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I freely share the diaries of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth G. Hull, however I do not wish that any commericial use be made of them without my permission. - Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick.

I have deciphered to the best of my ability the names, places and dates contain herein. Where there are blank spaces, I
could not ascertain the name or word that was written.

February 8, 1875
It is evening, the daylight has vanished for a period of time, and night has drawn her shadowy curtain over the
earth, now so pure and white, and we have sought our familiar places by the fireside at home. But our circle is not
quite complete tonight; Daniel, my noble brother has gone to Fairfield to sing in a temperance meeting; only one
absent yet there is a large vacancy in the fireside circle at home. I laid aside my diary at the end of the year,
thinking never more to keep dates; but today as I looked over the pages written one year ago, an impulse to keep
up the habit of dating, at least the most important events which transpire, seized me, therefore I am acting
according to that desire this evening. Keeping diary has strengthened my memory in this respect with the aids of
an almanac I can readily date all that I wish from Jan. 1st until now.

Pa and Ma started for Penna. on New Year's day to attend the funeral (of) Grandpa who was buried the next day.
We had dinner after they had gone, had chicken pie the first one that I had made, Major Krom happened in and
ate dinner with us. Willie & Matie Leake and Mary Lewis came over and spent the evening. Hiram came late in
the afternoon. We passed a pleasant evening and after the rest had gone to rest - H. & I had a little visit; looked
over some letters, & c.

Jan. 2nd. Some one aroused us, by rapping on the door Daniel arose and greeted Randolph Hammond who had
come on the morning train to make us a short visit; of course we were all soon ____He stayed the afternoon with
us, soon after he went away Mr. & Mrs. Delany & Willie came & were here to dinner after they had gone H. & I
called on Geo. & Flora. Hiram & I had another talk alone that evening and the result; I Libbie G. was an engaged

The next day Jan.3, Sunday, the old temptations came to me and such a tormenting conflict as was carried on
within me! My pen shall not write it! That evening I told Hiram all about it and like a dear Christian he talked
with me. Ah, memory, memory cherish that evening; for it was good for me, yea, good for me! After our talk he
went home.

Jan 4 felt about sick. Geo. Took dinner with us.

5th. D. & I took dinner at George's after which Flavia & I commenced a ____ for the grange & worked on it the
next afternoon also.

7th Spent the afternoon at Mr. Hart's, The conflict within, which I think was one of the greatest of Satan's work
in my heart; passed away that night- and I was at peace, happy happier than ever before my life work was plain &
one of love.

8th Pa & Ma came home bringing us some presents; mine were a set of mink furs $25 & clothe for a wrapper.
That evening attended Grange for the first - time in our hall at the village, but I must omit some of the busy days.

12th Was busy doing housework, kitchen in disorder; hair uncombed, Ma baking; morning, doorbell rang, Hiram
came after me to go with him to visit his sister in Jenksville. Well arrayed myself and went - enjoyed my ride
although it - was very cold, enjoyed my visit - while there; his sister is splendid; Spent the night there.

13th We came to Mr. Meades in the afternoon, of course I enjoyed myself there, why shouldn't I? In the evening
went with them to meeting; it was a good one for me, listened to many of my scholars, who were (there), as they
told of the love of Jesus.

14th took Mrs. M. & myself, to Asa Hull's for an afternoon's visit, - in the evening again went to meeting; after
which came back & spent the night at Mr. Henderson's.

15th visited there until we attended a devotion at Mr. Dennis's - Daniel & the two Mary's were there & we had a
pleasant time. Came home after devotion.

H. Went back the 16th.

I was tired & sleepy & was glad to rest 17. Went to church the next week were busy at work sewing and c.

Mrs. ______ (could be Kelsey) was buried on the 19th. Mrs. Heurt? Came here to make a dress for Ma and Mary
on Monday night.

25th and was here until the evening of the 29th. I did housework mostly & sewed some.

30. Daniel and I went to choir meeting, Met Mrs. ___(Looks like Hnt) at the train from Owego & carried her

31 Attended church. Geo. Is well enough to play now & I am glad of it. My S.S. class is not very large at present
on account of cold weather and sickness among the children. It is very sickly now and the weather is extremely

Feb. 1, We washed, Mary attends school; Charlie ditto.

2nd Pa & Ma went to Spencer & made a visit; I spent the day, in ironing; baking pies; receiving, and making
some calls; and attending a sing at Mrs. Courtrights with Daniel in the evening.

4th Mrs. Krom made a visit here

5th Grange in the evening

7th Attended church listened to a good sermon. H. Was here in the evening. This is one outline to put one side for
the present; I must practice awhile now. Daniel & I are invited to Ella Judds wedding March on the 10th and I am
requested to play the wedding march therefore must practice, It is very cold, I must write a little tonight;

Feb 9. As this is a day to be remembered for it extreme cold The thermometer 14 degrees below zero about - noon,
and the wind has blown a gale much of the time we have had hard work to keep warm. At the supper table we were
speaking of some of the changes that has occurred within the last 10 years and wondered what & where
would we be, our family, 10 years hence. We are all at home now together, parents - brother & sisters.

Typed by Theresa Rae Hilker Donlick on February 24, 1998 from a journal kept by Elizabeth Gertrude Hull
Henderson wife of Hiram Henderson, Candor, Tioga County, New York--( ( ) and ___ are mine))

(Elizabeth Gertrude Hull b. 1852 d. 1927 married Hiram Henderson b. 1849 d. 1912 on October 19, 1875)

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