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Teachers of the Ithaca High School

From September 1875 to June 1900

Luther Clark Foster 1875 1895 Superintendent of Ithaca Schools, until death
Fox Holden, A.B. Sept. 1875 June 1880 Principal; now Superintendent of Schools, Olean, N. Y.
A. B. Humphrey Sept. 1875 Jan. 1877 Became Do. Com'er, and subsequently Sec'y of Nat. Rep. League. Now in NY
Jas. H. Stubbs, B.C.E. Sept. 1875 Dec. 1875 Address, 39 Messenger St., St. Albans, Vt.
Eunice Chisholm Sept. 1875 Died Jul 17, 1878 .
Sula S. Eddy, B.S. Sept. 1875 June 1876 Preceptress, succeeded by Miss Thompson. Address: 500 Williams St., Elmira, NY
Sarah L. Tracy Dec. 1875 June 1877 .
Harriet W. Thompson Sept. 1876 Died Oct 10, 1898 Preceptress.
Marcia Smith Sept. 1876 June 1880 .
Belle Sherman, B.S. Sept. 1877 - Succeeded Sarah L. Tracy. Was absent in Europe, Fall, 1890. Address: 110 Quarry St., Ithaca.
Icy Van Vleck Sept. 1878 June 1879 Now Mrs. Charles S. Cobb, Denison, Texas.
H. W. Foster, A.B. Sept. 1879 June 1880 Superintendent of Schools, Ithaca, since 1895
D. O. Barto (see below) Sept. 1880 June, 1888 Succeeded by Lewis H. Tuthill.
Mrs. D. O. Barto Sept. 1880 June, 1886 Taught again part of 1892-3.
Frank C. Whitney, A.B. Sept. 1880 June 1882 Became Prin, Skaneateles Union School.
Fred D. Carman, A.B. Sept. 1882 June 1884 Lawyer, Herington, Kansas. Taught at Oak Park, Ill., after leaving Ithaca.
Elizabeth Bills Sept. 1885 June 1891 Taught at Oak Park, Ill.
Ransford S. Miller, A.B. Sept. 1885 June 1888 United States Legation, Tokyo, Japan; also Y.M.C.A. Missionary to Japan.
H. Franc Warren Sept. 1886 April, 1889 Mrs. Chas. H. Hopkinson, Cleveland, O.
H. E. Dann Sept. 1887 - Business branches and music. Address, 110 W. Seneca St., Ithaca.
Lewis H. Tuthill, A.M. Sept. 1888 June 1890 Principal, succeeded by D. O. Barto. Went to Homer, N.Y., Union School, and is now there.
May Stedman Nov. 1888 June 1891 Mrs. May Stedman Harpel, Shamokin, Pa. Worked only part time, having been injured in a fire at her boarding house.
Mary A. Widman, Ph.D. April 1889 June 1892 Married James M. Bronson, 611 Montgomery St., Syracuse.
Kennedy F. Rubert, A.B. Sept. 1889 . Address, 15 John St., Owego, NY
Sarah Cornelia Nov. 1889 June 1890 Filled place of May Stedman. Married Nourse, B.S. James H. Hillick. Died at Ithaca, March 17,1894.
D. O. Barto Sept. 1890 June 1893 Principal, succeeded by F. D. Boynton, now Sup't of Schools, Princeton, Ill.
Nelson H. Genung, B.S. Sept. 1890 Feb. 1891 In absence of Miss Sherman. Address, Newark, NJ
Lucy B. Allen Sept. 1890 June 1893 West to Wellesley.
Julia S. Downer Sept. 1891 June 1893 Married George H. Studley, Hartwick, NY
George M. Davison, A.B. Sept. 1891 June 1893 Address, Pulaski, NY
Charlotte A. Foster, Ph.D. Sept. 1892 . Latin. Address, 126 W. Mill St., Ithaca.
Walter D. Hopkins, A.B. Sept. 1892 June 1893 Greek.
Frank D. Boynton, A.M. Sept. 1893 . Principal. Address, 114 S. Geneva St., Ithaca.
Nettie Baucus Jan. 1893 June 1896 Now Mrs. D. H. Fox, Harrisburg, Pa.
Myra L. Spaulding Sept. 1893 June 1894 English, West to Oak Park, Ill.
Bertha P. Reed, A.B. Sept. 1893 June 1894 Greek and Mathematics. Address, Millbrook, NY
Gertrude Shorb Sept. 1894 June 1896 Now Mrs. C. A. Martin, Ithaca.
Cora M. Bowman, A.B. Sept. 1894 June 1895 Mathematics, Address, Cobleskill, NY
Elmer E. Bogart, A.B. Sept. 1894 . Greek and Latin. Address, 318 East Seneca St., Ithaca.
Robert J. Kellogg, Ph.D. Oct. 1895 June 1896 Professor in Roanoke College, Richmond, Va.
Mary K. Reed, A.B. Sept. 1895 Nov. 1895 Seneca Castle, N.Y.
Miss L.E. Van Scoy Part time 1895-6 . Substituted in Training Class during illness of Miss Baucus.
Mrs. Sara D. Jenkins Nov. 1895 . English and Training Class. Address, 103 Huestis St., Ithaca.
Emma Park, A.B., Ph.D. Sept. 1896 June 1899 Now Mrs. B. S. Lampher, Carthage, N.Y.
M. Alinda Lathrop, Ph.D. Sept. 1896 . French and Mathematics. Address, 110 Quarry St., Ithaca.
George W. Scott, A.B. Feb. 1896 June 1898 History. Went to Armour Institute.
Alice M. Evans Sept. 1897 . Mathematics. Address 511 North Aurora St., Ithaca.
John A. Clark, B.S. Sept. 1897 . Science and Mathematics. Address, 416 N. Geneva St., Ithaca.
Jessica May Hitchcock, A.B. Sept. 1897 . Latin and Mathematics. Address, 105 Grove Place, Ithaca.
Mrs. B. DeWitt Beahan, A.B. Feb. 1897 June 1897 History. Went to Los Angeles, Cal. Address, 60 Forsyth St., Owego
Geo. C. Williams, B.O. Feb. 1898 June 1898 Public speaking. Now in Conservatory of Music, Ithaca.
Mrs. Blanche Potter, B.O. Sept. 1898 June 1899 Public speaking. Now in Conservatory of Spiker, Music, Ithaca.
Mrs. Luella B. Cronkite Sept. 1898 June 1899 Stenography & typewriting. Address, 11 Market St., Plymouth, Mass.
Helen M. Townley, Ph.D. Sept. 1898 . German. Address, 226 Eddy St., Ithaca.
B. E. Brooks, B.L. Sept. 1898 June 1900 History. Now teaching in East Orange, NJ High School.
Harriet O. Cousins, B.O. Sept. 1899 . Public speaking and English. Address, 324 North Tioga St., Ithaca.
Sarah Frances King, A.B. Sept. 1899 June 1900 English and History. Now Mrs. Wm. Elliot Griffis. Address, 214 S. Geneva St., Ithaca.
Frank F. Healey Sept. 1899 June 1900 Stenography, Typewriting, etc. Now in Com'l College, Williamsport, Pa.
Gertrude S. Martin, Ph.D. Sept. 1900 . English. Address, 1 Cascadilla Place, Ithaca.
Daniel C. Knowlton, A.B. Sept. 1900 . History. Address, 321 N. Tioga St., Ithaca.

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