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The Board of Education

The Board of Education was first organized in the year 1874, by an act of the Legislature, entitled, "An Act to provide for the establishment of a system of Graded Schools in the village of Ithaca." In the year 1888 Ithaca became a city. The School Act was then revised to fit the new conditions; but the commissioners of the school district were continued. Following is an historical summary of the terms of service of all the commissioners from the first board to the present time.

Edward S. Esty 1874, named in act 1890, died in office President, 1874-1890
Douglas Boardman 1874, named in act 1874, resigned Ineligible, Judge of Supreme Court
Benj. F. Taber 1874, named in act 1897, resigned .
John L. Whiton 1874, named in act 1886, died in office .
William L. Bostwick 1874, named in act 1876, resigned .
Rufus Bates 1874, named in act 1874, resigned Refused to serve
John Gauntlett 1874, named in act 1875, died in office .
Francis M. Finch 1874, named in act 1876, resigned .
Peter B. Crandall 1874, named in act 1876, resigned .
Joseph C. King 1874, named in act 1879, removed from the city .
Henry D. Donnelly 1874, named in act 1875, resigned Secretary, 1874-1875
Marcus Lyon 1874, named in act 1886, declined re-nomination .
Francis O'Connor 1874, elected by Board 1875, resigned Succeeded Douglas Boardman
F. K. Andrus 1874, elected by Board 1878, succeeded by Jeremy Smith Succeeded Rufus Bates
Horace Mack 1875, elected by Board 1883, resigned Succeeded H. D.Donnelly
Jacob R. Wortman 1875, elected by Board 1885, resigned Succeeded John Gauntlett
Cornelius Leary 1875, elected by Board . Succeeded Francis O'Connor
George R. Williams 1876, elected by people 1879, declined re-nomination Succeeded Francis M. Finch
John J. Glenzer 1876, elected by people . Succeeded Peter B.Crandall
Albert M. Hull 1876, elected by Board . Succeeded Wm. L.Bostwick
Jeremy Smith 1878, elected by people 1881, declined re-nomination Succeeded F. K.Andrus
Franklin C. Cornell 1879, elected by people . Succeeded George R. Williams
Richard A. Crozier 1879, elected by people 1882, resigned Succeeded Joseph C.King
E. K. Johnson 1881, elected by people . Succeeded Jeremy Smith
Arthur B. Brooks 1882, elected by people . Succeeded Richard A.Crozier
Henry A. St. John 1882, elected by Board . Succeeded Horace Mack
Elias Tremen 1885, elected by Board 1898, died in office Succeeded Jacob R. Wortman
Roger B. Williams 1886, elected by people President from 1890 Succeeded M. Lyon
C. M. Williams 1886, elected by Board . Succeeded John L. Whiton
Albert H. Esty 1890, elected by Board 1897, removed from the city Succeeded Edward S. Esty
D. B. Stewart 1897, elected by Board . Succeeded Benj. F. Taber
Henry L. Hinckley 1897, elected by Board . Succeeded Albert H. Esty
S. D. Halliday 1899, elected by Board . Succeeded Elias Treman

Thank you Mary Kreps for transcribing these records into digital format.

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