Lansing Church Records (Baptisms)
Evangelical United Congregations of Milton and Scipio Lansing Township
Tompkins Co. New York

Material donated and transcribed by
Kent Davis

Jacobs through Worsler

	Jacobs, Benjamin 

Israel Jacobs 29 Oct 1816 Jacobs, Benjamin and Catharine Jesse Jacobs 7 Jan 1822 Jacobs, Israel and Sarah Sarah Jacobs 28 Apr 1840 sponsors: John Adam and Sara (Conrad) Bauer Jager, Peter John Jager 31 Jan 1813 Elizabeth Ann Jager 23 Aug 1812 ? sic Jetter, Daniel and Catharine Andrew Jetter 26 May 1827 sponsors: Peter and Margaret (Conrad) Snyder Jonson, Christopher and Magdalena Schmetzer Susanna Jonson 10 Mar 1802 bapt. at home of Henry Teeter Kern (Karn), Christian and Catharine Sarah Kern (? Karn) 24 Apr 1814 sponsors: John Adam Bauer and wife Mary Ann Kern/Karn 9 Oct 1816 Andrew Kern/Karn 3 Jan 1821 Peter Kern/Karn 4 Oct 1825 sponsors: Peter and Margaret (Conrad) Snyder Almira Kern/Karn 31 Jan 1828 sponsors: Henry and Catharine Miller Kintz, Peter and Elizabeth Fenner Catharine Maria Kintz 7 Dec 1818 (? Kins in Northampton County, Pa.) Kradik, Andrew and wife Elizabeth Kradik 28 Aug 1804 baptized at Roth's Krans, Christofel and Eliz. John Krans 20 Aug 1807 Anna Krans 13 Mar 1811 Elizabeth Krans mother is widow 16 Jun 1813 sponsors: Christofel Jonson Kratzer, Frederick and Susanna Lydia Kratzer 14 Mar 1833 Krotz, Jacob and Catharine Snyder Anna Krotz 23 Oct 1803 sponsors: Wm. Snyder and wife bpt. home of Wm. Smith in Dryden. Kubler, Philip and Rosina Catharine Kubler 26 May 1826 sponsors: Jacob and Susanna Schaffer Nathaniel Kubler 20 Aug 1830 Sarah Kubler 15 Nov 1832 Link, (Leake in 1800 no Link) --- Link 19 Mar 1814 Locke, Elizabeth (Longenecker) widow John Locke 26 Sep 1782 Maria Locke 20 Jan 1790 Deborah Locke 27 Jan 1792 Samuel Locke 26 May 1794 sponsors: Peter Orel and Jacob Bauer all bapt. 28 Feb 1804 at mother's home Mayer, Joseph and Maria Eva Mayer 19 Aug 1801 Margaret Mayer 21 Jan 1804 baptized at Bloom School House Merwin, John and Amelia Rebecca Merwin 30 Nov 1827 sponsors: Jonas and Maria (Merwin) Metzgar Morn, John and Magdalena Elizabeth Morn 30 Nov 1827 Pickle, (?Bickle) Christian and Henrietta Christian Pickle (? Bickle) 10 Nov 1826 Pratz (Pratt), George Peter Pratz (or Pratt) 30 Sep 1812 sponsors: grandparents Nicholas and Catharine (no last name given but it is Pratz) Anna Pratz 25 May 1815 George Pratz 25 Feb 1817 sponsors: George Everhart and wife Pratt,(? Pratz) George and Maria Jacob Pratt 6 Sep 1823 Andrew Pratt 14 Mar 1830 Pratt (or Pratz), T. Catharine Pratt (or Pratz) 22 Sep 1814 sponsors: Henry Smith and wife Reiher (?), George and Catharine Daniel Reiher (?) 22 Nov 1824 sponsors: Daniel and Elizabeth Krantz Rohrbach, John and Margaret Becker (? Bacher ) Anna Rohrbach 31 Jul 1803 bapt. at home of Jacob Bayer on Owasco Lake, New York Roth, David John Roth 14 Apr 1817 sponsors: grandparents George Roth and wife Roth, George and Catharine Storm (Rhodes/Rhoades) Andrew Roth 16 Dec 1797 sponsors: Andrew and Elizabeth Keller Henry Roth 19 Dec 1798 both baptized at home of George Roth Roth, Jacob (? Rhodes ) George Washington Roth 13 Dec 1812 sponsors: William Snyder and wife Sausman, Daniel and Susan Bauer Andrew Rice Sausman 8 Dec 1816 sponsors: grandparents John and Rosina (Young) Bauer Savarcool, William and Elizabeth Dollar Elizabeth Savarcool 18 Apr 1801 Margaret Savarcool 15 Jul 1802 bapt. at home of John Smith, near Lavanna, Cayuga Co. NY Schafer, James and Susanna Maria Schafer 27 Apr 1827 Schafer, Peter and Lydia George Schafer 6 Dec 1823 sponsors: George and Elizabeth Bauer Philip Schafer 30 May 1826 sponsors: Adam and Sarah (Conrad) Bauer Sara Anna Schafer 11 Nov 1829 sponsors: Mr. Bossard and wife Schwartz, Peter and Catharine John Schwartz 23 Nov 1830 sponsors: Henry and Catharine Mille (r?) Peter Schwartz 23 May 1833? (almost unreadable at bottom of page) Smith, David and Elizabeth Silvinus Smith 15 Mar 1829 sponsors: Peter and Lydia Schafer Smith, Henry George Smith 2 Sep 1814 sponsors: George Pratz and wife Elizabeth Smith 31 Jul 1816 sponsors: Henry Haas and wife Smith, Henry and Catharine Jacob Smith 31 Oct 1828 sponsors: Jacob and Maria Smith Smith, Henry and Sarah Emerich Elizabeth Smith 11 Feb 1800 sponsors: John Conrad and Susanna Bower John Smith twins bpt. Henry Teeter's 9 Nov 1801 Jacob Smith Sarah Smith 29 Jan 1804 Susanna Smith 1 Nov 1808 Samuel Smith 22 Jan 1818 Smith, Jacob and Maria Banker Amasa Smith 26 Feb 1802 sponsors: Walbert Deshong bapt at John Smith's, Lavanna NY Catharine Smith 2 May 1828 Smith, John and Anna Flen/Flinn Maria Smith 7 Feb 1798 Jacob Smith 30 Oct 1801 Margaret Smith 7 Oct 1803 sponsor: Margaret Foster Maria Smith 7 Mar 1804 (? sic) Anna Smith 11 Nov 1816 sic sponsors:Jacob Everhart & wife bpt at John Smith's near Lavanna,NY Smith, Joseph and Catharine Jacob Smith 5 Nov 1827 Smith, Joseph and Elizabeth Pratz Joseph Smith 17 Oct 1823 Catharine Smith 22 Feb 1826 sponsors: Catharine Pratt Smith, Sebastian and Anna VanDusen John Anslelmus Smith 25 Feb 1802 sponsors: John Smith bapt. at his home below Lavanna, NY Smith, Sebastian and Hannah Dieren Abraham Smith 6 Oct 1806 sponsors: John Smith bapt. at Frederick Gerhard's Snober, John and Elizabeth John Snober sponsors: Philip and Rosina Kubler twins 16 Apr 1827 Lucinda Snober sponsors: Elizabeth Snober Spengler/Stengler, Henry and wife of Owasco, New York Anna Margaret Spengler/Stengler 20 Aug 1811 ------ child Spengler/Stengler 2 Jan 1815 bapt. Spicer, Nathan and Catharine (Philkins spelled Felkin) Eleanora Spicer 7 Nov 1803 sponsors: Jacob Felkin and wife Eleanora Stecher, Melchior and Elizabeth Sarah Stecher 10 Oct 1823 Stein, John Samprilla Stein 17 Nov 1817 Wagner, John and Susanna Henry Wagner 1 Feb 1826 sponsors: Michael and Elizabeth Frankenfield Worsler, William and Maria Anna Margaret Worsler 7 Apr 1825 sponsors: Anna M. Grove (?) Benjamin Worsler 16 Jul 1826 George Pratz (c) 5 Apr 1765 - 17 Dec 1823 68yrs 8mo 12da Catharine w/o (c) 7 May 1768 - 19 Jul 1836 68yrs 5mo 12da Adam Pratz (c) 29 Jul 1790 - 2 Dec 1855 65yrs 4mo 4da m. Catharine they lost a child George Pratz m. Mary ---w/o (c) 1791 - 4 Jul 1861 70yrs Peter Pratz m. Sophronia they lost a child

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