 13, 1840 ae 1y 7m 28da W/10 City Hall
View stone CopelandJennie E. Bennett, wife of Henry C. Copeland Died Aug. 6, 1894, aged 18 Yrs.Headstone inscription
  CopelandJennie E. Bennett, died 1894 age 18 yrs. B/142/44 City Hall
  CornellAlbert B., died 1848 age 3 yrs., A/79/35 City Hall
  CornellBetsy A.B., died 1877 age 64 yrs., A/79/35 City Hall
  CornellEliza B died 1889 age 81y A/79/35 City Hall
  CornellFranklin C., born Aug. 29, 1837 died Jan. 23, 1908 City Hall
  CornellG.W. died 1841 age 1y A/79/35 City Hall
  CornellHarry born Sept. 2, 1888 died March 14, 1962 age 73y 6m 12d K/soldier/69 City Hall
  CornellHelen K. died 1854 age 6y A/79/35 City Hall
  CornellInfant, born July 9, 1965 died July 9, 1965 City Hall
  CornellMargaret I. died June 14, 1950 age 49y K/5/50 City Hall
  CornellMontgomery S. died 1861 age 19y A/79/35 City Hall
  CornellMoris born Jan. 1, 1896 died Sept. 28, 1849 age 53y 8m 27d D/soldier/69 City Hall
  CornellRuth L. born Feb. 8, 1918 died April 6, 1918 age 1m 29d B/43 City Hall
  CornellEsther E. Covert born Dec. 23, 1839 died March 12, 1923 Cornell Vault w/o Alonzo B. City Hall
  CorsonEugene R. died Nov. 9, 1952 age ? J/62 Lot of Hiram Corson City Hall
  CorsonCaroline Rollins died 1901 age 73y NorthJ/9/62 City Hall
  CorsonCora Wirt Baker died 14 Nov 1956 age? J/62 City Hall
  CorsonDavid H. died 1894 age 43y A/101/37 City Hall
  CorsonEugene R. died June 10, 1946 age cremated remains J/62 City Hall
  CorsonHiram born Nov. 6, 1828 died June 15, 1911 age 83y J/9/62 City Hall
  CorsonPauline Henrietta died 1874 age 16y J/9/62 City Hall
  CoryellDr. Charles, died 1873 age 87 yrs., A/15/22 City Hall
  CoryellEliza died 1871 age 71 yrs., A/15/22 City Hall
  CoryellMary H. Pettis or Peters? died 1902 age ? A/20/21/22 City Hall
  CoursenLeslie Ann born Sept. 20, 1950 died Nov. 25, 1950 age 2 mos, 5 days City Hall
  CovertEmily A. born Jan. 6, 1834 died Jan. 4, 1935 100y 11m 29d C/19/64 City Hall
  CovertEsther Elizabeth died 1875 age 73y C/19/64 City Hall
View stone CovertEsther Elizabeth died 1875 age 73y C/19/64 City Hall
  CovertStephen Bassett died 1903 age 83y C/19/64 City Hall
  CovertGeorge wife of George P. Covert, Born At Bedford Mar. 15, 1802; Died at Ithaca Nov. 11, 1875 Headstone Inscription
  CowdryChauncey died 1895 age 89y W/102 Interment records have Cowdry for spelling. City Hall
  CowdryEmeline Davis died 1861 age 50y W/102 Wife of Chauncey City Hall
  CowdryR.L. died 1845 age 57y W/98 City Hall
  CowdryRachel Smith 1856 71y W/98 City Hall
  CowdryBelle born Nov. 11, 1838 died Feb. 26, 1922 City Hall
(See below)
  CowdreyAdam S. b. July 11, 1810 d. May 16, 1879 City Hall
  CowdreyChauncey b. May 1, 1808 d. Aug. 20, 1895 City Hall
  CowdreyJefferson Smith, son of Adam S. & Mary Cowdreyd. Sept. 6, 1835 ae 1yr 8mo 12d City Hall
  CowdreyMary, wife of Adam S. Cowdrey b. Feb. 12, 1812 d. Mar. 17, 1883 City Hall
  CowdreyR. L., a soldier of 1812d. May 28, 1840 ae 57 yr City Hall
  CowdreyRachel (Smith), wife of R. L. Cowdrey d. 1856 ae 71 yr City Hall
  CowlesCaroline Seymour died 1904 age 78y D/21/89 City Hall
  CowlesCarrie Seymour born May 8, 1860 died Nov. 19, 1944 D/21/89 (Back of card shows W. Cowles Carrie S and Ida E Sackett next to each other) City Hall
  CowlesWilliam S. died 1883 age 69y D/21/89 City Hall
  CowlesEdwin no dates City Hall
  CoxJohn E., died July 7, 1827, age 35 yrs., 5 mo s 9 dys. WS/70 City Hall
  CoyBetsey H., died 1853 age 74 yrs., West/71 City Hall
  CoyHarriet J., died Feb. 23, 1910 age ? City Hall
  CoyOliver W., died 1850 age 2 yrs., D/989 City Hall
  CoyDiania F., died 1856 age 41 yrs., D/989H City Hall
  CoyElizabeth died 1835 age 18dys D/989 City Hall
  CoyMary E., died 1850 age 13 yrs., D/989 City Hall
  CoyStephen H., died 1875 age 64 yrs., D/989 City Hall
  CoyStephen W. or N., died 1850 age 8 yrs., D/989 City Hall
  CoyEmma Elizabeth, dau. of E. T. & E. E. Coy d. Apr. 24, 1844 ae 1 yr W/93 City Hall
  CoykendallCapt. Benj.d. at Horseheads d. Mar. 12, 1837 ae 88 yr City Hall
  CrammerInfant born Dec. 21, 1928 died Dec. 21, 1928 – PF/60 City Hall
  CrandallBetsey died 1876 age 67y G/160/7 City Hall
  CrandallJoseph Warren born Dec. 19, 1847 died Aug. 21, 1926 A/84/25 Lot of Edward Fowles d. at Rock Island Il. City Hall
  CrandallMinerva C. born Jan. 27, 1852 died May 5, 1927 A/88/25 Lot of Elizabeth Fowles City Hall
  CrandallE. Frances, died May 30, 1930 age ? City Hall
  CraneJoanna died 1883 age 74y A/41/23 City Hall
  CraneNiles C. died 1903 age 67y H/31/5 City Hall
  CraneSarah Fay Tourlellot b. 1845 d. Aug. 21, 1912 age 67y A/41/23 City Hall
  CraneThomas Frederic b. 1844 d. Dec. 9, 1927 ae 83y A/40–41/23 Lot of Fredrika C. Muchmore his dau City Hall
  CranePhebe Jane born March 22, 1839 died Aug. 9, 1907 City Hall
  CraneJonathan, in memory of, who d. Dec. 1, 1820 ae 38 yr W/99 City Hall
  CrawfordAndrew G. died 1873 age 55y J/7/52 City Hall
  CrawfordEliza Crozier born Dec. 29, 1825 died June 1, 1913 age 87y J/7/52 City Hall
  CrawfordFrank died 1886 age 17y J/7/52 City Hall
  CrawfordHenry died 1904 age 70y D/80 City Hall
  CrawfordRichard, son of Absalom & Hannah Crawford d. Mar. 1827 ae 7yr 10mo 16da W/100 City Hall
  CrevelingJennie E. Roat died 1890 age? – G/98/15 City Hall
  CrissSilas died 1891 age ? – soldier A/101/37 City Hall
  CrissStephen died 1851 age 62y B/53 City Hall
  CronkFrankey E. died 1862 age 3y G/41/13 City Hall
  CronkRosalia died 1854 age 23y G/41/13 City Hall
  CronkSarah Elizabeth born Dec. 23, 1853 died March 17, 1929 age 75y G/40/13 City Hall
  CronkErastus born Oct. 11, 1830 died Dec. 3, 1905 G/40/13 City Hall
  CronkMary Ann Dilts wife of Erastus Cronk born April 22, 1828 died June 20, 1933 G/40/13 City Hall
  CrowellHarold S. died 1892, age ? City Hall
  CrowellLoraine W. born Jan. 26, 1861 died Sept. 14, 1935 age 74y 7m 19d G/110/15 City Hall
  CrowellWm Henry born Dec. 20, 1864 died Sept. 20, 1955 age 90y 9m 0d G/110/15 City Hall
  CrowellMartha D., born May 5, 1839 died Sept. 29, 1901 City Hall
  CrozierAndrew died 1887 age 84y D/5/80 City Hall
  CrozierBessie Armstrong 1885 age 82y D/5/80 City Hall
  CrozierClara T., died March 10, 1967 age?  City Hall
  CrozierEliza died 1851 age 23y B/56/55 City Hall
  CrozierElizabeth Lawson b. Nov. 18, 1842 d. Aug. 6, 1921 H/125/20 Wife of Richard City Hall
  CrozierEmma no dates City Hall
  CrozierFlorence E. died April 18, 1958 age 73y H/125/20 City Hall
  CrozierHelen – died 1880 age ? lot 226–229/85 City Hall
  CrozierMary P. died 1860 age 16y D/5/80 City Hall
  CrozierMinnie E. born Aug. 6, 1862 died July 24, 1944 age 81y 11m 18d H/125/20 City Hall
  CrozierRay born May 7, 1881 died Feb. 27, 1963 age 81y 9m 20d H/125/20 City Hall
  CrozierRebecca Louise born Feb. 12, 1866 died May 15, 1942 age 76y 3m 3d H/125/20 City Hall
  CrozierRichard A. died April 7, 1918 age 84y H/125/20 City Hall
  CrumLaFayette b. March 12, 1844 d. Jan. 31, 1934 G/205/21 Co H 137 NY Vol 1861–1965 City Hall
  CrumMary E. Osborne, wife of LaFayette b. 1847 d. March 7, 1911 G/205/21 City Hall
  CrumHarriet died Dec. 25, 1923 age ? City Hall
  CrumErnest son of LaFayette & Mary Crum 1877–1878 G/205/21 City Hall
  CrumEmma A., dau. of LayFayette & Mary Crum 1879–1938 G/205/21 City Hall
  CrumMaude Crum Hopper(on stone w/LaFayette Crum) b. Jan. 22, 1885 d. May 14,1973 G/205/21 City Hall
  CulverAnn E Seabring died 1891 age 80y D/36/87 City Hall
  CulverAzariah died 1851 age 70y D/36/87 City Hall
  CulverClarence Eugene died 1869 age 3y D/36/87 City Hall
  CulverEliza A. died 1869 age 22y D/36/87 City Hall
  CulverJane died 1861 age 75y D/36/87 City Hall
  CulverLewis H. died 1876 age 61y D/36/87 City Hall
  CulverLewis Jason born March 25, 1843 died Feb 7, 1918 D/36/87 GAR lot City Hall
  CulverWillie died 1858 age 16m D/31/78 City Hall
  CumboWilliam W., born Jan. 12, 1861 died Feb. 23, 1939 age 78y 4m 11d PF/39/59 City Hall
  CummingsBertha b. Sept. 19, 1872 d. March 23, 1956 G/181/18 Lot of WmL Bostwick City Hall
  CummingsCharlotte, w/o Joshua Cummingsd. June 1, 1837 age 35y 6m 2dys W/96 City Hall
  CummingsCora D. born April 27, 1859 died March 10, 1938 age 78y 10m 11d B/154/44 City Hall
  CummingsJames H. born June 30, 1843 died Sept. 11, 1924 age 81y 2m 12d B/154/44 City Hall
  CummingsJohn born April 24, 1884 died April 30, 1959 age 77y 8m 15d K/154/44 City Hall
  CummingsMarion R.b. March 13, 1881 d. Sept. 13, 1935 B/154/44 Ashes buried next to RE Chaffee and James H. Cummings City Hall
  CurkendallMargaret died Nov. 2, 1918 age 34y H/104/9 Wife of Wm. City Hall
  CurranCornelia L. died Sept. 8, 1868 36y C/194/75 Wife of George City Hall
  CurranLeon died ? – age ? – C/69/75 City Hall
  CurranCornelia died 1831 age _ A/44/33 City Hall
  CurranElizabeth died 1869 age 62y A/44/33 City Hall
  CurranJane Nelson died 1885 age 66y A/44/33 City Hall
  CurranNelson died 1842 age 2y A/44/33 City Hall
  CurranWalter E. died 1892 age 78y A/44/33 City Hall
  CurranWilliam died 1854 age 71y A/44/33 City Hall
  CurranWilliam R.b. March 8, 1828 d. Feb. 19, 1851 A/44/33 City Hall
  CurryClarence died Dec. 31, 1907 age ?  City Hall
  CurtisCharles Benjamin died June 5, 1908 age 71y H/101/19 City Hall
  CurtisCornelia died 1882 age 1y H/101/19 City Hall
  CurtisJane Curtiss Breed died June18, 1945 age 62y 6m 13d Lot of Chas B Curtis City Hall
  CurtisMargaret E., died 1852 age 2 yrs.D/5/80 City Hall
  CurtisGeorge died Sept. 13, 1881 age 55y W/104 Vet of Civil War City Hall
  CurtisHannah died May 11, 1908 age ? City Hall
  CurtisLucy H. Locke, born Sept. 8, 1865 died Feb. 17, 1930 City Hall
  CurtisNathaniel born 1792 died 1838 age 46 yrs.W/104 City Hall
  CurtisJames Julian, born April 2, 1933 died April 2, 1933 City Hall
  CurtisAarond. Nov. 30, 1844 ae 69yr 2mo 3d W/100 City Hall
  CurtisAugusta S., dau. of N. & M. Curtis d. June 25, 1844 ae 14 yr W/98 City Hall
  CurtisDavid, son of Nehemiah & Hannah Curtis d. Mar. 23, 1823 ae 36 yr W/93 City Hall
  CurtisJohn, son of Nehemiah, & Hannah Curtis d. Sept. 21, 1827 ae 22 yr 3 mo W/93 City Hall
  CurtisMrs. Hannah, wife of Nehemiah Curtis d. Nov. 8, 1836 in her 77th yr W/93 City Hall
  CurtisNehemiah Rev. War Soldier d. Jan. 22, 1825 ae 70 yr City Hall
  CurtisSamantha Augusta, d/o Nathaniel & Margaret 1829–1844 City Hall
  CurtisNathaniel 1801–1863 City Hall
  CurtisMargaret wife of Nathaniel 1805–1895 W/93 City Hall
  CurtisHarriet Eliza (dau. of Nathaniel & Margaret Curtis) 1835–1907 W/93 City Hall
  CurtissEllen (Sutherland), relict of Major Curtiss b. Jan 25, 1804 d.Aug. 22, 1886 City Hall
  CushingHenry W. no dates A/93–94/26 City Hall
  CushingCornelia no dates City Hall
  CusteedHenrietta died Jan. 3, 1906 age ? City Hall
  CusteedPhillip W., died Oct. 31, 1907 age 85 yrs., B/29/54 City Hall
  CusteedMiretta Dallas, died 1905 age 62 yrs., B/29/54 City Hall

Veterans are marked with a flag when found

Many, many thanks to Cathy Knauff for walking this cemetery, taking photos and transcribing the records from City Hall and other sources.

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