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The 1908 Kennedy's Corners Ladies Aid Quilt

12 squares, 399 names Plus William H. Taft.

Square 1
Edward Marshall
Francis Marshall
Samantha Rockwell
Carrie Rockwell
Celia Rockwell
Priscilla Rockwell
Charles Rockwell
John Rockwell
George Rockwell
Bertha Rockwell
Marie Rockwell
Edna Rockwell
Ebenezer Miller
Elizabeth Miller
William Miller
Roy Miller
Pearl Miller Rockwell*
George Crissey
Norma Harvey
Bert Marshall
Fred Marshall
Lewis Freese
Susan Sutphen
Grace Dorn
Ethel McGillioray
C.A. Titus
Harry Van Gorder
Agnes Dorn
Agnes D. Fowler
Lizzie Freese
Myrtle Freese
Cora Freese
Fred Carpenter

Square 2
Jenne Van Buren
Charles B. Van Buren
Lizzie Van Buren
Fred D. Van Buren
John W. Van Buren
Vivian Van Buren
Andrew Van Buren
George Van Buren
Linda Van Buren
Edna Van Buren
Frankie Van Buren
Lorenzo Van Buren
Martha Van Buren
Eliner Van Buren
Hannah Van Buren
Eugene Van Buren
Suetta A. Van Buren*
Josie Thorn
Ellen Smith
Emmett Smith
Thos. Griffith
Amanda Griffith
A.H. Bucher
Ann M. Bucher
J.R. Austin
Phene Austin
Ruth V. Austin
Martin Adams
May M. Adams
P. Saltiner
Susan Saltiner
Jennie Cole
T. Wallenbeck

Square 3
Fred O. Van Order
Mary Van Order
Edwin Corbin
John W. Dwight
May Van Gorder
Rayner V. Egbert
William P. Harrington
Jennie Harrington
Harry Harrington
Lena Harrington
Leroy Fairchild
Anna V. McAuliffe
Charles J. Rumsey
Daniel Rothchild
Eugene N. Corbin
Fred C. Barr
Minnie Spence Egbert*
Fred Van Order
Minnie Updyke
A.J. Pritchard
Virginia Pritchard
Scott Teeter
Andrew Teeter
O.P. Van Kirk
Mariett Van Kirk
Sanford Freese
Willard Freese
Alice Slaigt
Chas. Wright
Anna Wright
Wm. Green
Jennie Stevens
Morris Banks

Square 4
Kate E. Korts
T. Donald Muller
Celia Muller
Mr. & Mrs. R. Korts
Horace M. Baker
Frank Cummings
Nina Cummings
Edward Baker
James L. Baker
Annie C. Baker
Charles H. Baker
Clarence Baker
Leland Baker
Gladys Baker
William Shaffer
Sarah Shaffer
Ada D. Baker* 1908 #
Harriet Teeter
Jennie Korts
Hilda Muller
Andrew Seacord
Minor McDaniels
Martin Besmer
Dana Poyer
Louise Poyer
Nina Anson Bossard
Emma Rolfe
Alphonaine Rolf
Emma Stone
Sarah Chase
Martha Smith
Maggie Freese
Floyd Poyer

Square 5
Belle R. Curry
Edwin C. Curry
Dora F. Curry
Stella C. Havens
Chas. Weatherby
Mary Weatherby
Arthur L. Curry
Sarah F. Curry
Arthur W. Nourse
Sara J. Nourse
Andrew R. Gibbs
Eugene G. Willis
Francis O. Willis
George P. Kirby
Ella Kirby
William D. Leurry
Josie M. Gibbs* $43.30 x
L.S. Sheffield
Olive Sheffield
S. Sheffield
J.H. Rose
H.M. Rose
R. Whipple
H. Whipple
Mary Upkyke
T.J. Baker
Elouise Baker
Lottie Noble
Harriet Wilcox
R.J. Wilcox
Hoyt Gibbs
Martha Green
Lottie Wilcox

Square 6
Luther S. Teeter
Edith M. Teeter
Carrie Poyer Fish
Ruth E. Graham
Anna M. Chase
William C. Emley
Helen S. Emley
Anna M. Emley
Fred H. Tilton
Elizabeth Tilton
William Hasbrouck
Harriet Hasbrouck
Alvah Van Gorder
Charles E. Fish
Myrtle F. Fish
Wesley E. Fish
Ella L. Emley*
   Helen E. Fish*
Raymond Teeter
Ethel M. Aiken
Maude Lanning
Inez M. Aiken
Mary F. Cole
Percy Williams
Grace Williams
Elizabeth Nelson
Alice Nelson
Leroy G. Todd
Ralph Tilton
Roland Gray
Mary Teeter
Marguerite Teeter
Ethel M. Bowers
Helen M. Aiken

Square 7
Fred Hoyt
Hattie Hoyt
Helen Hoyt
Susan Hoyt
Lulu White
Jerome Teeter
Edith Fish
Cecil Fish
Harland Fish
Elisha Tilton
Mary Tilton
Homer Tilton
Fred Spencer
Harold Spencer
Hannah Perry
Sadie Korts
Glennis T. Spencer*
Emmett Gillon
Anna Gillon
Emma King
Irvine Potter
Samuel Potter
Sarah F. Bush
B.H. Fish
Harry Cregne
Martha Cregne
Alice Fish
Chas. Fish
I. Manning
Ezra Bagley
Chas. Darling
Gladys Church
Mary Church

Square 8
William Metzler
Warren Laughlin
Louise Metzler
William Palmer
Ella May Palmer
Lewis Beardsley
Mary Beardsley
Betsey Seabring
Maud Seabring
Anna La Marioux
Alvin S. Sheldon
Charles Naragon
Mary E. Naragon
Gordon Longroy
Estelle Naragon
Mary E. Metzler
Alice Gibbs Sheldon*
Fred Wright
Cora Wright
Earl Palmer
Elizabeth Bossard
Chrys Kay
Mary Messing
Lena Curry
Josie Curry
Mable Curry
Ralph Curry
Pearl Curry
Bernice Havens
Jeanette Roc
Maud White
Ida Irving
Ida Martin

Square 9
Emma Sutton
Carrie Townsend
Cornelia B. Elyea
Ann Eliza Newman
Rev. Winkworth
Edgar W. Newman
Samuel Newman
Fred C. Marshall
Etta M. Newman
Henry Mowers
Henrietta Mowers
Cassie Townsend
Della Spader
Mamie Spader
Mary Wright
Addie Wilson
Libbie T. Newman*
E.B. Green
Mary Green
Emmett Barber
Mrs. Winkworth
Julia Hatch
Ella Burton
John Lamereaux
Mary Lamereaux
Chas. Bell
Belle Mowers
Mary Bell
Celista Berdwell
Maud Newman
Alice Jones
Bert Lanning
Harvey Colegrove

Square 10
Kate C. Sheffield
Rev. Roy Sheffield
Lulu Sheffield
Wilbur Sheffield
Charles Sheffield
Laura Sheffield  o
Clifford Sheffield
Minnie Sheffield
John W. Sheffield Sr.
Lottie Sheffield
Chester Sheffield Sr.
Merton Sheffield
John W. Sheffield Jr.
Myrtle Sheffield
Raymond Sheffield
Adelbert Sheffield
Lillian B. Sheffield*
Mrs. S. Tucker
Mrs. F. Eddy
Oscar Vorhis
Eva Tyler
Chas. Blackman
Anna Blackman
Chas. Goff
Chas. Nanagon
Fanny Gray
Edna Griffen
May Hoyt
Chas. A. Teeter
Jessie Teeter
Ms. A. Teeter
Arthur Teeter
Mrs. G. I. Teeter

Square 11
Forrest Baker
Ralph Baker
Kenneth Baker
Charles Baker
Theodore Baker
Frank Stevens
Rose Stevens
Lomira Fermon
Clara Thompson
Gideon Laning
Julia Laning
Chester Leonard
Nellie Leonard
Arthur Bossard
Mable Bossard
James L. Baker
Elsie L. Baker*
Warren Young
Edna Teeter
Kate Teeter
Walter Tilton
Anna Baker
Alice Harris
Fred Marshall
Jessie Brown
Ellis Cooper
Amara Johnson
J.N. Johnson
Ward Leonard
Cora Miller
Margett Bossard
Frank Moore
Nessie Moore

Square 12
Mrs. Charles Daniels
Daniel Fisher
Catherine Harris
Charles Genung
Margarett Kelley
Grace Carpenter
Lillian Conrad
Homer Stevens
Nellie Stevens
Effie Fisher
Jerry M. Baker
Bert T. Baker
Lou Baker
Theodore Baker
Eloise Baker
Charles Daniels
Jessie R. Baker*
May Hoyt
Harry Lanning
James Bell
Lillian Finch
May Finch
Clara Conrad
Anna Baker +
Walter Tilton +
C.S. Colgrove
Fred Alanstine
Chas. Teeter
Hariette Teeter
Nora Jones
Alice Harris
Anna Jones
Oscar Hoyt

Photo of Quilt
(larger photo)

Peripheral Names
Oprah Scott
Bert Scott

William H. Taft

+  Duplicates
*  Assumed Embrioderers
#  Quilter ?
x  Treasurer ?
o  Winner of Quilt Raffle

Thanks to David Shefflield for donating the information and photographs used here.

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