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Elizabeth Hull Letters

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Sunday Afternoon

Candor, March 21, 1875

Dearest Friend L.

Once more with pen in hand to write to a friend but you don't know how hard it is for me to commence writing again to one that I know loves to hear from me. For I have the ought that I would not commence writing again but I can see the People are apt to change their minds sometimes and so I have commenced once more and I can imagine you saying I am so glad and I think that I will be.

Now Sunday Evening and I will try and finish writing for just as I commenced Mr.. Mead's folks came in so I lade this by. The sick ones is some better than they was when you was over here and some has past away and gone to their heavenly home to meet a just God, so they will not have to meet with the trouble of this world.any longer and she went rejoicing in the Lord. O if we can live so that we can say thy will be done Lord not mine when we come to leave the world how glorious it will be. It was Dolly Fuller that left this world in that way. She died last Wednesday and was buried on Friday. Oh Libbie I feel tonight as though I was a poor weak worm of the dust and was not worthy of any thing hardly even your love or the love of my Heavenly Father but my prayer is that I may do better in the future than I have in the past. If I was only where I could hear your sweet voice and your words of love, but I am not so I suppose I had ought to be content - but- I do need your prayers I guess you will think that I have got the blues or something else when you come to read this - well I can say that I do not always feel just as I do tonight

How does Daniel and his Bell get along and all the rest of the folks. You were saying that there are only four Tuesdays in the month, but our almanac says that there are five, but I suppose that your grange supper is next Tuesday, but I guess that I cannot be with you and I know that you will excuse my absence and you must enjoy your self, I guess that things will change around about here some before a great while, but have not got room enough here to tell you what might take place will tell you more when I see you again. And you must not be afraid of writing so much that I can not read it, but I guess that you will be glad when you see the end of this you must excuse poor writing and spelling.

I was glad to hear from you and I hope that you have not looked your eyes out and hope that this will find you well and as happy as a big sunflower in the midday sun and I will have to close by sending the good night kiss and my heart too.

From your ever true friend

Hiram H.

The Libbie is Elizabeth Gertrude Hull
The Hiram is Hiram Henderson

Lucy Perkins

Candor, June 24th 1875

Dear Friend,

I do not know as you will receive this my dear before Sat. night but I hope you will.

We received a letter from a dear friend of mine last night saying that she and her mother would endeavor to be here tomorrow night. She is a normal School teacher in Penna.; Lucy Perkins is her name. She did not say how long they intended to stay, but probably over the Sabbath, and if you can arrange it - so as to come over while they are here I should be ever so glad. There is to be a S.S. concert - Sabbath evening. Subject - The Rose of Sharon, I think that it will be interesting. I would like to have you here Sat. afternoon and Sunday, if you could come. I hope that you will get this in time. If you can not come Sat. try and come over to the concert, if you can & think best etc.

I haven't rec. your letter for this week yet. Yours - Libbie

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