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Diary excerpts of:
Elizabeth Gertrude Hull Henderson
"Winter 1876"

I freely share the diaries of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth G. Hull, however I do not wish that any commericial use be made of them without my permission. - Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick.
I have deciphered to the best of my ability the names, places and dates contain herein. Where there are blank spaces, I
could not ascertain the name or word that was written.

On the evening of Feb 10, Daniel and I rode to the wedding with Mr. Lewis' folks.

We had a very pleasant time; there were over 200 guests invited; perhaps 125 present; supper was passed around;
bride was dressed in a beautiful poplin of light shades, a very nice looking couple.

The thermometer stood 36 degrees below zero the morning of the 13th the weather is steady cold and oh such
terrible cold. The cellars are all freezing up; we have a little stove in ours many are losing their potatoes Oh, may
our potatoes be kept from perishing! For how could I live with no potatoes!

15th Was cold H. was here to dinner came to buy some onions. In the evening Daniel Mary H. & Mary L. &
myself spent the evening at Mr. Kroms Ma stopped to visit Aunt Electa while we were there.

16th Tuesday Evening spent the day at Mr. Ohlers & attended Grange.

17th Daniel, Mate & I went to Mr. Geo. Woodfords & visit Hattie Wright, some of the young folks were there.

18th Thursday morning was clear and beautiful, but cold. So Pa, Ma, Charlie & myself made an all day holiday of
it. We went over the hill arrived at Mr. Dennis' about 11 O'clock and had a splendid time there until after 7
O'clock during the time I called on Lois Vorce, she has been sick. After that we called at Mr. Henderson's. Will &
his wife were both sick and had been confined to their beds for several days. Ma brought some rolls there. After
calling there we drove around by Asa's took in himself & Lucy and went to Orange Hulls & spent the evening,
quite agreeably. Hiram & Theodore came over and visited with us.

The evening of the 19th Daniel, Mate, H. & I spent at Mr. Georges, Big Geo we call him, Hoodfords. There were
quite a number of the young folks there.

Sat. evening was so tired and sleepy was glad to retire early and rest.

21st Attended church as usual. My class has been quite small of late on account of the cold weather and sickness;
there is much sickness around here this winter.

22nd Emily Barber and Lilly Snover spent the night here,

23rd Ma and I attended the Lecture of Rev. Mr. Clark of Owego. I never tire of listening to him. Emily & Lilly
came back with us, and stopped at our house, and staid until morning.

24th A warm day the night was warm; the day warmer; thawing fast; we attended Grange, went in the wagon;
found water deep in the road.

25th spent afternoon and evening with Viola Losey. It rained during parts of the day and at night came off cold

26th Was at home. I spend a part of every day, ______ cutting carpet rags.

27th Sat. forenoon worked hard doing housework, in the afternoon we had company. Asa Hull & wife and Daniel
Fitch & wife, we enjoyed the visit with them. Attended choir meeting in the evening.

March 1st I have dated from now from memory now this afternoon I am writing. February left us very cold, very
cold and this morning March greeted me as I looked out of my window with a general blow flurry of snow flakes; it
is a tedious storm, the snow is getting quite deep. Washing has been postponed until a more agreeable season. I
cut quite a pile of ____carpet rags this forenoon; besides doing other work. Ma is making a coat for Daniel. Mary
does not go to school now. Pa has been fixing an old seat? Daniel is playing on the milodium; Charlie did not
attend school today on account of the storm.

Tuesday March 2nd Attended the lecture of Rev. Mr. Tyler in the evening, after which went to the Grange Hall to
a short session.

Mar. 3 Helped wash, spin and twisted 4 kinds of yarn did other housework; cousin Samuel Loring called here a
little while in the afternoon; wrote a long letter to Frankie in the evening. The next day I was about sick.

Mar 5 Pa & Ma made a visit at Mr. Kirk, in the afternoon. S. Loring was here a little while and we had a sing, or
the rest did, my throat would not let me sing.

Mar 6 Daniel Mary and Charlie & I went to Spencer and made a visit to Uncle Benjamin's; we had a very pleasant
time. On our way home we called on Clinton Gould and his wife, they have been keeping house only a short time.
It must be rather nice to keep house just two alone, him & her! When will I be, do you suppose? I will wait & see!

Mar 7 George was gone away and so I had to play. In the evening my dearie came and of course had a pleasant
visit. He staid all night and in the morning we all had a jolly time having some fun.

After he went away Lois Vorce came and staid here Monday night and the next day Mar 9th we had a really good
visit in the afternoon Pa & Ma went over to ___ Hale's In the evening we went to Grange Lois rode down with us.

On the morning of Mar 10 Daniel, Mary & I started for Newark Valley. We stopped at Mr. Hendersons to dinner
had a good time. Hiram went out Newark with us. We arrived at cousin S. Lorings about dark, visited there until
the next forenoon Mar ll.

When we went to Uncle Royal Barber's and staid until evening then we came back to Samuel's. The young folks
from Uncle Royal's came down with some other, and us came in & we had a good time.

Mar 12 Took dinner at Orson Barbers made a little visit then started for home. Lilly Snover, who was there came,
home with us. We bade Hiram goodbye at the corner below his home. The rest of our party stopped at Mr. Vorces
and stayed until 8 O'clock. Mrs. Vorce amused us much by her conversation, she being a scotch woman and funny
remarks and after tea by reading us scotch poems. When we arrived home we found Mr. Lewis's people there.

Mar. 13 Mrs. Harford formerly Eva Leach, came over from Mr. Lewis' and I learned her how to do this spatter
work. Maggie & Lucy Wake? Made a visit here in the afternoon.

March 14 Communion today. Mr. Marsh preached. Pa was ordained deacon. It is a warm thawing day. Snow
changing to lightening.

March 15 Thursday evening I am tired and sleepy; shall be glad when the warm weather comes and we get quieted
down. This is the first quiet evening that I had in quite awhile.

March 16 Libby Vandemark (Hull) made a visit here in the afternoon. In evening attended Grange, They voted to
have a feast the next meeting.

March 17 attended a literary social at the church in the evening.

March 18 some of the singers met here to practice singing for the Grange feast, in the evening.

March 19 Wallace Seoffield? And Henry Limes spent the eve. Here and enjoyed it. I guess, for they never went
home until nearly 12 O'clock.

March 20 was just about sick, but went over to Mr. Lewis' a little while in the eve, as we had all of us children
been invited.

21st church

22nd Washed in the forenoon at home & in the p.m. went to Grange Hall & helped clean & decorate it with
evergreen, had a number of callers through the forenoon.

March 23 Worked hard all day preparing for the feast, evening pleasant; good sleighing; splendid table, heavily
laden with goodies; about 125 invited guests including the grangers; good speeches and singing social time;
everything a success.

March 24 Libens Hull's wife & Electa were here to dinner. Willie? Bessenger came in the afternoon & staid the
night. Hiram came about dark & He & Willie went away today about noon. This p.m. we have put a quilt on the
frames to quilt - also, I have commenced to weave hair, which I have picked out of snarls into a switch.

Elizabeth Gertrude Hull b July 28, 1852 d December 25, 1927 married Hiram Delbert Henderson b October 19, 1849 d June
15, 1912, on October 19, 1875.

Transcribed by Theresa Rae Donlick - great granddaughter of Elizabeth Gertrude Hull Henderson Notes: Where there are
blank spaces I could not read the word or words -
(( )) Brackets are mine.

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